Sunday, March 1, 2009

An Invitation to Tea

Hello my sweet friends. Thank you so much for your sweet comments and also for praying for me. Today I felt much better and I even had a pretty good day at work. The weather is getting cold again here. I am dreaming about spring! My daffodils are blooming and my plum trees are covered with pretty white flowers. Everything seems so fresh and new at springtime.
I wanted to share with you some pictures that were taken at a 'Victorian' tea party that we had at my Aunt Jenny's house a few years ago. ( This was before my grandma had to go into the nursing home) We had such a good time. We all dressed 'Victorian' with our lace and our hats. Above is the invitation that she sent to us.

Me and Aunt Jenny having our cup of tea. I remember that mine was a raspberry flavored tea. Isn't her parlor pretty? Her whole house is decorated in 'Victorian' style. She calls it 'Country Victorian'.

This is me and my grandma. She really enjoyed herself that day. We all did. My Aunt served us salad, cucumber sandwiches, chicken salad, and pasta salad. I know there was more food there but I can't remember right now what all she served. It was very beautiful though. She used her 'Old Country Roses' china and her crystal stemware. We all had pretty little place cards letting us know where to sit at the table. She had beautiful piano music playing in the background. She had the best smelling candles burning. (Yankee Candles) The aromas of the candles and the soft music playing just added to the overall peaceful effect that was felt that day. We all enjoyed being with each other and catching up with each other's lives.

This is all of us that were there that day. My Aunt Shelby, my grandma, Aunt Jenny, Melinda (my sister), and me. After this picture was taken we sat down for a cup of tea and scones with lemon curd. I enjoyed it all. Oh, and I just remembered Aunt Jenny made 'strawberry soup' also. That was my first time to have that. It was tasty. I wish that we would have these tea parties more often. We always have such a good time together. Its so much fun to play 'dress-up'. I plan on having some tea parties myself when it gets warmer. I want to have some outside. I might even have some for the little girls that I know. They can dress up in their little dresses and hats and carry their little purses. I will have to do that and take lots of pictures! I can't wait!


Tanza said...

Hi Lee,
This looked lovely.. Memories, sweet memories.. Your hat was gorgeous, and you all looked so VICTORIAN !! I LOVE teas, soon with Spring, there will be many.. What a girly-girl thing to do !! Thanks for sharing, and glad your feeling better.. Have a wonderful week.. hugs ~tea~

Deanna said...

Hi Sweetie!
How are you....gosh, I've had a miserable week and I'm so ready to toss my laptop!!!!

I was going to call you but then company came over and know how that goes.

Hope you and Stevie are doing well and I will try and call you in a couple of days

All of my love,
Deanna :D

Rebecca Nelson said...

Hi Sweetie...What a sweet idea to have a tea! Looked like so much fun.

Thanks for stopping by again!I am sooo glad you are feeling better.

Thanks for sharing your pretty day with us. It's inspiring!

Love, Rebecca

Anonymous said...

OH WHAT FUN! For you and granny, I shall go have me some tea. Just stop unpacking my boxes and sit for tea. FInish up my blogging along with it....


Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Hi there! What a sweet blog you have~
I enjoyed seeing your youngest son and his cousin, and your grandbaby.

You are just a doll and your sister too.

Thanks for visiting today!