Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I would love to live in this dreamhouse!

I wanted to show y'all this pretty house that I found in Hazelhurst, Ms. that is for sale. I have even been inside of it before and it is The front part of the house is cottage victorian and the back part (this was added on) is like a rustic cabin. Can you just imagine decorating this home?

This long screened-in porch is on the back of the house. It has a large stained-glass window at the end of the porch. That is a bathroom.

This is a sun-room that I would use for my office/scrapbook room/computer room.

Look at the ivy vines that are growing on the large window of the great-room. Looking from the inside out, it looks as if they are painted on the glass. This is such a pretty home and it is in the historic district. The only thing that I don't like is that it is on a main busy highway. I like living where I'm at because it is kind-of like living out in the country. I haven't taken many pictures of the outside of my cottage because I'm not happy with it yet. I still have so much to do. I like to look at these other homes because they give me inspiration. If I was to ever add on to my little cottage, I would like to have a rustic great-room like this one. I've always loved the warm,cozy,cabin feel of cedar and big windows.


nikkicrumpet said...

Very cool much character!!!! It would be fun to decorate it.

Deanna said...

Oh my dream house! I'm drooling! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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Deanna :)