Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A gift of love from my daughter

I haven't posted in a few weeks.....just been busy with work and dealing with loads of stress. My daughter decided to take me away for a couple of days for my Mother's Day present. We really had a wonderful time and it was so thoughtful of her. She didn't tell me where she was taking me....that was a secret until we were almost there. She took me to a Bed and Breakfast in New Orleans, La. 
 Isn't it pretty? It is actually the guest house to 'The Terrell'  Bed and Breakfast. I loved it.
 Isn't she a sweetheart?
 She knows my style perfectly and she wanted to get us a place where we could relax and enjoy some good quality 'mother/daughter' time. We agreed to put stress outside the door and have a peaceful time together. I wanted to share some pictures with you. Doesn't this place look calm and serene? I love the soft colors and the shabby style furniture. This was my daughter's bedroom.
 I just love the headboard and the linens. The rose pillow is pretty too.
 This was my bedroom. No pink in site! And I loved every bit of it. Even the canvases above the bed. Made me wanna go on a boat ride. :)
 Isn't the chandelier above the bed pretty?
 I had a television in my room.....and I decided not to watch any news. I'm a news junkie. I did good too. The only thing I just had to watch was American Idol. Couldn't miss that one.
 This is what we saw whenever we first got there. I love it! I didn't wanna leave.
 Loved the kitchen too. I love the colors and the granite counters.
 The corner curio was so beautiful.
 Looks like something from Rachel Ashwell...Shabby Chic.
 This was the most comfortable sofa that I have ever sat on. I want one!
 Loved this little shabby table.
 Television in living room over fireplace.
 Another view from living room.
 This was the hallway separating our bedrooms. I loved that huge mirror.
 The bathroom was even pretty.
 This was taken right after we got there. I was so happy and proud of my daughter for picking the perfect place for us.
 This was inside the stairwell going up to our floor.
 Inside the stairwell. Pretty pictures of New Orleans houses.
 My daughter with the Mother's Day 'happy' that I got for her. She has collected Willow Tree figurines for years. This one was perfect. It's called 'brothers'.
 Me...gotta have a coke. :)
 I really enjoyed our time together. Dressed up...ready to go out to dinner.
 Next morning having my coffee...Christy was still sleeping.
 I really enjoyed it all. Sometimes just being away from your normal routine is a good thing. Thank you Christy. This was a very special time that I will remember forever. I love you.