Friday, February 20, 2009

Our 'fun' day together

This is my little sister, Melinda. We had such a great time together yesterday. We went out to eat at Brady's in Hammond, La and we went shopping and caught up on each other's lives. It had been so long since we had done this. I wanted to take this picture of her in front of this neat truck that was parked outside of the restaurant. I thought it was so cool and it even matched her purse! She was afraid that the owner of the truck was gonna come out and say something to us about taking a picture in front of it! I told her that if they didn't want their truck to be noticed and admired, they should not have painted it to look like a Zebra!! Can you imagine driving around in that?

I ordered a salad and New Orleans Barbecue Shrimp. It was so good! I had to take a picture for y'all. It was a bit spicy and I couldn't eat it all because I had eaten all of my salad. She ordered fried shrimp and I ate one and it was delicious too. We both love to eat shrimp!

That looks like a cigarette in my hand but believe me it is not! It is my straw in my drink! I hate cigarettes and I have never tried to smoke one before and never will. We had the waitress take this picture of us.

This was a very good place to eat and it was my first time to eat there.

I would love to go back again. I bet it is very pretty at night time.

I tried to take a picture of us outside of a really neat furniture store...but all I could get was part of our faces! LOL Melinda doesn't think that I will put this picture on here...surprise! LOL

This one turned out a little bit better. My arms are not very long so it was hard to see if I was getting it right!

A lady stopped to help us. She snapped a picture for us. Look a that beautiful brick building behind us. I thought it was so shabby!

Well...we had to go and visit our favorite boutique! We love going to the Goodwill! We have so much fun in there and we find some really neat things in there. I ALWAYS do! This one was in Covington, La. and it took us a while to find it but it was worth it! I bought a pretty little sofa with a chaise on one end of it. Of course I will have to have it recovered in the perfect shabby fabric one day. I will be on the look out for some pretty, durable, fabric. It was made really well and I got it for a great price! The only thing is...we didn't have a way to get it home! So now I have to go back and get it in a few days! LOL ...I can shop, again!

This is the Goodwill that we always go to in Hammond, La. We both found some great deals. I bought a few things for my Vendor's booth and a few things for me to work on for my little cottage. I will post about them soon. I already took a few things to the booth today after work. We had such a good time together. We tried to do so much in such a short time! We didn't get to go to our other favorite store...Hobby Lobby. (Mom calls it Hollie Hobby) LOL We plan to get together more often from now on.


Anonymous said...

Husband and I went goodwilling yesterday. I found a "chicken". An ugly gosh honey why do you want that chicken, chicken. Now I love said chicken and am looking for ideas for it. When I redo my chicken I will choose someone's idea for usage and that someone will receive a free gift.

Don't you love goodwill, antique stores and such.

Now, I love the ugly chicken too!

Stevie said...

I am glad that ya'll had a blast. I know it was a full day. It is important for you and Melinda to stay in touch and do things together. I am happy that ya'll were able to go. I know that you got a BUNCH of that we will have to go back and does sound like another shopping trip. I know you had all that planned too....ha;=) We will go!!

Tanza said...

Soo wonderful to spend time with your sister.. I LOVE sharing time with mine.. We laugh soo much, and the day always flys by.. Such FUN !! That shrimp is making my mouth water..yummy..Congratulations on your win from sweet ~r~.. She's the BesT !! You will LOVE LOVE LOVE anything from her !!! It will smell sooo pretty too !! Enjoy !!! Have a wonderful evening.. hugs ~tea~

Tanza said...

Good morning Lee,
Thanks for stopping by, and YES.. we would have soo much fun shopping, soo if your ever down this way, give a shout.. I KNOW soo many wonderful places to visit.. Blessings for a wonderful day.. hugs ~tea~

MEME'S PLACE said...

I cant believe you put those pictures on here.I look like an elf in one, and then I look like im going on an African Safarri. HA!
Well atleast the lunch was nice. Im glad you enjoyed it.We will have to go on these little outings more often. I really enjoyed it, And I needed the lauhgs.