Friday, February 26, 2010

Girl's day out.

We had a fun "girl's day out" day last week. It was so much fun. Me, my sister, my daughter, and my Mom. We decided to do it kind-of spur of the moment, at least for us anyway. We usually have to plan way in advance because of everyone's schedule. It just kind of worked out easy this time. Initially it was only going to be three of us and than my sister text ed me that morning and said that mama wanted to go too. I was so glad that she wanted to go! The picture below was taken of my sister and me at the Starbucks cafe inside of Target. We thought the background was so perfect for a picture. I'm glad that I decided to wear a little make-up that day. It was going to be just a bummin' kind -of day...that's my bummin' jeans. I should've know someone would be pulling out a camera!

My sweet daughter, Christy. I love this picture of her. This was taken at Brady's restaurant in Hammond, La. My sister and I love that place and since Mom and Christy had never been there , we thought it would be a great place to take them. None of us were disappointed at all. The food was delicious and they give you so much! I didn't have my camera and I forgot that I could take pictures with my iPhone. I wish I would've taken pictures of our food for my blog. When I thought about using my phone...the food didn't look good anymore. LOL

Me and Christy...after eating. We were stuffed! I ordered fried shrimp, which is a 'no-no' for my diet! I had to start over with my diet the next day. It was so delicious though and I rarely ever eat fried food. We didn't get desert we did good. My sister ordered Parmesan Chicken with pasta. I took a bite of hers and I wanted to switch! It was amazing!

Melinda, Christy and Mom. They were ready to go shopping and to burn some of this delicious food off...I had to get one more picture! We had so much fun and laughed so much. Mom is so funny and she always makes us laugh! Doesn't she look so cute here with her 'Betty Boop" shirt. She loves 'Betty Boop". We went to Hobby Lobby next...Mom calls it Hollie Hobby...She really use to think that was the name of it. We stayed in there for 2 hours. They had so much to look at. I get so excited whenever I get to go there! Y'all probably think I'm nuts when I talk about how I love that place, but when you don't have one, it is so exciting to go there! The only improvement that I think they could make would be to add a little snack bar or cafe...then we could just eat lunch there and never have to leave! Just shop 'til we dropped.
Next we went the know I couldn't skip that place. They didn't really have much that I liked this time. We had fun though. All of us kept finding things with Betty Boop on it and ran taking it to mama to see if she liked it. That was fun! I even found a tee shirt that said "Betty Boop..know what boys want". Mom liked to have fell out when I showed her that one! It was so funny!
Well...I hope y'all have a great day and have some fun!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My sweet Valentines

I hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day. I thought I would share a few pictures of me and my valentines. My children. I love them so much. I had to work the whole week-end and I didn't get to see Christy or Cole. I will be mailing Cole's valentine box today. ( I know, it's late...that's normal for me.) Hopefully I will be seeing Christy tomorrow and be able to give her valentine goodies to her. I was able to spend a little time with Garrett before going in to work. Valentine's Day is a busy day for us at work. This is me and Garrett. An old picture...from Christmas. Isn't he precious?

Me and Christy at her birthday party in January. She has grown up to be such a beautiful girl and such a sweet mommy.

Christy and Garrett...I love this one!

You can see the LOVE between them here.

Me and Christina during the Christmas holidays.

Me and Cole the day after Gabriel was born.

He was so tired and so excited about his new baby boy.

My sweet little Garrett after I gave him his Valentine candy. (Chocolate Monoply) He was so happy. He didn't think he was gonna get anything. Look at that smile!
Looking at this picture reminds me that I never did a post about my china cabinet being finished. I just have to scrape the paint off the glass where I was a little sloppy. If you click on the picture to enlarge it, you will see that! I need to fix that! Maybe tonight. I'm so glad that I have my computer back! Gotta go to work now.

Love y'all,

Friday, February 12, 2010

Having fun in the snow in Mississippi

Well...I've seen so many blogs today with 'snow' pictures that I thought I'd better put a few on mine. It started snowing last night and its still coming down. I took Rosie outside to see it and to play. She had never seen snow before and at first she was a little bit afraid of it. She didn't stay that way for long! She ran all over the yard! She looked like a little 'Tasmanian devil' running in the snow. I think that we had about 4 or 5 inches at the time of this post. That is rare in our part of the woods in Summit, Mississippi. Garrett grabbed her because she was getting too close to the road. She didn't like that at all. She wanted to play some more.

This picture was taken after she was put on the porch for getting too close to the road so many times. She was begging 'Bear' to help her get off the porch. I love this picture. The size difference between them is HUGE!

Okay...just a little more fun. 'Bear' is helping to watch over her. This is the front of my cottage. It still needs so much work done on it. However it does look pretty in the snow. Snow makes everything prettier!

Bear...are you trying to knock over the kids' snowman or are you doing something else?!

Hailey and Garrett and their masterpiece. Mr. Frosty.

Rosey all changed and warm in mama's bed. She's my little sweetheart. She looks so pretty in her pink polka dot shirt. She won't keep her bow in her hair...she shakes it out every time I fix it.

Maybe we can play in the snow again tomorrow. Everyone stay warm and safe!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My little blessings

I just wanted to share some new pictures with you of my little blessings...Jason and two grandsons. This is me and my daughter and Jason at her birthday party last month. I forgot to put this on my last post. He was raring to go! He didn't want to sit there to get his picture taken...again!

My little man, Jason. He is 20 months old now. Almost 2 years old! Where has the time gone? Here is Jason pointing out the angel's belly button. LOL

He had just gotten up from a long night!

These are pictures of Shanna and Gabriel. We went to visit them this past week end. He was all dressed up for church. He looks like a little man. He is 2 1/2 months old.

Isn't he cute?

He really wanted to come back home with me but he doesn't know how to tell his mommy and daddy that yet. He will learn...I will teach him.

My son Cole and his baby son. I love this picture.

Shanna and Gabriel. All bundled up because they had snow!

Jason looking so cute! I love that smile!

Jason with his buddies.

My little boy Garrett holding his nephew Jason. All ready for church. I love all of my boys.

Garrett holding his little nephew Gabriel. They had just gotten up. Our visit was very short...too short. We went on Saturday morning and came back the next day and made it home in time to watch the Super Bowl. Go Saints! Garrett was afraid that we wouldn't make it in time. He loves football. I hope you enjoyed my pictures of my little blessings.

Monday, February 8, 2010

My little girl

I got my computer back today. I am so glad. I wanted to show some pictures from my daughter's birthday party on January 12th. I can't believe sometimes that she is all grown up. She turned 27 this year. I am so proud of her. Here she is reading the card that I bought for her. It takes me forever to find the perfect card for my loved ones. I have to read so many before I find the perfect one.

Here she is with her gift from me. She was so excited. I had bought the same thing for my sister for Christmas and when Christy saw her open it, she looked at me and said "Where's mine, Mama"? I told her that I wasn't sure that she would want one so I got her something else. I had already decided to get her one for her birthday. LOL

I got her an Estee Lauder make-up collection. She loves it! She was so happy! Can't you tell by the picture?

This is a picture of her and my daddy. She was his very first grand child. I did that to him.

Me and Christy. My only little girl. Always my little girl.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Missing my computer...

Just wanted to do a post to let everyone know that I'm still here! My computer was finally put in the shop a few days ago. I can't wait to get it back. I haven't been able to post in so long. I'm using my little boy's laptop right now. He wasn't too crazy about that either. I guess he thinks I'm gonna mess his up like mine! He is only 8 years old and he knows more about computers than I do. Mine completely froze up last week. It had been acting up for a while and then it just froze! I will say that I have been able to get a lot more done around the cottage since it's been broken. I finished painting my china cabinet and started working an a few other projects too. As soon as I get my computer back, I will post pictures. It looks so much better. I'm enjoying reading everyone's blogs...I've missed that too.

Have a great day!