Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A pose with a rose...

This is a picture of me when I was a little baby. I'm not sure how old I was...maybe 2 years old. This was taken in front of the little house that I grew up in. The tree behind me was called a 'Mimosa' tree. It was small here..later on when I got older I use to climb this same tree. I remember countless times that Mama and Daddy would have to call me to get down from that tree to come and eat supper! Me and Daddy were just talking about that a few nights ago. I was about 10 0r 11 when I would climb up in the tree and lean back and read a book or daydream about living in Florida when I grew up. That was my dream then. I've been to Florida a couple of times but I've never lived there. I remember how the wind would blow the leaves and I would pretend that they were palm tree leaves. When you touch the leaves on this kind of tree, they will close like they are sleeping. That was my 'special' place. A place of my own.

My mom had me sitting on an old guilt that probably my granny had made...and she had given me a 'plastic' rose to pose with. I wonder what I was thinking when I was looking down at that rose?

I guess Mama started this love of roses for me when I was only 2 years old. Thank you, Mama.

Every time that I send you a card, I try to get one with a rose on it for you. I love you.


Deanna said...

Awwww, look at you! I love that little haircut. I think we should all post our baby pictures. I love too see the childhood pictures of my friends.

"You must a been a beautiful la la lalalala"

Deanna :D

Stevie said...

It brought back memories of the ole red plum tree and china berry tree at Maw Maw's house. The red plum tree was tank and I was defending the world...the china berry tree was a jet fighter....I never lost a
Take care my friend