Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Fall Picnic

A few days ago....I decided to surprise my hubby with a picnic for his lunch break. I was on vacation....didn't go anywhere just stayed home and got some things done around the cottage. Anyway, I knew he was coming home for lunch so I thought since it was such a pretty Fall day....a picnic would be perfect. I decorated outside at the picnic table and swing. I even hung a picture on a tree. It was fun getting it all ready before he got there.

We had barbecue chicken, baked beans, coleslaw and of course good ole' sweet tea. It was such a pretty day. Perfect temperature outside....just a tiny bit breezy. It felt so good to be outside sharing lunch with my best friend.

I wish that you could have seen his face whenever he came up the driveway and saw it all. He had the biggest smile on his face.

We ate and talked and enjoyed just being alone for an hour of our busy day.

He started laughing whenever I pulled out my camera to take his picture. He knew what I was planning to do with it. A blog post...of course!

He told me this lunch was better that any restaurant that we could have went to. I agree.

Afterwards we relaxed on the swing with our sweet tea and talked about our plans for the future. We have so many things planned....getting more things done at the cottage. We plan on building on to it next year. A new family room and master bedroom and bath. We decided to stay in my little cottage after we were married because it is so peaceful here and we have so many memories here. (He proposed to me on my porch swing.)

We're just trying to keep everything in perspective....not get to stressed out about our future plans on the cottage. It's easy to get wrapped up into all of that stuff and forget what you're even doing it for. We plan on enjoying all of it....together.

After all...Home is where your story begins.

Hope you all have a beautiful day!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pretty Pink Desk

Isn't this the cutest little desk? That's what I'm calling it anyway. My husband bought it for me at a garage sale a while back. (Before we were married) I remember that he was so proud of himself. :) He couldn't wait to tell me what a bargain he had gotten! He only paid $5.00 for this sweet little thing. I know these pictures don't do it justice. I didn't have the best camera that day when these were taken. I decided to give it a fresh coat of paint....I thought pink would be a great choice. She looks so pretty in pink.

I decided not to paint the inside of the door because it has a very shiny surface and I wasn't sure if I could get the paint to stick too well and be able to use it without scratching it up.

I used the same knobs, just gave them a fresh coat of creamy white paint. I think it turned out so pretty.

Since we were married in July, we've been so busy! We decided to live in my little cottage and either sell his house or rent it out. He still has so much stuff in his house that we are trying to figure out what to do with! My cottage isn't very big and it's already we are weeding out some things and planning on adding on a great room and expanding the kitchen. Right now we are changing the guest room/storage room into a room for Hailey, my 14 year old step-daughter. This little desk will be so cute in her room. We have so much to do and the busy time of year is on it's way.

I'll be sure to post pictures along the way of our many changes.

We love working on ''Our Cottage" together.

Have a blessed day!