Tuesday, April 20, 2010

$Simple Man$

My son Cole singing 'Simple Man'. I really like this one. He put this on you-tube in 2009. Don't forget to turn off my play list first.(At the bottom of this page) Hope you like it.

Good news for Cole...

I have some exciting news! My son Cole went and recorded a demo last Friday in Nashville. Yesterday he received a call from a record company that is very interested in recording him. He is so excited and so is his mama! Here is an old picture of him when he was a little boy with one of his 'toy' guitars. He went through many of these!

Me, Cole and Shanna at their baby shower last year.

Me and Cole a long time ago.

Last year when he was in town for a visit.

Me and Cole when he was at Camp Shelby a couple of years ago. He has grown up so much.

I hope everything works out for Cole with this chance to really shine and get his music recorded. He has really worked hard at writing his own music and teaching himself how to play his guitar.

I hope you will take a minute to listen to him sing this song. It is from May 2009. Remember to go down to the bottom and turn off my play list first.

Thank you for listening and letting me share this with you.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter at Cole's house

I just wanted to show y'all some pictures that we took when we were visiting my son and his family at Easter. My mom went too. This was her first time to meet Shanna and her first time to see her new great -grandson, Gabriel.

Isn't he adorable? We all went out to Olive Garden (My favorite place) to eat the first night we were there.

Shanna and Cole get tired of eating there every time I go to see them. We don't have one in my town, so it's always a treat for me. I guess next time, we will have to go somewhere else. LOL

Me, Mom and Gabriel. She fell in love with him.

Mom, Gabriel, Garrett and Me. I like this one...I promise I wasn't choking Garrett. lol Just looks that way.

Mom says he reminds her so much of Cole when he was a baby. She used to call Cole "Rollie Pollie Collie". lol I caught her calling Gabriel that a couple of times.

Mom really liked Shanna too. I love this picture of them.

Mom and the boys. Poor Garrett...Looks like she is choking him too. lol

Cole and his little man.

I was so happy to see him! I held him almost the whole time that I was there. He is such a happy baby.

He is adorable. I was so glad that I got to go visit them for Easter.

Didn't wanna leave.

I got so many kisses while I was there.

Look at that happy face! He laughs and smiles so much.

He was starting to get a little tired here.
Just about out....all that laughing and smiling made him tired.

Garrett decorated his Easter eggs at Cole's house.

I baked Cole his favorite cake for him for Easter.

Garrett when he first woke up. "Where is my Easter basket"???

He loved it.

He's all about sports!

Then Gabriel said, "Where is my basket Nana?"

Of course Nana got him one for his first Easter.

I filled it up with teethers...

little socks to keep his feetsies warm...

"What else Nana?" "Yay! Bunches of baby food! Yummy!"

We all went to the park before we had to get on the road to come back home. It was a beautiful day. The wind was blowing a lot. We had to keep his ears covered.

Me and Mom playing with Gabriel.

It was a very pretty park. It has exercise equipment all around it. Even the library is there. I could just see myself going to the library there and reading out by the water.

It would be fun exercising there too. Garrett was trying out some of the equipment.

Mom and Cole walking her little dog. (Midnight) Me and Shanna and Gabriel in the background. I would love to walk there every morning. The path goes all around the water.

Cole and his sweet baby.

Gabriel needed some shades!

Cole, Shanna, and Gabriel. Love this one.

They make a sweet family.

Me, Stevie and Gabriel. I was starting to get sad. I knew we were fixing to leave.

Letting him know how much I was gonna miss him.

I'm ready to go again! Christy will probably go with me next time. We need to get Jason and Gabriel together. Thank y'all for letting me share these with you.

Monday, April 12, 2010

My birthday dinner

It has been so long since my last post! Sorry about that...I've just been so busy. Yesterday was my birthday and I had to work. My daughter and her family decided to have a birthday dinner for me after I got off. Lauren, my beautiful step-granddaughter cooked for me. She is only 16 years old and that girl knows she can cook! Lets get this party started!

First she started it off with a delicious salad.

She cooked shrimp fettachini from scratch. It was awesome. I ate way too much...had to start my diet all over again today.

This is me and my grandson, Jason. He was giving me my birthday present.

It's hard to believe that he is almost 2 years old.

Giving me a birthday kiss! He is the sweetest little thing!

And a big birthday hug. Priceless!

They bought me a plaque for my garden and a pretty necklace and earring set...pink with roses of course. I love it.

I was finally able to give Jason his Easter basket. I've been working ever since Easter and I was out of town for Easter visiting my son and his family. I will have to post about that soon.

He loved his bunny rabbit basket.

My birthday cake. Isn't it pretty? They just had to get me those candles! lol

I've really been blessed in my life. I was sitting here thinking of a wish before blowing out my candles.

This picture is so funny to me! I was serious about getting those candles to go out! lol Garrett looked thrilled too!

Me and Jason. He was waiting patiently for his piece of cake.

Yummy! So delicious!

Me and Stevie. Showing off my candles...

Me and my sweet daughter, Christina. She brightens my day every single day.

Christy, me and Garrett. I love my babies.

I love being a 'Nana' too. Nothing better!

Thank y'all for making my birthday such a special one. I love y'all and I love you too Cole. I will see you soon!