Sunday, July 12, 2009

I love old trucks, cars, and houses...

Look what we ran across yesterday! An old vintage, shabby, 1968 Chevy truck! Isn't she pretty! I was only 2 years old when she made her debut! Can't y'all just see me driving this baby around stopping at all my favorite thrift stores?

I could put a large rose decal on each door and put "A Southern Rose" on it!!! I'm gettin' carried away! It would be nice to have a truck to pick up my goodies whenever I find them. The only problem is that they want $2500.00 FIRM!!! Also it doesn't have an air conditioner! I would melt!

Look what we did today! I wanted to paint my porch ceiling but I was already hurting and I knew that I would REALLY hurt if I did that! So Stevie said that he would be HAPPY to do it for me! LOL He did a great job too. I worked on the porch railings and trim work. It is going to look a lot better whenever we get finished. Now I have to do something with my front door. I have the old front door from the house that I grew up in. It is in storage. My Uncle lived there until the government took the land away by eminent domain. He didn't want to sell because it had been in our family since before he was born and he was in his 80's when they decided that they had to have it to make a recreational park! They ended up digging a huge hole in the ground and pushing the house over into it and burying it. But before they did it, I went over and got the front door, my old bedroom door, and the smallest bathroom door you've probably ever seen! I got a few other things too. One being my window out of my bedroom.

I hope that the old front door will fit on my little cottage! It has 3 vertical windows at the top. I can just see a lace curtain hanging on the windows. I think it would be special to have this for my door. So many countless times me and my little brother and sister went in and out of that door!
If it doesn't fit, I will have to just paint my door...again. It doesn't look good with my new ceiling color. I painted it bright pink the first time and then a few months later changed it to this green. I have no idea what color to paint it. Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Oh LL, this is beautiful. I've always believed the roof of a sunporch/frontporch should have a blue roof. Very traditional. I can see it now... do you like wicker? IT would be devine. Or a porch swing. I would love to see it done.

I would do much to own that truck. It's right up my ally. I would love heading to the dump with our load going slow and leisurely down the old country road. Ah yes, you found my truck. When can I expect it to be delivered? :)

Feel better friend.

blushing rose said...

Oh, Lee Laurie, what a lovely shade for the ceiling. So elegant & warm. It is going to be absolutely perfect when you are completed.

My DHs Dad owned a truck exactly like that ... that was one of the best trucks ever. Our children used to love to run down to the corner so when g'pa came home for lunch they could climb in the back & ride up to the house with him.

Take care ... Hugs, TTFN ~Marydon

Tanza said...

Hi Lee Laurie,
Ooohhh that truck is the neatest !! Sooo vintage.. BUT, gotta have air (I would melt)hahaha..And your porch is adorable.. I want to see it all done up !! hopefully by summers' end, soo you can truly enjoy sitting, in a swing, like Tammy said.. looks wonderful !! You've been a busy girl !! Have a good week.. huggers ~tea~xo

Tara said...

Choosing paint colors can be a nightmare for me too. I like so many different colors. How neat that you got to save some things from your old house, I'm sure it will help to keep the memories alive!

Anonymous said...

What about bringing that pretty blue down to the door? Love that color! Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well- tried to find the blog on what happened but couldn't seem to find it- Know how it is- I received a bite from a rattlesnake and was in ICU for 5 days and hospital 10 days- am at home on house arrest per dr till Friday when he checks the bite- I keep thinking of all my projects I want to get done and am just sitting here on my bum doing nothing!


Anonymous said...

Sorry everyone. That truck is a fine piece of machinery and I am qualified to drive it. I have the toolkit for it too. w-d 40, crescent wrench, std tools(not metric), duct tape, electrical tape, jug 'o' water and last but not least, a couple gallons of gas in a spill proof can.
This kit also doubles as a first aid kit. Duct tape will seal off any gaping wounds.

Rebecca Nelson said...

Beautiful LL! Just delightful! I'm with Tea...gotta have air. Trust's an age-related thing! ;)


Unknown said...

Hi Lee Laurie!

I love the color you are painting the ceiling! That is so pretty! i hope the door fits too, I will be anxious to see it finished!

Love the color of that cool old truck too!


Anonymous said...

I love this truck. Funny, your ceiling and truck seem to have something in common. Love your roof. What color will the floor be?

Farren and Byisteal said...

Hi love! You and my buddy have been busy bees haven't you? LOL! I like the color of the door but now with the new paint....hmmmm. I need to take my paint swatches out..hee hee hee!

By the way, what is my grandfather's truck doing in Mississippi????? Dang, I thought it looked familiar! Oh girl do not get a vehicle with no air'll be a puddle of goo!

Hope you and my buddy are doing well and I will give you a call tomorrow for sure. I miss your sweet southern voice!

Deanna :D

Deanna said...

Lee, my friend Farren just told me that I left you a message under her name....(I am rolling on the floor laughing my butt off!)

Since we share a Christian blog together, I was in her account with her on the phone with me, looking for some pictures that she took while she was in Florida last week and now she can't find them so here I come to the rescue, find them and put them in her inbox and I don't sign out and go straight to my blog and I thought..I'm gonna go visit Lee Laurie! Marshall says you probably said,"Who in the heck is this?" hahahahaha! I called Farren back and she said I was nuts! OMG...that is just too funny! What a dork!


Deanna said... posted the comment...I'll never live it down now....!!! LOL!

Melissa/Piney Rose said...

Lee Laurie, I just wanted to let you know I listened to the Jeremy Camp song on your playlist, and I do love it! By the way, you have a great playlist! I listened to several.

p.s. - Gotta show that truck to my hubby, he's nuts over vintage chevy trucks

Laurie said...

Oh love the blue ~ your cottage will look so pretty !
My hubby would love that old truck !

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

It's no secret that my favorite color is aqua blue. Sooooo, of course I am in love with that old truck. How fun would it be to drive that around (with a.c. of course)!

I LOVe your painted porch ceiling! What a great color. And maybe I'm weird, but I kinda like the green door with the blue ceiling. Ohhhh, maybe a coral.That would be pretty too!



I love the porch ceilings painted blue and I see a light in the middle of your ceiling, you could put a chandelier there that would look so cute, I would do that on my porch if I could. That truck is so cute and the perfect color already, your ideas for the roses and your blog name would look so cute(;


Maybe for the door color you could go with a sea foam(that'sthe color of my hutch) or robins egg blue, I've been looking at it and trying to figure out a color, LOL, what color will the floor be?

Rhondi said...

I love the blue ceiling. When we get around to painting our porch I plan to paint the ceiling b;ue too. It's the perfect color for it.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

I love old cars and trucks too; that truck is a beauty!
So is your porch color, and I think it's so sweet that you have your childhood door!

Its So Very Cheri said...

I would paint it a soft pink.

Angela said...

I like your blog background.