Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Loving the Spring season

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I'm so glad that Spring is here. This is one of my favorite seasons. I thought I would share with you a few of my Easter displays in my cottage. This little metal wall sign, I have hanging in my bedroom. I keep it out all year long. When I wake up in the mornings, I look over at it and it reminds me to have 'faith' that the day will be a beautiful one and that there is nothing that I can't handle with Jesus by my side. I have it hanging above one of my favorite pictures. The only Thomas Kincaid that I have. It's called "Forrest Chapel". A little chapel in the woods...I could just picture going to church there Easter morning. After church having 'dinner on the ground'. We use to do that in our church when I was a little girl. We actually would lay out a quilt on the ground and have our lunch outside in the fresh air. I love those memories.

Another fond memory that I have from when I was a child was every year right before Easter my

great grandpa (Papaw) would get his daughter, my great Aunt to take me to get an Easter dress. I looked so forward to this every year! We really didn't get to get new clothes through out the year. We were given hand me downs and that's about it. Easter was a special time at my grandparents' house. Papaw believed that every little girl needed a new dress for Easter. My Aunt would take me to the old J.C.Penny's downtown and I would try on several until I found the perfect one. I love this memory and I will always cherish it.

This display is on my hutch in the dining room. I thought my wooden cross would be perfect for this spot. Jesus is the reason that we have an Easter.

My little Easter glitter houses on top of my piano. I finally got my piano out of storage last week. It had been in storage for 3 years! I'll do a post on that later.

I plan on re-painting it soon. That's gonna be a job.

Dishes in my 'shabby white' hutch. I love the colors.

My bunny cookie jar. Garrett and I will have to bake some Easter cookies soon to fill it up.

Mr. Bunny even finds himself inside my china cabinet with my 'good' china sometimes!

Look at this sweet birdhouse cookie jar that I found at the vendor's market one day. Isn't it cute? Garrett and I need to get busy! Those roses in the vase are made of wood.

My little bunny trinket box...I love little boxes.

I love bunnies...I always have. I think it all started because of my birthday falling on Easter sometimes. I have a big day coming up on April 11th. Well...I hope you enjoyed my little Easter vignettes. I'll post more soon. Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Garrett and his globe

The other day while I was getting some spring cleaning done, I asked Garrett to clean up his room. You know most boys don't like cleaning and straightening up their rooms. Believe me he is no exception! LOL He really worked hard and it looked so much better afterwards. He ended up with three garbage bags full of trash...broken toys, toys with missing pieces, old school papers, a couple of soda cans, snack wrappers, (he's not suppose to eat in his room!) broken crayons, and several rocks that he found and decided that he didn't need to keep anymore. It was a mess!

I tried to stay out of there and let him do it. Actually, I didn't want to see some of it. lol I was so proud of him when it was all finished. Here he is pointing to Brazil because that is where his daddy is working.

I had bought him this lighted globe at a thrift store a few days before and had not given it to him yet because I wanted his room cleaned up first. When I say that he loved it, I am not exaggerating one bit! He loved it! He said later that night..."I looove you Mama and I love my new globe". It made me feel so good to hear him say that.

He is so proud of it. He sat there and stared at it for about an hour pointing out different states and countries. I let him take this bottom close-up picture of his globe. He wanted me to post it on here.

Who knew a little thrift store globe would make him so happy? His mama...of course.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My kitchen hutch re-do

Hello everyone! Can you believe that it is finally Spring?! I'm so excited! This is one of my favorite seasons. I love Spring. Today I decided to start a little spring cleaning to get ready for Easter. I had planned on putting out all of my Easter things but guess what? I can't find them. I have two storage buildings out back and can't remember which one I put them in. Usually that's not too much of a problem...but "Baby it's cold outside". Too cold and windy to be out in a storage building looking for Easter bunnies! So on to plan B. I finally packed up my Christmas dishes...right before Easter! Yay! I'm doing good this year. LOL

I decided that I would paint the inside of my kitchen hutch before I put my everyday dishes back in it. I painted the whole thing black about 4 years ago. I looked in the utility room and all I could find was this yellow paint that I bought off of the 'oops' table one day at Walmart.

I thought it was a little too yellow so I decided to add some red acrylic paint to it to darken it up a bit. ( I didn't know what I was doing!)

It started looking good...I thought...

But it was a little bit too 'pink' for my kitchen. So I found some purple glaze and added a little dab of it. Kind-of like cookin'. I ended up having to add more yellow before it was all over. LOL

This is my kitchen hutch before I painted the back of it. It started out white all over and a few years ago I painted it black. I might even go back to white one day...that will be tough!

I bought it one day at a junk store for $50.00. It had been in a house fire and it was a mess! I love the style if it. I love the feet and the wire. I have glass for it...somewhere in storage.

Close up of my dishes. I love mixing patterns.

I love using warm vibrant colors in my kitchen. I bought the black hand painted bowl at a flea market one day. Whoever painted it did a beautiful job. Maybe she is famous and I just don't know yet.

This cabinet has a French Country look to me.

This is my little apron collection. I love wearing aprons when I'm cooking.

My fruit dishes are from the Biltmore Collection. The solid color dishes are from Signature called 'Bella'. I love that name.

I bought the tassel from a thrift shop the other day for only .50 cents. Isn't it pretty? I knew it would be perfect for my hutch door.

Didn't it turn out pretty?

It has it's little's been moved 3 times in the last few years. I guess that just gives it the 'shabby' look.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Paddy's Day with Garrett

I hope you all have a very Happy St. Paddy's Day! I plan on spending it with my son Garrett. He is out for Spring Break this week and today is my day off from work. I don't know what we are going to do with our day...but spending it together will be fun!

I thought I would post a couple of old pictures of Garrett of when he was a baby. I even found a couple of him wearing green for St. Patrick's Day. I loved this little outfit on him with 'slugger' on the front.

Speaking of little 'slugger', yesterday was his 3rd baseball practice. He loves sports. Look at those chubby legs! So adorable.

Garrett, yesterday after practice trying out his new baseball bat.

Me and my sweetie, Garrett. Sitting on the old swing. (That's on my project's getting a new paint job soon)

I love my sweet little boy! He would never, ever do this in public! LOL Hope y'all have a great day! I know that we will. Wonder what we will get into today?
Oh, and don't forget to wear green!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring is here!

Yesterday after I got off from work, I decided to take a walk outside in my yard with Stevie and my dogs. Rosie is an inside puppy and whenever she gets a chance to go outside...well she runs around like crazy! She loves it. I have to watch her closely with the big dogs...they wouldn't hurt her on purpose but they might step on her by accident. It was such a pretty day today and being stuck inside at work was not fun at all. My plum trees are blooming and I can almost taste those green plums! Spring is here! I only like them green or just slightly yellow. Yummy!

I love living out here in the country. I'm a country girl at heart. My little cottage and yard reminds me so much of my Granny's old house. She would've loved my place too.

This is my friend Stevie and Black Dog.

Me and Rosie. She just couldn't wait to get back down and play with the big dogs! She thinks that she is just as big as they are! She's tuff like me! Not scared of nothin'.

Me and Bear and Rosie. Bear loves me. He follows my every step. In another month or so it will be time for me to cut his hair off again. That's a chore but he's really good about letting me do it.

My sweet Black Dog. He is getting on up in the years.

I tried to get them all to pose for the picture together but that proved to be impossible. lol

Look at that face. Black Dog is one of the sweetest dogs that I have ever had.

My Teddy Bear...

Black Dog loves Stevie. He thinks he is a lap dog. He always wants him to hold him. Today was my day off and I had planned to go with my daughter and her hubby to take my grandson to the zoo...but my body had other plans. I've been in bed most of the day with fibro pain. I've tried to feel better and even took pain medicine and nothing is working. It's so pretty outside....maybe I will feel better if I go out and sit on the porch and get some fresh air.
I hope you all are having a wonderful day!