Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy St. Paddy's Day for me...again

I hope that everyone has a Happy St. Paddy's Day today! I had to look back through all of my pictures to see if I had anything that I could post about for this day. This is all I could find. These beautiful flowers...I think they are called snow drops. They were in the backyard of that old Victorian house they I showed pictures of not too long ago. The big green house.

These are pictures of the sign at the restaurant that my sister and I went to a few weeks ago. It is called Brady's. It even has a four leaf clover on the sign. It shows up better at night but you can still see it now. ( Above the s.)

We had such a great time together that day! We plan on getting together again tomorrow. My daughter is going with us! We are going out to eat and have a day of shopping (thrifting) and fun! I will take pictures of course!
Yesterday, I was in such a hurry to get ready for work! I had pushed the snooze button one too many times and I didn't have a whole lot of time. I wore my green dress with green roses,paisley, and leopard spots on it. LOL Can you just picture that!? I even wore my little green suede shoes ! I was so glad to make it to work on time and in the color green! I thought yesterday was St Paddy's Day!! My daughter would have laughed her head off if she would've seen me! LOL I have to find something else 'green' to wear for today! LOL
Have a great day!


Stevie said...

I love the pretty flowers. Are they Lilly of Valley...I have heard them call different names....

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Sweet Friend, Happy St. Partick's Day.
Your day at Brady's sounds so fun. And, your outfit sounds like it was perfect. I wish you took a picture to share.
Have a wonderful day today as well. It sounds like a fun day to lunch, shop and enjoy!

Thank you for your visit today and your kind comment. SO nice to see you and I feel the same about you.
Happy St. Patrick's DAy.
hugs, Celestina Marie