Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Stopping To Smell The Flowers

I want to show y'all a place where my friend Missy and I went for lunch a few days before my wedding. We wanted to go somewhere special. It's such a pretty place. And it's only 15 minutes from my house. The houses are very old and they were all brought here from New Orleans a few years ago. Some of them are shotgun houses. I love the old tin roof on this one.

I was starting to get a little stressed with the wedding coming up in a few days. Missy thought that I needed a little time to relax....and smell the flowers along the way. :)

Missy's top matched the flowers. I loved the inspiring. Made me want to go home and plant more in my courtyard. The red and white building behind her is the cafe.

Yummy dessert. Didn't eat mine though. Had to make sure I could still fit in my wedding dress. :)

Inside the cafe.

Our delicious food. Mine was called "Crawfish Renee". I can't remember the name of her food. We both enjoyed our meals. Loved the dishes too. I sold them to the owner a few years ago from the store that I work for.

I just love these little houses. They turned them into shops. An antique shop, a bakery, a variety store, and a couple are empty. Oh, how I would love to rent one for a shabby chic shop one day. I would love this pink one.

The cafe. See the little bowls and saucers on the porch? They are for the little kittens that come by daily. :)

This yellow one is pretty too. I love the bright color. Looks like a beach house.

This is the little variety shop. It was closed....we'll have to go back soon.

Me....trying the door anyway. I really wanted to go in there. I bet they have some neat things.

Thank you Missy for always being there for me.

My best friend.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Finding happiness...

I have been away from my blog for a while now due to some personal family issues. I have missed talking to my 'bloggie' friends so much. Things have just been really hard for our family and they have really taken their toll on me. It took a while for me to see through the difficulties that were and are still surrounding our family. This is a very hard time for us all but I know that with God's help, we can and will get through it all. I know that he will see us through this storm and lift us up and keep us safe.

On the other hand...I have some really 'happy' news to share with all of you.

This coming Friday night....July 22, 2011.....

I will marry my best friend. The man I love with all of my heart. The man that has been beside me through these last 5 years through many ups and downs. The man who laughs with me and cries with me. The man who wants to grow old with me and who I want to grow old with.