Friday, May 29, 2009

Christy's baby shower...last year

I found some pictures of one of my daughter's baby showers in a box yesterday. I thought it would be a good time to post them because tomorrow is his 1st birthday party! His birthday was actually yesterday and my sister's little boys was too. ( May 29th. ) They decided to have Chase's party today. He turned 8 years old. Tomorrow is Jason's party. This year has just flown by...

The top picture is of my mom and Christy. We were playing a game to see how big her belly was!

Our cousin Angie trying to see how close she was to winning. Christy wasn't very big at all.

Me and Christy as she opened the soft snow suit that I bought him. We live in the everyone was like..."Why did you get him that? Are they planning on taking a trip to Alaska? " LOL Guess what? He WAS able to wear it a few times because it snowed a lot here at the beginning of the year. He looked so cute and cuddly in it.

Christy got so emotional. Every time I looked at her in the face, she would start crying. She had us all crying before it was over. She has always been so tender hearted and sentimental. When she was expecting, she would cry about everything.

Christy and her Aunt Melinda. Melinda gave her the baby shower at her house.
That was so sweet of her. She had three showers in all and she received so many baby clothes, blankets,etc. She had his nursery fixed up already. She was 8 months here. He was born a couple of weeks later.

Melinda, her daughter Whitney, Christina, me and Mom. We were all excited and waiting for little Jason to make his arrival in a few days. The picture on the table is of his sonogram. The new 3D version. If you click on the picture it will enlarge. They didn't do sonograms like that when I had my children. WOW!
Sometimes, I would catch Christy just staring at it and day dreaming about her baby. She is so happy.
Today, we went to my sister's house in Kentwood, La. for her son Chase's birthday party. It was a lot of fun. The kids all loved it! They rented the Big Kahunna water slide and the kids played for hours! Now tomorrow we do it all over again for Jason's party. I will take tons of pictures...of course!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

We all can dream...

Good morning! I wanted to share some pictures of a house that I looked at the other day. A friend of mine has it on the market because she bought another house on the other side of town. I think that it has so much character! It looks like it should be in a fairytale.

Ready for the tour? Lets go inside the turret.

ooops! I got my pictures out of order! Sorry! I haven't quiet figured this all out yet. Anyway, this is a little patio area outside of the breakfast area. I love the big window.

This is the pretty 'colorful' kitchen. Check those Corian cobalt blue counter tops! WOW! She just installed them. They use to be baby blue Formica. I like these better. She loves color. I'm more of a pastel girl....I could change though....I would paint the cabinets Cottage White. Maybe put a couple of glass doors on the cabinets and change the knobs to cobalt blue glass knobs. She has glass knobs on all different colors! I would put my "Biltmore" dishes in there. The pattern is called 'Butterfly Orchard'. It has very colorful fruit on it and butterflies.

This is the breakfast area. I could just see bar stools with pretty seat cushions at the counter. The walls are a soft yellow. It is hard to tell in these pictures. I would put pretty little lampshades to match the seat cushions on the wrought iron lamp. I'm just dreaming here...

Pretty warm looking den that comes off of the kitchen. I would change it up a bit. I would paint the brick fireplace for sure and pull up the chocolate colored carpet. I'm a hardwood floor kind of girl. I don't really like carpet. The open door goes out to a sun room that she recently had glassed in. It use to be just open. I like it a lot better now. That would be a great exercise area! (or a shabby-chic tea-room, lol)

Look at this beautiful wallpapered bathroom! Perfect just for me! She must have been thinking of me when she had it papered all in roses! (LOL) I'm in love.

She did change out the jacuzzi, sink, and toilet. It use to be pink. I loved the pink. I'm sure that she thought it would sell better being white. I could just see myself relaxing in this tub with some relaxing music playing in the background. I'm just dreaming again...

This is the glassed in sun room off of the den. It needs some lace...badly!

This is one of the bedrooms upstairs. I forgot to take pictures of the staircase.

This is actually a bedroom downstairs. She used it for her formal dining room. That is what I would do too. I like pink...but I would go a little bit lighter. I would put my crystal chandelier there in place of the ceiling fan. I would have batten -burg lace curtains on the windows. Look at that huge Hydrangea outside of the window! Beautiful!

Another bedroom upstairs. She used it for her office. It has a big closet. I love the built in shelves.

This is the master bedroom. I love it. The lavender walls would have to go! It matched her comforter set. I could just see a little table and chairs in front of the window to sit at in the mornings while drinking my coffee and visiting my blogging friends.

This is the master bathroom. It is inside the turret. Isn't it neat!? I love it.

This is the back of the house. It has a huge yard. Almost 3 acres. Couldn't you just see a pool in the back yard? Believe it or not, there was a lot that I didn't take pictures of. I forgot to take pictures of the downstairs half bath. It is inside of the foyer. I also forgot about the utility room off of the kitchen. The master bedroom has a huge walk in closet and you can also walk out onto the balcony through a french door. It has hook ups for a hot tub out there...upstairs! OMGoodness!

Look at the courtyard behind the brick entryway. I would put a table and chairs there and tons of flowers and eat out there all of the time. I would feel like a princess in my castle. LOL Just dreaming again...
Thanks for going on this house tour with me. I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did. Isn't it fun to dream?
Have a great 'dreamy' day!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Tribute to Uncle James

I wanted to dedicate this post to my Uncle James who passed away back in 2006. He was my Great Uncle. He was my mom's daddy's brother and he helped raise her and her two brothers. My mom's parents both died when she was a little girl. Her daddy died when she was 6 years old in a log trucking accident and her mom died a couple of years later. They were both in their 20's. Our Uncle James fought in 2 or 3 different wars. WWI and WWII. He was in the Marines and he told us that he joined when he was 15 or 16 years old. It wasn't uncommon back then for young men to lie about their age to get into the service. He told us many,many, stories of his time in the service. He even bunked with George Bush in basic training. That is one of the stories that he would tell us about. This is a photo of him and Garrett one Christmas. Garrett was helping him open his gifts.

This is what I saw when I came out of work yesterday. A beautiful rainbow and our American flag flying in the wind. I thought that this made a beautiful picture. So fitting for today on Memorial Day.

This is just one day to remember our soldiers who are out there fighting for our freedom. We must remember them everyday and keep them in our prayers.

I hope that everyone had a good Memorial Day and spent it with their friends and family.
God Bless The U.S.A.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dreaming of my 'Shabby Shed'

I want to show y'all what my son and I worked on yesterday before I had to go to work. This is my little shed behind my cottage. Right now it is full of 'stuff ' !
My Christmas decorations, unfinished projects, unstarted projects, tubs of seasonal clothes, etc. plan is to get it all cleaned out so that I can make my craft studio/scrapbook room/peaceful little get a way room! I plan on calling it "My Shabby Shed". Anyway...we have to move all of the things inside of it to my much bigger storage shed! Lets go look inside the big shed and she what we can do...

Now Cole, you are going to have to go inside and change into something cooler because we have a lot of work to do and it is hot inside those buildings! I mean hot!

Cole said,"You've got to be kidding me! I thought I was going to be able to take it easy today!" But I said,"I love you Cole and need some help....Please?!" lol

Inside the big shed! How did I collect so much stuff!? Trash to treasure that's what I see!

So many little time. (See my old doors, Deanna? I'm gonna get to those one day soon!) See my old headboard? I'm gonna paint it and put it in the guest room.

I can't believe that I put that little end table out in the shed...I need to bring that back into the cottage.

Oh...there is my sweet little rose mirror hanging on the wall. I wondered where that had gotten off to.

This is the outside of the 'big' shed! Its not too cute but it is huge...I could even put a car in it...hmmm? I'm glad that I live out in the country because the neighbor's might not be to happy with this next door to them!

"O.k. Mom...let's get started...

"Can we stop with the pictures, now?" Well...we worked and worked until it was almost time for me to 'go to my real job'. It was so hot! I think that we might have made a small 'dent' in it. We have a long way to go! Thank you Cole, I love you.
Gotta go to my real job now.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cole is home

My son Cole is back home with me for a while. I really missed him while he was away. I don't know how long he will be home. He is going through a lot in his life right now and I just want to be here for him. I'm not going to post about what all is going on because he needs to work it all out and I don't want to make him more upset than he already is. I just have to be here and love him like I always have.
He was only a year and a half in the top picture. We were getting ready to go to a Christmas party. (You can see in the background that I collected old linens even back then.)

Me and my little 1st grader. Wasn't he a doll? Everyone always calls him a mama's boy...that is fine with me!

Years later at another one of our family Christmas parties.

I am so glad that he knows that he can come to me with anything and that I will really listen. I may not always give him the advice that he wants to hear at the time...but in the long run he knows that I want the best for him.

I feel this way about all of my children and I always will.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Manic Monday

This is going to be a short post because I have to get ready for work. This is a picture of my daughter, Christy and my youngest son, Garrett. This was during my time off from Belk after I had Garrett. I had opened a business. I wanted to be self employed so that I could be with Garrett everyday while he was little. My business was a tanning salon. It was called 'Tropical Tan'. It was fun for a while but I got tired of it and when Garrett was old enough for pre-school, I went back to work at Belk. ( It was still McRae's back then) I missed selling all of the pretty things. This picture was taken in the little area where the kids could play while their moms were getting a tan. We made this little chalkboard for them and they all loved to draw on it. Sometimes I miss having my own business. I loved the flexible hours and being able to be my own boss. I picked this song 'Manic Monday' because that is what I am having this morning! I better get to work!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Gotta love the zoo...

This is an old picture of my sister Melinda, my daughter Christy, and me at the Jackson Zoo. Christy was around 2 years old. Melinda was 11 years old. I was almost 19 years old. Christy and I were both dressed in pink! We even loved pink back then. Check out those pink socks that I was wearing! lol

This one was taken many years later at the New Orleans Zoo. Me, Chase and Christy. They were both 14 years old. We were on a school field trip. I remember that the class walked over to the 'Hard Rock Cafe' to eat before we went home. We rode a charter bus with the school and I had the worst headache whenever we got home. Those kids were so loud on the bus, plus they had t.v.'s on too. It was all worth it though. I miss those times when the kids were little.