Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Decorating 'Cabin Style'

It's been a while since I've been on here. This happens to me every year. I work in retail and this is our busiest time of year. Seems like I leave work and turn around a couple of hours later and go right back. I thought I would share some pictures of Stevie's home with you. I helped him decorate it for Christmas last week. He is having his family Christmas party at his house this year so we thought it needed some Christmas touches. His home is decorated rustic...he loves 'old' things and he hunts and fishes a lot, so he has lots of his trophy animals everywhere. I had to work around that. LOL He has deer heads, fish, big cats, squirrels, etc. all over the place. He even has a huge turkey....which got moved to his bedroom because I had to have somewhere to put the tree. lol I bought these carved wooden letters from T.J. Maxx a few weeks ago. I thought they would look perfect for his den. We just put some pine garland around it and it looks so "Homey".

This Santa ornament is one that I bought for him. He is holding a shot-gun. All dressed in camo.

He already had his mantle decorated with some of his favorite things. I just added the red candle holders to make it 'Christmasy'. Those little cowboy boots are his from when he was a little boy. Aren't they just precious?

This is an old mountain village train set that I have had for years and years. My little boy helped Stevie with the train set. He even hung a squirrel ornament above one of the houses. He wanted it to look like it was sitting on the roof. lol I told him that if a squirrel that big ever got on top of our roof, we were gonna hide! Garrett thought that was hilarious! He laughed and laughed and still does when I mention it.

I made a tree topper out of glittered eucalyptus. The ribbon is kind of like burlap with little painted trees on it. Next I'm gonna make him some burlap curtains for his windows and use antlers for curtain rod holders. He has tons of them!

This is an old cabin picture that I've had for years. I bought it when I use to work at "The Mole Hole' many years ago. It thought it would look perfect in here.

One of his many deer heads.

This is a print that Stevie has had for a long time. His step-dad made the frame for it. I bought him the lamp at a junk store one day.

Little lantern ornament and wooden signs.

Feather bird and flocked mercury ball.

Pine cone squirrel.

Yes...We still believe. Always will.

This is a little vignette that we came up with. His old scales and his old bank that his mom gave him when he was around 6 years old. We filled the twig basket with hickory sticks and tweed balls and leftover garland. I looked around my house and found these birds and willow tree couple to add to it. It looks so pretty.

I even found this little heart pillow in one of my Christmas boxes. Haven't seen it in years. It was like Christmas to me finding all of this old stuff that I haven't seen for years. So much fun!

The other side of his mantle. I love that 'Terry Reddlin' print.

We even hung stockings for him and his little girl and me and my little boy. They almost spell out the word 'sleigh'.

Garrett putting together the train tracks.

He was having a ball. He couldn't stop laughing.

Hard to believe that my baby is 9 years old.

Stevie adding a few more touches.

This is an old cabinet that my step-dad made years ago. I've used it for my display in my booth several times. It looks perfect here.

Stevie's den looks like a cozy cabin.

He called me at work the next day to tell me that he and his daughter Hailey had made a few more ornaments for his tree. :) He hot-glued red ribbon to some small antlers. I had to smile when I saw them. Oh no! Now he knows how to use a glue gun! lol

Hailey did the same thing with this pine cone. They had fun doing this together.

Me enjoying a cup of hot chocolate after we finished. It was so cold outside. It was all warm and cozy inside.

Stevie doing the same.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. We had so much fun decorating. I think it all looks so festive for his family's party. He has 24 people coming.

Hope you all have a very
Merry Christmas!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We all have so much to be thankful for. I spent Thanksgiving at my daughter's house and we had such a good time together. We cooked the night before and got up early and cooked some more. We played Christmas music and talked about past Thanksgivings that we've had. I loved this special time together. She said that she will remember it always. This is us getting everything prepared. I told her I would be better prepared next year. lol I will get up an hour early and get out of my p.j.'s and put on some make up! She gets me every I'm putting this picture on here for her. lol The best part of the day was being able to have all of my children together in one place. I love them so much. They are my sweet blessings.

Christy loves picking at her brother Cole. She tries her best to keep him in line. lol Guess she will always be his 'mother hen'. He loves it though!

Of Course, Garrett has to act silly for the pictures...he better watch out...his sister will be after him next! I hope you all had a beautiful day together with your family and loved ones.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Veteran's Day

I wanted to share some pictures with you of my step-grand-daughter. Her name is Leah and she is 20 years old. She is serving our country in the Army. She just returned home from her first tour in Irag. These pictures are small because they were taken on my i-phone and I don't know how to enlarge them. This is Leah and her daughter's husband, Phillip. Leah and her sister Lauren.

Leah and her friend.

We love you Leah. Thank you so much for protecting us. God bless you.

God Bless our Veterans and God Bless our country.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hello, My name is Lee Laurie and I am a pack-rat.

I know that Halloween is officially over....but I just had to show y'all something really REALLY scary! This is my son's old bedroom. It became a storage room after he moved out 2 years ago. Things just got thrown in there and forgotten, daughter came for a visit the other day. lol (Don't zoom in too telling what you'll see.) She couldn't believe her eyes! After hearing her threaten me over and over that she was going to call the hoarding police on me...for the 10th time, we decided to get to work cleaning it up. You see my precious little girl (that used to have a messy room when she was a teen) seems to have turned into a "Say No To Clutter" kind of gal. LOL

She got a garbage bag and started throwing stuff away! Me, being the pack-rat that I am, almost started having a panic attack. But she was gentle with her Mama and asked me before she put anything into the bags. :) We took out 4 of them so far and still have to finish tomorrow.

Have you ever seen so many Belk bags in one place....besides at Belk? That's the joy of working retail. Anyway, we got a lot cleaned out and I filled up my booth at the vendor's mart with goodies. I hope I sell it all 'cause it's not coming back to my house and every time I sell something, I'm putting something else in the booth to replace it. I'm gonna keep it full and my daughter is going to help me.

This is my booth. I packed it full. They are having 'Open House' this Tuesday night and I wanted to be stocked up. (I forgot my wet washcloth in one of the bowls!) lol

I'm so excited and it feels so good to have that room back....almost. Got a little more to clean out. I'm gonna make it into a den. Can't wait to get my paintbrush out and pull up that awful looking carpet. I haven't decided on colors yet. Maybe Khaki or Olive Green.

Hope I didn't scare y'all too much. I'll post more pictures soon. I know with Christy as my motivator it will be really soon!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

In The Garden

I haven't been on here for a while. We have been through a lot over the past few weeks. Our sweet grandmother passed away on October 9th. We all knew that she didn't have much time left here with us. The doctors all told us that she didn't have many days left. We all spent as much time as possible with her in the nursing home and the hospital. My daughter and youngest son and my dad and I were with her the night before she went to Heaven. She and my daughter sang songs together. Her favorite ones. "In The Garden" and "When They Ring Those Golden Bells" and "Amazing Grace". Daddy says that he will never forget them singing together. These are the songs that we played at her funeral.

Me and my daughter.

Me and my oldest son

My three precious children.

These last few weeks have been so hard but only for us. Mamaw is in Heaven and her 'hard' days are over.