Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Retail Therapy

Good morning! I'm just sitting here drinking my coffee and catching up on my 'blogger' friends. That sounds funny! My friend Deanna from "Timeless Things" calls them 'blog beauties'. That sounds so sweet! I don't go in to work until 1:00 today, so now I can visit my friends on line and also post about a few things that I bought yesterday after I got off work at my favorite thrift store. I was stressed from work. I decided that I needed a little retail therapy. This little box is one thing that I bought for myself. It is so pretty. I have it on a little table in my living room. I thought about using it to place my car keys in every day when I get home from work. I'm bad about misplacing my keys and then panicking in the morning when I'm leaving for work! It only cost me $5.00. They originally wanted $10.00 but they were having a half price sale. Lucky me!

I love this little metal basket. I love that it has the word 'hope' on it. I hung it on the door of my black china hutch in my kitchen. I will probably keep this too. It was only $2.00. I love the fact that we all have 'hope' because of Jesus!

Isn't this candle holder pretty? It is ceramic and it was only $3.00. WOW! I will probably put it in my vendor's booth for sale...I don't know yet. I can't keep everything!

This ceramic vase is so pretty too. It has embossed roses on it. I am always attracted to anything with roses! I'm not too crazy about the silver color. I will probably paint it pink or white. $2.00...that was a deal!

This little plaque...I bought for one of my blogging beauties. When I saw it, I immediately thought of her and had to have it. I already have her box ready to go with some other little things in it but I am waiting for her to send me her address. Now I can add this to her box. She is such a sweet and caring person and she is really going through a hard time right now. She has really helped me put things in perspective in my life. Its nice to have these friends that we have never even met before that inspire us and help us through difficult situations. That is the way that it should be. I feel that God smiles on us when we show compassion and love for one another. Nita, if you are reading this post, please send me your address so that I can get your package off to you and your daughter, Elizabeth. I hope that things are getting better for the both of you. If anyone would like to visit her she is at 'Red Tin Heart'. I have her on my list of blog favorites below. I'm sure that you would feel compassion and love for her. It helps in many ways when we let others know how much we care. Well...that was all for my retail therapy! It made me feel better too! LOL
Love Y'all,
Lee Laurie


Tanza said...

Good morning Lee,
What a sweet post this morning.. Wonderful finds for you yesterday.. I LOVE doing that, and those pieces will always be special to you, cuz they were bought when you needed a feel good.. Hope tody is a wonderful, blessed one.. Always fun to read what you share.. Oh' happy day to you.. hugs ~tea~

Eclectic Chic Style said...

What great finds and what great bargains!! Just what a girl always needs.....a little retail therapy!!!
Have a wonderful evening,