Monday, February 23, 2009

Beautiful old house

Look at this beautiful house that is for sale in my hometown! It is on the same block as my dad's house. The backyards almost connect with each other. This house was built in 1900. It has 6 bedrooms and 2 parlors. A huge kitchen and a butler's pantry. A dining room and a sun porch. Several bathrooms.

It has beautiful stained glass windows and large wrap around porches upstairs and downstairs. Beautiful mantles...6 or 8 of them.

This is the side and back view. It has around 5000 square feet. I could just see myself decorating this whole entire house! It needs some work but it is in pretty good shape. It would make a wonderful restaurant/ beautiful bed and breakfast. It even has a vacant lot next to it that could be made into a parking lot.

This is the back of he house. It has a huge backyard and on the property is a small house that is said to be one of the first houses in my town. That is why no one has ever torn it down. I just love hearing the history of old houses. In this big old house a dentist use to live here and practice out of his home in the old days. There is a sink in each bedroom.

I would have to fix this little house for my 'potting shed' to keep flower pots, tools, etc. The yard is huge and could be a beautiful garden. It is so nice to have dreams! My friends tell me that I should go into real estate because I love old houses so much. I really do love this one. 5000 sg.ft. of old southern charm for the asking price of $145,000.00. Oh I wish... I wish!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely old house. I do so love the houses with history to them. Especially when you remodel and find little things all around to save and imagine what stories were behind the object. How fun!

Tanza said...

Hi Lee,
What a gorgeous home.. Can you imagine all that has gone on in there.. I LOVE old homes.. Soo much history and all.. I say go for it !!! hahaha.. Can you imagine.. How FUN !!! Thanks for stopping by.. Glad you like the PINK !! hugs ~tea~

Janet said...

I like old houses too. I belive they have lots to tell.

Cindy said...

What a steal! A house that big would be way over a Million $ here! Even if it was a fixer upper!

Rebecca Nelson said...

I would SOOOOOO buy this house if it were here in Edmond! How did I miss the BLOG?

Love, too! :)