Thursday, March 12, 2009

Good bye...Sassy

Yesterday was a very hard day for me. I went to the doctor for my checkup and I am going to have to have more tests done on my heart. My doctor is not happy with my irregular heartbeat and me being exhausted all of the time. I am on medicine that is suppose to be regulating my heartbeat but it stopped working. They will probably have to change my medicine. I am going to see a heart specialist on March 23. In the meantime...I plan on trying not to get too stressed out about every day things. My dentist appointment was also yesterday. I try to schedule everything on the same day because I usually only get one day off a week. I was so tired when I got home. I rested a little bit and then I got up to make cupcakes with my little boy. (I had promised!) While they were baking, we went outside to feed my doggies and we couldn't find Sassy. We looked everywhere! We went up and down the road thinking maybe she had gotten run over...but she never went out that far before. She normally stayed inside but the last few days she wanted to stay outside. I would have to pick her up to make her come inside. Anyway we looked all over for her and I just knew something was bad wrong! We found her under the old trailer next door. She had died. She didn't have any visible signs of injury. I don't know what happened. I have been so upset. I didn't even want to go to work today...but I knew I had to. Garrett didn't want to believe that she was dead...he kept saying that she was asleep and couldn't hear us. I just hugged him and explained it to him. After we went inside, he said that he didn't want any cupcakes and he went on to bed. Seeing him like that just broke my heart. My friend Stevie buried her for us out back, by her sister. She was 12 years old.

Sassy in the snow this past winter. I called her my Puppy-Popsicle.

This was taken one morning while I was sitting out on my porch drinking coffee.

I am really going to miss her.

I know some people may not understand how people can get so attached to a pet and then hurt so bad when it dies. I never really was ever too close to any of my pets until I got 'Classie'...that was Sassy's mom. Classie died when she was 9 years old. Sassy was just like her. Now they are both gone. I know that whenever I see a sheltie...I will always think of them.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear of your loss. It's been several months since the loss of both of my dogs and I still have days when it hurts so much. I try to think on how good they made me feel when they were alive and prancing about. I'm so sorry.

I hope your heart is nothing to serious. Please keep us updated will you. I know it can be concerning. I too get irregular heartbeats from the lupus but i've learned that is a sign I need to slow down a bit.

Cupcakes.. this must be national cupcake day. everyone is baking them but me. I've been cooking bbq ribs, corn bread, mustard potato salad and bake beans butno cupcakes yet... hmmmrf!

Denise Elizabeth said...

Oh my I'll be praying for you. I do understand the loss of a dear pet. Giving you a big hug and lots of prayers. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Denise

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh Lee Laurie, I am so so sorry about your poor Sassy! I am in tears right now. I am such an animal lover and I KNOW how important they are to our families. My heart is just breaking for you and your son. I am sending hugs to you both. Sassy was so beautiful and I know she was so loved.

I am praying for you and your son and also about your heart issues. I wish I lived closer. You are just too sweet to have to go through so much at once.

(((BIG HUGS)))

Tanza said...

Ooohhh Lee,
I'm so sorry for your doggy loss.. That hurts so bad.. Only time can heal a pain like this.. I will say a prayer for' ve had a couple yucky days..I pray you feel the Lord's peace shine down on you, and your heart feel lighter, with Him.. Hopefully your week-end will bring much rest to you.. Know I'm thinking of you.. Hugs to you Lee.. ~tea~

Anonymous said...

I just read this. You poor darlings! I want to send you both a hug, and to say that I'm saying a prayer that you'll be comforted during this difficult time. Sassy sounds like she was a lovely and kind friend and member of your family. I love dogs, and I do know how you're feeling. You take care of yourself. Be sad for as long as you need to and know that's it all a part of the process. HUGS!

Stevie said...

Sassy-fras.....she was the Diva. I remember the afternoon, we were on the front porch...groomed, bathed, and loved on her....the sound she would make when I rubbed her she would hold her front paw up in the she would cover up her food....the time I took her to the vet for you and everyone loved her...All the good times....that is what I will remember.
I know that we had that bad feeling that something was wrong the other night when she wasn't with Baby and Blue. I am so sorry that she passed away, however, I do know she loved it at the house with you and the kids. She even loved me and would let me hold and love on her. I can hear her now. I am happy that I did get to know Sassy-fras. Do you remember the song I would sing to her? Ha! I am also happy, that I thought about taking ya'lls picture that Sunday morning on the porch. You both were so cute! You will have them forever and can think back to the happy times you had with her.

I do understand how attached you can get to a pet. It is ok to cry, to be sad and to miss them.


Lady Laurie said...

Dear Lee Laurie,
I am so sorry to hear about your health issues, I will keep you in my prayers.
I am sorry to hear of the loss of your sweet little dog Sassy. I know how sad it is to lose a member of the family.
Thinking of you
Love and Hugs))

Sharon said...

So sad to hear of the passing of your beloved pet, they become like family members.

Have you had your thyroid checked, I have a chronic situation with mine that requires medication to keep my heart regulated. Hypo thyroid can also cause the complete exhaustion you are experiencing. Do you also have any memory loss, intolerance to cold? All signs of potential thyroid problems.

Deanna said...

Oh Lee, I'm so sorry about you losing Sassy...I talked to Stevie yesterday and he told me about it. I think that you will find that a lot of us have lost pets and that you are not alone in how you are feeling about that loss. Praying for you and your little boy.

Wishing I was there to hold your hand....Love you girl.


MEME'S PLACE said...

Im sorry to hear about Sassy.I know you loved her so much.I remember when you 1st brought her mom, Classy home. She was so tiny she fit in your hand. I hate that you lost both of them, but remember they always felt love from thier mama. You have such a caring heart for animals.Agian I am sorry for your loss.