Saturday, July 14, 2012

What I've been up to...

Hey Y'all! Just wanted to pop in and let y'all see what I've been up too the past few weeks. I was without a computer for a couple of months. My laptop bit the dust! My hubby bought me a new one for our  first anniversary which is coming up soon.

I decided to put some bright colors in my booth. Lots of reds and blues! 

All ready for the 4th of July! We sold the quilt really fast. It was new and I only put $40.00 on it. I knew it would go fast. I had originally bought it to re-do my son Garrett's room....he wanted a sports theme instead.

 This cute little print with the flag, I bought years ago and just framed it in an old frame that I had in storage.

 Lots of items that were mine from years ago and a few that I've found on my 'thrifting trips'. I love to go thrifting.

 The banner didn't hang around for very long either. As well as the flag needle point pillow.

The chalkboard next to the hutch is one that I made from an old mirror frame that I bought while on my mother/daughter trip. I sold it for $22.00.

 An older picture...sold all of the cobalt fiesta and both metal strainers frames, soup bowls with lids,...made me so happy. :)


I added a glass cutting board and some black mugs the other day. I've been going through tons of boxes in storage. It feels so good to be de-cluttering and making money at the same time.

 Every time I run across table runners, I snatch them up. They always sell fast.

 I purchased this large decanter years ago and had forgotten all about it. It was still in the box. At first I was gonna keep it but after unpacking it I realized that it was just too big to use in my kitchen. Maybe someone will have room for it in theirs. :)

This was my first chalkboard to make and it sold on the very first day. $25.00. They are so much fun to make. I actually started a smaller one yesterday for my cottage. Hope y'all enjoyed seeing a little of what I've been up to. So glad that I have a new computer. I can go visiting y'all now!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fun in New Orleans...

I just had to do another post on our 'mother-daughter' getaway. We had such a good time. We walked our legs off! We walked everywhere. Here are a some of the pictures of the beautiful houses.  I loved them all.

 I love all of the balconies on the houses and the flower boxes! So beautiful.
 I wanted to go inside each and every one of theses old houses. 

 I bet they are so pretty inside.
This one was right across form our bed and breakfast. I love the pretty color...purple.

 After we walked past tons of beautiful homes, we came to the river. Can you believe that I only took one picture? :)
 We walked all the way to the French Market. My first time...and I loved it. These next few pictures are of us at a little cafe called "The Magnolia Cafe". The food was delicious! I love Cajun food. Here is Christy....a little sunburned. It was hot walking and we both forgot to put on sunscreen. :(

 The decor in the cafe was so shabby and rustic. I loved it. I had to take tons of pictures. The artwork on the wall was so expensive. 
I think they painted on old cabinet doors.
 Isn't this one cute? 
 This one was my favorite. Its really an old screen door. They wanted 1200.00. Are they crazy?! I'm gonna make one of these for my kitchen one day. Bet I could make it a lot cheaper than that. :)
 Yummy seafood gumbo. It was the best.

 After we had lunch we went walking some more. This was the cutest little shop. I loved the
vintage things inside. They wouldn't allow I got one of the window display.

 I loved this pink bicycle. It belonged to the
 lady that owned the shop. 

 These were a few pictures of the main house when we had our breakfast. Everything was so beautiful. 
 It was full of antiques and the old silver and china was so pretty. 

 Christy, almost hidden behind the huge chairs. I was taking so many pictures. She just kept shakin' her head at me. :)
 The food was delicious. The dish with the berries on top was called a blitz. It was so good!

 I love all of the detail in these beautiful old houses. The arch below was incredible. The detail!

So pretty!

I could really live here. lol
 Beautiful crystal chandelier and ceiling medallion. 
 Me....resting in the 'den'.
 I just had to show y'all this beautiful bathroom. lol   It was very tiny but oh so pretty! I loved everything about it. The mirror...
 the sink...
 and the awesome canopy ceiling and chandelier. I was in awe.....

 We went back to our place and rested a little and got dressed to go out. My daughter was takin' me out on the town. The big city of New Orleans. 
 She took me to a restaurant called 'Desire'. It was elegant and had lots of old charm. The tin ceilings were beautiful.
The food was yummy. I ordered seafood...of course.

She made me feel so special the whole entire time. Afterwards, we went to Bourbon Street. My first time EVER. I was a little nervous....just us two females out at 10:00 at night on Bourbon Street.....but it was fun. lol

We went in so many cute shops. It seemed strange to me to be out shopping so late. Christy said it never closes there. Wow! This little shop was just darling. I only got one picture and the man made me put away my camera. lol  Oh well....

I took one right when I got outside the door! lol

We had a blast and on our way home the next day we even stopped at two thrift shops! The perfect end to a perfect getaway!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A gift of love from my daughter

I haven't posted in a few weeks.....just been busy with work and dealing with loads of stress. My daughter decided to take me away for a couple of days for my Mother's Day present. We really had a wonderful time and it was so thoughtful of her. She didn't tell me where she was taking me....that was a secret until we were almost there. She took me to a Bed and Breakfast in New Orleans, La. 
 Isn't it pretty? It is actually the guest house to 'The Terrell'  Bed and Breakfast. I loved it.
 Isn't she a sweetheart?
 She knows my style perfectly and she wanted to get us a place where we could relax and enjoy some good quality 'mother/daughter' time. We agreed to put stress outside the door and have a peaceful time together. I wanted to share some pictures with you. Doesn't this place look calm and serene? I love the soft colors and the shabby style furniture. This was my daughter's bedroom.
 I just love the headboard and the linens. The rose pillow is pretty too.
 This was my bedroom. No pink in site! And I loved every bit of it. Even the canvases above the bed. Made me wanna go on a boat ride. :)
 Isn't the chandelier above the bed pretty?
 I had a television in my room.....and I decided not to watch any news. I'm a news junkie. I did good too. The only thing I just had to watch was American Idol. Couldn't miss that one.
 This is what we saw whenever we first got there. I love it! I didn't wanna leave.
 Loved the kitchen too. I love the colors and the granite counters.
 The corner curio was so beautiful.
 Looks like something from Rachel Ashwell...Shabby Chic.
 This was the most comfortable sofa that I have ever sat on. I want one!
 Loved this little shabby table.
 Television in living room over fireplace.
 Another view from living room.
 This was the hallway separating our bedrooms. I loved that huge mirror.
 The bathroom was even pretty.
 This was taken right after we got there. I was so happy and proud of my daughter for picking the perfect place for us.
 This was inside the stairwell going up to our floor.
 Inside the stairwell. Pretty pictures of New Orleans houses.
 My daughter with the Mother's Day 'happy' that I got for her. She has collected Willow Tree figurines for years. This one was perfect. It's called 'brothers'.
 Me...gotta have a coke. :)
 I really enjoyed our time together. Dressed up...ready to go out to dinner.
 Next morning having my coffee...Christy was still sleeping.
 I really enjoyed it all. Sometimes just being away from your normal routine is a good thing. Thank you Christy. This was a very special time that I will remember forever. I love you.