Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What's been selling in my booth...

I thought I would share with you what has been selling in my booth. I love finding things for my customers when I'm out and about thrifting and junkin'. Sometimes I have to touch some items up with a little paint. Sometimes they are perfect just as they are. The little boxes above are some that I painted the ever popular turquoise. That color seems to be the 'in' color now.
 The next picture is a box that I decided to paint 'pink'. Gotta have a little pink. :) Owls are very popular right now too. Anytime I see them, I snatch them up. They don't hang around very long in my booth.
 Like these cute little salt 'n pepper shakers. I sold two sets in the first week. Wish I could find some more!
 I made the chalkboard out of an old frame and painted the back with chalkboard paint. I change the message from time to time...until it sells.
These owls went really fast too. Love the colors.

I found this cute little owl key holder on one of my thriftin' trips the other day. His wings are made of copper. He probably will be grabbed up soon.

 This little owl started out a dull brown color until I got a hold of him and painted him white. He only sat on the shelf a couple of days and he was taken to his new home. :) With the help of my daughter. She sold him for me.
Peacocks seem to be a big thing around here too. Especially if they are this pretty.

Here are a few things from my Easter/Spring booth. A sweet blogger friend saw this picture on face book and bought the wire egg stand from me and I shipped it to her.

A few things from my Valentine's booth. Wasn't it pretty?

I once decorated everything in Victorian. Funny how my tastes have changed. I'm constantly finding things 'Victorian' in my storage shed to bring to the booth.

This sweet little St. Paddy's day tea set lasted on two days...and a little lady said she just had to have it. Each cup had a different Irish saying on it.

One of my latest finds that I added a few days ago. I thought this was the cutest pillow. Hope someone finds it irresistible soon. :)
I'm going today to re-fresh my booth a little bit and take a few more finds. Seems like when I'm not working my 'real' job, I'm still working. lol  It's fun and it's good for me too.

Hope you have a blessed day!


Debbie said...

Wow! it sounds like you are always selling goodies out of your booth!
Good for you! You must know what the people want.
I was just in my booth changing things out for the warmer months.
Hope your week is going well.
Hugs to you.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Lee Laurie,
Your booth is wonderful land I love seeing your best sellers. It seems we have the same popular items here and most wanted colors at the moment for spring.
Looks like you are having fun.
Wish I could come shop with you.
Have a great weekend.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Cute pillow. Yes the turquoise is really popular and the owls! It seldom happens, ut don't you just love it when you can put something in your booth without touching it up! Your booth looks fabulous and fun! Thank you for the congrats on my dress form business opportunity,


The Polka Dot Closet said...

Just dropping in again to thank you for your sweet comment. You said you would have a hard time selling the mirror coat rack, I actually tried it all over my house to see if it would work before I put it for sale!!LOL!