Wednesday, April 29, 2009

From My Heart

Today is my day off from work this week. I have so much to do! I woke up feeling bad and feeling like I'm having a Fibromyalgia flare-up. My plan is to get busy with work around the cottage and not letting the pain get to me too bad. I have been off of pain medicine for over a month now or maybe longer.

I just wanted to do a short post today for someone special to me. I bought her this little bowl on line a couple of weeks ago for her birthday. I haven't been able to get it to her yet. She loves pansies and roses and the color pink so I thought it would be perfect for her. I also like that it says "From my Heart" on the back of it. I'm giving her this little dish from my heart. I'm not gonna say who she is right now because I want to surprise her. She reads my blog all of the time. She will know probably know that it is she whom I'm talking about when she reads this post. I will go and visit her soon and take it to her.
Last night was my little boy's play at his school. It was called "Character Matters" and he played a mirror. He was so cute! I tried to get pictures but they didn't come out too well. It was so crowded in there! I have to tell you the sweetest thing that he said to me on the way to the play. He asked me if I was going to wear what I had on. I had worn a white 'prairie' skirt and a pink lacy top with pink shoes with roses on them to work and I didn't have time to go home and change so I decided to go just as I was. Anyway, when he asked me that, I ask him "Why?" and "Is this okay?" He smiled his sweet little smile and said "Yes Mam, It is pretty...just like my mama." He almost brought tears to my eyes. Then he said..."Keeping Mississippi Beautiful". I looked at him and he was looking so sweet and we both just started laughing! Where do kids learn all of this stuff? I told him I was gonna put it on my blog and he started acting really silly then. He says that he is gonna get his own blog and put a bunch of pictures on it! He is so much like me sometimes that it is scary! He is only fixing to turn 8 so I don't have to worry about the blogging thing yet! LOL

Monday, April 27, 2009

My sweet babies...

These are a couple of pictures of my daughter Christy when she was little. They were both taken at Easter. The first one she was 15 months old and we were at her PaPaw's house in Fairhope, Ala. She didn't have much hair at all and what she did have was as fine as silk. I had her in a pale pink and white dress. Her PaPaw bought her the pink stuffed bunny that she is holding. I think that she was around 3 years old in this picture. It was taken at her Nanny's house. She was holding a stuffed frog. She always loved her stuffed animals. She had hundreds of them growing up! I'm sure that I still have some of them in storage.

This is Jason, Christy's baby on Easter. He is such a doll. I bought him two Easter outfits because she let him wear the first one I bought him the Sunday before Easter. She called me and said "Mom, I had to let him go ahead and wear the outfit that you bought him to church because he is getting so big and growing out of everything!" Well...I just HAD to go get my grandson another one. I bought him sandals to match also.

He is so handsome! He looks all preppy in his plaid! I can't believe how fast he is growing. He is almost walking now. He spent the night with me last night and I still have him. His mom has been sick. They thought that she had the flu. She went to the doctor today and she has an upper respiratory infection. She said that there were so many people at the doctor's office. People are scared of the 'Swine Flu' coming here. I hope it doesn't. I've had such a good time with my grand baby today. He is the best baby! I'm getting ready to take him to his mama's house. I have to take her a 'care' package too. She just called me and she is missing her baby. She also asked me if I was bringing her a care package! LOL My kids are so spoiled! I love my kids and I love doing what I can to help.
Have a great rest of the night!

Friday, April 24, 2009

My bedroom re-do

I thought that I would show a few pictures of my bedroom. When I bought the cottage all of the rooms were paneling walls. This room was a white paneling which wasn't as bad as the other rooms ( they were dark brown). I decided to paint the walls a soft sage green. To me it is such a relaxing color.

I made this wreath a while back to go in my bedroom. I had it over my bed for a while until I ordered a print of roses to put there. I got a really good deal on the print and I framed it in a frame that I bought for $10.00 at Hudson's Salvage.

This is a picture of my dresser. I couldn't put the mirror on it because I wanted to put it in front of the window. My bedroom is small and I have a kingsize bed. There are two windows in there and three doorways so I'm limited where I can place my furniture. I bought the dresser, chester drawers, and two end tables at a second hand store for $125.00. I painted it all 'Heirloom White'. I just love it. It has so much detailing.

I have my printer for my computer on my dresser so I covered it up with one of my pillow shams. This stained glass lamp is the first one I ever got. It came from 'The Mole Hole' where I use to work many years ago. The tulips are real. My friend Stevie bought them for me a couple of days ago. They are so pretty in this old mason jar. The glass floral vase next to my jewlry box is what my Aunt Jenny gave me for my birthday this year. I love how the light shines through it from the window.

This is one of my favorite pictures. It is a Thomas Kinkaid print called "The Forest Chapel". A beautiful little chapel in the woods. I bought the metal sign a while back at the vendor's mall where I have my booth. It says 'Faith' and I thought that it would be perfect above this picture.

I'm not the best picture taker but I try. I couldn't get a good one without the glare on the rose print. This brass bed is old. My daddy gave it to me years ago. I think that I will paint it a creamy white one day. Then I will paint the frames of my prints to match.

My friend, Missy bought me the bed lamp one year for my birthday and I use it every night. This room is very peaceful to me. Right now, I'm sitting on my bed with my laptop and I have soft music playing in the background. I have the windows open to let in the fresh air and it is breezy outside today. I love how my lace curtains move with the breeze. It is so relaxing.
Thanks for stopping by and letting me show you my bedroom makeover. I still have alot to do...that will come in time.
Now I have to get dressed for work. Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Garrett's field trip

I went on a field trip with my son Garrett a couple of weeks ago. It was at The Audubon Insectarium in New Orleans. He was so excited that I was able to go with him. We rode a charter bus and after we parked we had to walk to the IMAX Theater where we watched a 3-D movie about dinosaurs. It was Garrett's first 3D movie and he was so fascinated! He loved wearing the glasses and he kept reaching out to grab the dinosaurs.

I took these as we were walking in New Orleans. Garrett loved the trolley car.

I think that this was a casino. I love all of the palm trees.

Pretty trees and the wind was blowing! Made me want to go to an island!

This was at the entrance to the Insectarium. Isn't it pretty?

This was taken in the butterfly gardens. It was so pretty in there. We loved all of the butterflies. There were tons of them. This is a picture of Garrett's little friend holding a butterfly. They have been studying about insects in their CLUE class.

This is my little man trying to touch a butterfly. A huge one...about as big as my palm few in my face and scared me! I'm not too good with bugs. Butterflies are o.k. though.

He was trying to get one to land on his finger here.

These are beautiful.

Garrett sitting on a huge worm!

Garrett pointing out his favorite butterfly.

We had a picnic outside and afterwards he wanted to throw his breadcrumbs to the birds. He had so much fun doing that!

On the prowl for more scraps to feed the birds.

What a fun time we had!

I would love to take him on a boat ride one day. He would love it!
The best part of the trip to me was something Garrett said to me on the way there. He leaned over on me in the seat and told me that his best part was me coming on his trip with him. It melted my heart. We will always remember these times.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A visit from Cole and Shanna

I just talked to my son Cole this morning. He called me around 6:30. He was on his way home to his apartment after working all night at IHOP. I miss him. When he got to his apartment we instant messaged each other for a while until he got sleepy. I worry about him not getting enough sleep and eating right.

This is Cole and his girlfriend when they came down a couple of weeks ago. I took this picture of them when I took them out to lunch at the Mexican restaurant. I love the background...all the colors are beautiful. They look so sweet together. He tells me how much he loves her all of the time.

That same day, that night actually, my friend Stevie took us to eat supper at 'Sante Fe' steakhouse. I had to take a few pictures of course.

We use to call her 'Renee' but Cole calls her by her first name so we do now too. It was getting too confusing. Her name is 'Shanna'. I like that. A pretty name for a pretty girl.

Our waiter took a picture of us all together. I was sad because I knew that they were leaving the next day. Cole is so happy though. You can see it in his eyes.

Young love...Where has the time gone? Seems like yesterday he was just a baby wanting all of my attention. I guess I'm missing my 'baby' Cole. I hope that he reads this and sees how much his mom loves him.
Last night was my first day back at work and I was so exhausted when I got off! I had to go out to my daughter's house and get Garrett and when we got home, we went straight to bed. I can't believe how tired I was. I slept so good! I feel so rested today and I'm ready to get some things done around my cottage. It is so pretty outside so I will most likely be outside for most of the day. The sunshine feels so good.

Have a great day!

I decided to go in and add a song to this post called 'Young Love'. My friend Tammy and I would sit for hours listening to Donny and Marie Osmond when we were kids. We both were in love with Donny! lol I bet when Cole hears this song,he is is gonna be like "Who is that and what kind of music is that?" lol,lol,lol!

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Southern Rose

Yesterday I walked around in my yard and took a few pictures of my flowers that have started to bloom. I love this time of year when everything is fresh and new. This rosebud is a symbol of how I feel today...fresh and new. I love that God gives us different seasons.

These are growing in my backyard in a big pot with a trellis. They were here when I moved here. I think they are called clematis. I'm not sure. I think that they are beautiful.
They seem to love the shade. My backyard is very shady and it is so pretty back there. I want to plant more flowers soon.

This is one of my roses that is climbing up my fence. It is a Jacob's coat. I love the colors and they smell wonderful.
I've had it since last year and it makes a lot of blooms.

I love the yellow and red together.

This is one of my pink roses. I forget what it was called when I bought it. I just had to have it since it was pink. I bought 4 of them. It makes big blooms. This one had been there for a few days.

I love pink! I love roses! What could be better?

This is my pretty 'spring' wreath on my front door. I love the roses on here.
I'm going back to work today after being off since Tuesday. I am feeling a lot better but I still get tired easily. I'm just gonna take it slow. I know that there is going to be a lot of work waiting for me when I get to work.
Thanks to everyone that left me sweet comments about me and my mom. When she comes back I will have to show her and I know it will make her happy.