Monday, January 18, 2010

Unfinished projects

Remember this old hutch that I bought last year and had great plans for? is my day off and I started looking around the cottage at the 'MANY ' unfinished projects that I have started and decided that today would be the perfect day to get a couple f them finished! YAY!
I have been using her already to hold my sweet shabby rose dishes. She has a coat of primer on her and a partial coat of pretty 'cottagy' white paint. I just need to finish touching her up and rearranging my dishes inside and she will be ready for her debut.

My plan is to finish a project every time that I have a day off. I want to finish the things that I have started already before starting new ones. That has always been a "thing" with me. Too many irons in the fire and not getting them all done. more. That was one of my New Year's Resolutions and I'm stickin' to it.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Grand Baby Love

I'm back! I haven't posted since sometime in December. I've just been so busy You know how it goes. Everything happens at once! It has been so cold here in Mississippi. So not normal for us. I'm usually so hot natured. I won't even wear a coat to work. Don't want to have to keep up with it. However this has been a totally different week for us down here in the South! I've been wearing my big coat and gloves and even a scarf! It has been freezing! Speaking of which, my water pipes froze last night and I don't have any hot water. I've been boiling it on the stove to fill the bathtub for me to bathe and the sink to wash dishes. I even left the water running a little bit and it still froze and the pipes busted. I haven't even let it stress me out. At least I have cold water and lights and a warm house. My computer is still messed up but I finally figured out a way to put some new pictures on my blog. I called my sister in Louisiana and ask her to email some pictures to me off of her iPhone and then I saved them to my favorites and then I got them from there. Yeah! I know that some of y'all are probably thinking 'duh, why did it take her so long to figure that out'? Oh well...I'm not too good with all of this hi-tech computer stuff but I'm learning! This is me and my new grand baby, Gabriel. Isn't he a doll? Cole and his family came down last week for a few days. I had to work the whole time that they were down so they stayed at my daughter's house. After work I would head straight out there to spend time with them. I held Gabriel the whole time that I was there. I'm telling you, it was heaven! I would have him in my arms and every few minutes my other little grandson, Jason would come over and give me a hug and I would be hugging them both at the same time! Wonderful feeling! Nothing like it!

Look at this precious one looking up at me! I just wanted to keep him forever!

He looks like a baby doll. He is 6 weeks old in these pictures.

He looks just like his daddy! Look at his big eyes! My grandma did it again! She passed down her big ole eyes to another generation!

Holding Gabriel brings back so many memories of me holding Cole when he was a baby. I cried the first time I held him. I will be making a trip to Memphis soon!

Please excuse the way that I looked in these pictures. I was exhausted from work. They really put me through the ringer this year! It was tough and we worked some really long hours!

I would've stayed up all night long if I could have and played with my grand babies and still went to work but I knew better. I'm not as young as I use to be and I have to get my sleep. I'm a 'Nana' now! I'm lovin' every minute of it!

Thank You so much Melinda for sending these pictures to me so that I could use them on my blog. That was so sweet of you to pull into the gas station to email them to me! How many other sisters would do that?
She was on her way home from Hammond, La. and pulled over to email me these. She had just taken her kids to the movies. Wasn't that sweet?
Well...I guess I've done enough bragging for one night. I have this huge smile on my face right now because I have a warm feeling inside after sharing my precious grandsons with you.
Lee Laurie