Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Deanna's (Timeless Things) Birthday Bash Baby Photos

My friend Deanna from 'Timeless Things' is having a 2-day birthday bash celebrating her 46th birthday. She invited us to come join in the fun! The first day we are suppose to post 3 or 4 pictures of ourselves when we were babies and tell something about them. This first picture was taken in front of my granny's house when I was around a year old. Mama had put one of Granny's quilts down on the ground for me to play on and gave me a big plastic rose to play with. I wonder what I was thinking as I was looking at it so intensely! Was I thinking that one day I would be a real 'Southern Rose'?
The song that I have playing is called 'Delta Dawn'. I remeber singing it all of the time when I was little. My mom bought me a little record player and I would play this song over and over. I only remember 2 records (45's) that I had back then. The other one was called "Cotten Fields Back Home"

This picture showed my little tomboy side. I look so much like my little boy Garrett here. I was sitting on mama and daddy's car under the shade tree. Look at the bottom of my feet! So dirty! I loved to play outside.

Who said that you can't be a tomboy and get your hair all curled up too? Mama always loved to put sponge rollers in my hair. Sometimes she would do pinwheels and just put bobby pins in them. I remember how she would criss-cross the pins to make them stay. My hair was as straight as a board. Not when she got finished with it! I sure wasn't too modest, walking around with my shirt off! I looked like I was about ready to fight somebody!

This has to be my favorite one of all. If my hair would have been black, I would have looked like a china doll.
Thanks for inviting us, Deanna.
I loved seeing your baby pictures and also Mr. Timeless Things'. You were such a little doll. He was adorable too.
I hope that you have a very 'Happy Birthday' and we will see you tomorrow at the Movie Star Party!
Get ready to party!!!

Happy Birthday, Deanna

Look Stevie, what came in the mail today! An invitation from Deanna at 'Timeless Things' to her birthday party! Can you believe it? I have been wanting to meet her and Marshall in person for so long! She sent you one too!!! Do you want to go? Can you get off work? I can ask for a couple of days off and if they say 'no', I can just...go anyway! I have to go! I have to go and wish her a Happy Birthday in person!

"Well...it would be fun and it would be nice to meet them in person, but as your personal banker...I just looked at your account today and, honey, you are broke! And until the economy picks up, you might as well say that I am broke too! We would have to have traveling money and money to buy her some birthday gifts and so on and so on. Plus, aren't you forgetting that we already made plans to go out to eat at the 'diner' with Fred and Ethel for Fred's birthday? We couldn't cancel on that!"
"What I can I do? Lee Laurie really wants to go to Deanna's party! That is all that she has been talking about! I gotta think of something!"

"Think,think,think!" "I know that I can come up with something! I just gotta go! I can sell something, I can make her a gift, I can cook her something! I can take out a loan! Oh no...my banker said that I can't do that! "

"I know! I've got a great idea! I will call Deanna an ask her if we can bring our friends because I don't want to hurt their feelings. She will understand that we can't cancel on Fred's birthday outing! She knows that I don't like hurting anyones feelings. Why didn't I think of this before? Stevie, give me that phone."

"Hello Marshall, This is Lee Laurie from A Southern Rose. May I please speak to Deanna for a minute?"

"Well, Lee Laurie, Deanna is out shopping right now...for the 3rd time today, trying to pick out the perfect dress for her birthday bash. Would you like for me to have her call you whenever she gets home?"

"Well you see Marshall, we are in kind of a predicament. Her party is on the same night as our best friend Fred's and we already promised to go out to eat dinner with them. We just got the invitation and we really want to come but we don't want to cancel with them....

"Oh, Lee Laurie, Why don't you just bring them with y'all? I'm sure that Deanna would say the same! The more the merrier! See...problem solved! You just tell Stevie to be ready to parrrty!"

"Thank you so much Marshall! You two are the best!"
"Good bye!"

"Hello Fred, Could you and Ethel come over tonight? We need to ask you something and we would like to do it in person. Thanks, goodbye."
"We are all invited to go to our friend Deanna's birthday bash. Would y'all like to go? Fred, we can celebrate your birthday while we are there too." " It will be so much fun. There will be dancing and singing. And eating, Fred. All kinds of delicious food!" "What do you say....Ethel...Fred" "Sounds like fun to me!" "Me too, I can't wait!!!"

"Come on Stevie, you just gotta show me how to dance. I haven't danced in years and I know everybody there will be dancing!" "Oh yea, did you ever say if you were gonna take me or not?"

"Thanks Stevie, You are so sweet!" "I knew that you would make sure that I got to go and meet Deanna!"

"Oh no! Ethel, what are we going to wear? What are we going to get her for a birthday gift? Money has been so tight lately! We have to think of something!"

"How do I look? I picked this little number up at the thrift store last week to wear to the next Halloween party! No one has to know where I bought it! It is a little tight though! Maybe I could stand up the whole time!"

"Why don't you just be yourself, Lee Laurie. Just wear something that you already have that FITS. You have a closet full of dresses and shoes!"

"Lee Laurie, Just whose idea was this anyway?" Is all of this work worth it just to buy Deanna an expensive birthday gift? I say lets just give her some of these chocolates!" "I'm sure that she would love it!"

"Ethel, We can't give her those chocolates. They melted all down the front of my shirt! I don't want to even hear the word CHOCOLATE for a long,long,time."
"What are we going to do Ethel? Stevie says that he only has money to get us to the party and not for birthday gifts. We can't go empty handed." "Boo Hoo"
"What can we do Fred? We gotta think of something to give to Deanna for her birthday." "Think hard" "I don't want Lee Laurie and Ethel to get into any mischief trying to come up with something on their own."
"Wow, Lee, I didn't know that we could play this good! Let's get the boys to take us to the boats and win some money and then we can buy her a big beautiful gift!"

"Sorry that we didn't win Stevie, we tried we really did." "It was harder playing with those guys than it was playing with Ethel" "Maybe these fish will do for her gift. Marshall could throw them on the grill and they could have fish for a week!"
"What are you doing now, Lee?" "I'm making Deanna a birthday cake." "You wanna help me?" "Sure, that will be fun..."
"What is that Stevie?"

"Well I thought that you could put it on top of the cake where it kind-of sunk. That way maybe they won't notice!" "Okay, Stevie, Lets just get to the party!"

"Hey, Slow it down! I want this picture to turn out great for my scrapbook! This hood sure is getting hot! Slow down and let me back in...my hair is getting messed up!"
"Hello Deanna and Marshall. So glad to meet you. Thanks you so much for inviting us to your birthday bash. Would you like for me to tell your fortunes?"
"Deanna, I would like to play you a birthday song. I hope that you like it. Feel free to get up and dance! Hey, its your party"

"Thank y'all both for inviting us! Everything is just so beautiful! You and Marshall are beautiful."
"Stevie taught me a little dance and we would like to dance for you for your birthday. I had to drink a couple of glasses of your champagne before I got brave enough to do this, so don't stop me now!" "I feel a little tipsy...I don't ever drink!"
"Ethel are you ready to sing the birthday song?" "Hit it boys!"
"Stevie, Thanks for bringing me. I had a lovely time. Isn't Deanna so sweet to have given us all of those gifts...and its her birthday! Too bad Fred sat on the cake. Oh well...I'm sure Deanna understands. Thanks for making this a special time for me."

"Deanna and Marshall, Thank you for inviting us and being so sweet to let our friends come with us. You two really know how to throw a party! Deanna you looked so beautiful tonight!"
"Oh no, Stevie, did you leave those fish in the suitcases? All of our other clothes are in there too! Oh no, what are we gonna do? "

"I guess me and Ethel and Deanna are gonna have to go shopping again tomorrow! Fun! Oh yeah, Can I see about getting a small loan?"

Meaningful things...

Do you ever think about the time before emails, texts, and instant messages? I was dusting my secretary the other day, it was so dusty...and I started thinking about when was the last time that I actually sat down and wrote a letter to anyone. Well, I realized it has been a while. Now I do everything on the computer. It's hard to believe sometimes. I use to have a 'button phobia' as I call it. I felt intimidated by any kind of button technology. LOL I finally bought me an I-phone a few weeks ago when the price dropped. I never would have thought that I would want one of those. I love it. I was at my dad's house the other day and I showed him my blog using my I-phone. He was shocked that I was over my 'button-phobia'. Well...getting back to the subject, I want to start writing letters again. I miss doing that. It just seems so much more personal. And I love pretty stationary! Especially with roses!

This is my little writing area. I have so many things in my secretary that my kids have given me throughout the years. Garrett was in there while I was cleaning and dusting and he would ask me who gave me what. He was so cute. I told him that Christy had given me the little Fenton green candle holder this past Mother's Day and the ceramic book with the rose on it for Mother's Day years ago.

He wanted to know what Cole had given me. I told him that Cole had given me the little fat pig on top with the roses on it. It still has the pennies in it that he had put in it when he was a little boy. Then Garrett wanted to know if he had given me the rose lamp or the rose heart box. I told him 'no', that they were bought way before he was even born. I kept looking and I realized that there wasn't anything on there that he had gotten for me. Of course he realized it too. He said "Mommy, I haven't been able to do much shopping yet...I'm too young. I'm only 8 years old". He almost made me cry. He touched my heart when he said that because I know that he was speaking from his heart.(He calls me Mommy when its just me and him) Now he wants to go shopping today and 'buy' me something special to put on my secretary. That is what we are going to do today. Spend it together. We have to get groceries, pay bills, and throw a little thrifting in too. I'm sure he will find me something! LOL He is so sweet and tender-hearted.

I think first, I will sit down and write my friend a letter. She is the first blogging friend that I ever met. She is also from Mississippi and her name is Laurie just like me. She did a post one day about writing letters too, and I meant to write to her then but I didn't get a chance to. Garrett even made kool-aid for us to drink so I poured a little in my rose glass. I took a sip and WOW....he forgot to add sugar! I asked him how much he put and he said a whole pack. He meant a whole pack of kool-aid. LOL Aren't kids precious!
Well...let me get to writing so that we can get it to the post office in time. We have a big day in front of us and we are going to have fun!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

God is in control...

These are pictures of my son and his girlfriend and her dad at their graduation from Camp Shelby this past December.

They didn't know each other before they started Camp Shelby. Now they are inseparable.

Me and Cole. My firstborn son. The time has really flown by.

Cole and Shanna one night when we took them out to eat.

Cole and Shanna when they went out to eat lunch with me. I always keep a camera with me.
Well...they had news to tell me a few weeks ago. They are expecting a baby. I was a little bit shocked whenever they first told me. However, I was very understanding and I listened to them and their plans and dreams. I think that they were more 'shocked' with me not 'freaking out' as Cole calls it than I was at their news. They plan on getting married in a couple of weeks. Shanna and her mother brought Cole home yesterday. He was on his way home the day before and he had a blow -out. He changed the tire and drove about 15 miles and had another blow out with the spare! What are the odds of that happening!? Anyway, he walked about a mile to a gas station and called Shanna and her dad and they came and got him and took him to Walmart to get another tire. Cole unloaded his car with his suitcase, laptop, etc. and took them with him. He was afraid that someone would break in and steal his things. Well...when they got back, his car was gone! Someone stole it! He is so upset! He had just gotten the little car a few weeks ago. He traded his truck because he said that it wouldn't be big enough for him and Shanna and the baby. He was so sad last night. He said "Why would someone steal my car? It was just an old '94 Saturn." I feel bad for him. Tomorrow he goes out looking for a job. I keep telling him that everything will work out.
I know there is a reason for everything. God is in control and I am not suppose to worry. Please remember us in your prayers.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Sharing special times together...

The other morning, Garrett wanted to go out in the backyard to pick blueberries before I had to go into work. It was so hot outside even though it was early in the morning. When we came back inside Garrett decided that he wanted us to bake some blueberry muffins. I kind-of cheated a little bit, I had this blueberry cheesecake mix in the pantry that we used. LOL Garrett helped to rinse the berries and I let him do the stirring of the mix and then he added some berries. We used the colander that my granny gave me when I was 16 years old. I remember when she gave it to me for my 'hope chest'.

My sister gave me this Pampered Chef muffin pan for Christmas. I didn't spray it with cooking spray because I thought that she told me not to. I was a little concerned about them sticking to the pan and I said that to Garrett. His words were, "That's okay if they get stuck MaMa. I can just get a fork and dig 'em out." I laughed...he was serious.

The turned out so delicious and they didn't even stick! He was so proud of himself. You can see it in his little face. I'm so glad that school is out and we are able to have these special times together.