Monday, March 9, 2009

An Award For You...

This is the award that Rebecca from A Gathering Place sent to me a few days ago. I am suppose to list 7 things that I love and send it to 7 of my favorite blogging friends.

1. I love spending good quality time with my family and friends.

2. I love getting on my laptop first thing in the morning while I'm drinking my cup of coffee. That is 'my' time and I love it.

3. I love going to thrift stores and finding that "special" bargain!

4. I love to paint old furniture! It is amazing what a little paint can do!

5. I love to drive around in old neighborhoods and look at old historical homes! This is one of my favorite things to do!

6. I love the way I feel when my children tell me that they love me.

7. I love soaking in a hot tub of water and relaxing with some beautiful music and candlelight.

Now I would like to send this award to the following people...then you can list 7 things that you love and send this award to 7 other people. I think this helps us to get to know each other better even though by reading my blog you probably already knew some of these.

Timeless Things---Deanna

MeMe's Place------Melinda

The Comforts of Home---Penny

Sweet Eye Candy Creations---Jenn

Tea Time With Melody---Melody

Blah Blah Blah Blog---NikkiCrumpet

Bunny Rose Cottage---Amy

I love reading each and everyone of your blogs. Each one is unique and I get 'something' out of reading each one. I get creative ideas from some of them, a bunch of laughs out of a few of them, sisterly love out of one of them, motivation out of most of them, and a feeling of happiness from all of them. Pass it on...

This is me when I was about 2 years old. I was so serious looking! I wonder what I was thinking? Look at the pretty flowers behind me. I have always loved flowers!

I'm so glad that Spring is here! This is my favorite time of year!


Deanna said...

Hi Sugar Bunny!
How are you? I've been thinking about you and hoping you haven't been in too much pain. I want to call you tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully we can chat for a while before I have to head over to my Weight Watchers meeting. I'm wanting to tell you what happened to me and Marshall on Saturday but I will save that for our call and then I will post about it tomorrow night.

Thank you my sweetie girl, for the award. I truly find myself wanting to turn around and tell you something about my day and you are not there...*sniff* but I know that all I have to do is jump over here to your darling blog (wow, I love the new look)and I know that you will be here to listen. I hope you know that you can always email or call me whenever you want too.

I love ya, you sweet Southern Rose!

Mighty hugs,
Deanna :D

Anonymous said...

Look at little ole you. How adorable is that sweet outfit. No guessing what era you were raised up in. Precious Lee Laurie, precious.

Tea Time With Melody said...

This is soo funny because other than painting old furniture we love the same things!!! Now I am going to have to sit down over a few cups of coffee and think of some NEW ones. LOL Or change them up. Don't want anyone to think I cut and pasted.....:)

I added a footnote to my blog....the victim died at the scene of his wounds.

Stevie said...

Good morning.....while I was reading your list of 7 things and having a cup of coffee brought back some fond memories. I hope to share more of them with you.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Hello Laurie Lee,
Just visit Stevie...and wanted to visit you....glad you both are happy. Thanks for the award...I will post it maybe Thurs...or Sunday. You looks so sweet and beautiful...Awwww! I told Stevie to tell ya about ..Lady Katherine is setting up for Mississippi Bloggers to meet together in late Spring. Go to my blog and you will find her on my sidebar...Your son Garrett is soooo cute...Garrett and Chase has that wonderful bonds like friends and brother. That's great! Have a wonderful week..Kathy

nikkicrumpet said...

What a sweetheart you are! Thanks so much for thinking about me. And I love the old photo. There is something so cool about seeing old pictures of folks. THANKS AGAIN!

Nicole ~ said...

Many of your favorite things are also my favorite things! The picture of you as a little girl is precious.