Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Garrett was picked for All Stars!

Gotta do some bragging on my baby boy Garrett today. His baseball team was #1 in the Nationals and he was one of the boys from his team that was chosen for All Stars! We are so excited and he is beyond excited! That's him on the far right with his hand on his hip. lol

Garrett and his daddy. We were glad that he was home to see the championship game. He had just gotten in from Brazil that same day. He was exhausted. Garrett was so happy that his daddy was there.

Me and my little man. He smiled all afternoon and night. lol

At the Awards ceremony, holding up the winning trophy!

Garrett loves baseball! He takes it very seriously but has so much fun too.

Garrett and his team. He is 4th on the top row with the huge smile on his face.

Looking all serious here. He takes baseball serious!

After the game his daddy took us out to eat. Garrett was still all smiles!

Me and my little man.

So glad that he wanted to play this year. He had skipped two years. Now it's all he talks about! He is a great ball player. Look at that happy face.

These are days that he will never forget. Seems like he should still be my little baby but he is growing up so fast. I found this song by Kenny Rogers to play for this post. I thought it was perfect.
Thanks for taking the time to listen to me brag a little.