Saturday, July 25, 2009

What to do with "Bear"

Good morning, everyone. Today and tomorrow I am actually off work! I have so much planned to do at my cottage. It feels so good to have a couple of days off. I'm in kind -of a predicament and I thought maybe that I could get some advice from my blogging friends. The pictures below are of the chow dog that adopted us a few months ago. I can't remember how long he has been here. Maybe 4 or 5 months. I didn't go out looking for him...he just popped up here one day and has been here ever since. He was really shy at first and wouldn't come up to anyone but me. I was careful with him at first because I didn't know if he was going to be aggressive or not. He was so sweet and scared. I could tell that he had been abused. He smelled terrible and had a million knots in his hair! I got to looking at him closer and noticed that the collar he had on was digging into his neck! I mean it had cut into his flesh...deeply! I called Stevie over to help me get it out and off of him. He was a little afraid of Stevie. We tried to pull it off and we could tell that it was hurting him so we just did a little bit at a time. Finally we were able to get it off and the dog ran off. I know that it hurt him. Anyway, everyday I came home from work, he would be here. I ended up naming him "Bear". He has been here ever since. He is a big baby! He walks around like an old grandpa! LOL He lets me wet him down with the water hose (I have to hold on to his hair to keep him there while I do it) and I'm planning on shaving all of his hair off except for around his face, today. Stevie gave him his shots. We didn't know if he had any shots before. He seems so happy now and is a good watch dog. I have 2 other dogs outside and they all get along.

Doesn't he look sweet? I use to have a chow that I raised from a puppy 18 years ago. I was expecting my son 'Cole' at the time. I never had any trouble out of 'Cocoa'. Maybe that's why I'm not afraid of 'Bear'. He follows me around my yard when I'm outside and if I'm out back working in my shed, he will just sit there and watch me. I live out in the country and having dogs out here is the norm.
Well...the problem that I have is, my neighbor met me at my car when I got home the other day, she didn't even give me time to get out of my car! I have never even met her before. She lives down the road behind my house. She asked me if the 'brown' dog was my dog. There is a brown lab puppy that comes around everyday...he lives across the road. I thought she was talking about him and I said 'no'. When I got out of my car she started pointing at "Bear" and said "That ugly dog, is it yours?" Well that didn't sit very well with me and I told her that he had adopted us a few months ago. She wouldn't even let me finish talking and she said that if he ever came back into her yard again that she was going to shoot him because she was sick of picking up her garbage. I asked her how she knew that it was him because there are dogs all over this place out here. I have 2 besides 'Bear' and there are at least 4 others that live across the road. She didn't answer me but she did say that he growled at her and she was not gonna put up with it. She said if he comes back in her yard she is shooting him and she turned around and walked off. She actually had the nerve to turn back around and tell me to have a good day! I didn't say anything back to her but I went inside and I was very upset. I've had a day or so to really think about it and I'm trying to figure out what to do. I thought about writing her a note and putting it on her door asking her to please not to shoot him and I would try to find a home for him. Just give me a few days. Whenever I get ready to write it, I decide not to because I don't think that it is fair that I should have to do this. There are so many dogs around here and she has singled him out to shoot! I think because of him being a Chow, she wants him gone. What do I do? I've already lost 2 dogs this past year. We think that 'Baby' was poisoned and 'Sassy' was found dead when we came home from going out to eat. "Sassy" was my sweet Sheltie that I had for 11 0r 12 years. "Baby" was the part 'pit' that we rescued off the side of the road when she was just a few days old. I know that not all people like dogs or animals period. I respect that. That is their choice. However, I am an animal lover. I should be able to have my animals. That is one reason that I decided to move out here in the country and not in town.
I know this has been a long post, but I just had to get all of this of my chest. I don't want to have to chain him up...I would rather just find him another home. It just doesn't seem fair. If I felt like 'Bear' was a bad dog, I would not have kept him this long. I have children and a grand baby.
Please give me your honest advise on what to do.


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

I am an animal lover too, and I always want to rescue them all! I can't think of any good advice off the top of my head, but I am sorry that your neighbor reacted like that.
Blessings to you for taking care of those that cannot care for themselves.
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blushing rose said...

Oh, sweet Lee Laurie ~ How sad that 'lady' is ... sorry you are going thru this turmoil.

I wouldn't want to give up my dog either, but I'd sure be worried about her threat, & his safety.

Do you think you may be able to just go over & talk to her?

Hope & pray this settle easily for you ... TTFN ~ Marydon

Tanza said...

Ohh Nooo..
This sounds so foreign to me, gosh, in Calif. if you were to shoot an animal, you would be arrested.. Is this legal to do in your state ?! Even to threaten to do so, would be reason for arrest.. I can't believe a person would even say this to someone.. Isn't there an animal control center to contact ?~!! I would be afraid to be responsible for an animal that others find threatning,I know, we have a doberman, and people are so afraid of her.. They also look intimidating, BUT, we could never allow her to roam freely.. Their instinct is to protect, so we need to keep her in her yard.. The country is so different, I can't even imagine, I'm so naive I guess.. I always think everyone loves animals and themselves are kind.. That neighbor just sounds mean and scarry.. Gosh, what if she really would do this ?! I would feel so terrible for the doggy.. You'll have to tell me tho if this is legal ?! I'm always soo in disbelief by what some people do !! WOW !! Good luck LL and keep us posted.. Hope you have a fun week-end !! Love to you sweet friend..
hugs ~tea~xo

Unknown said...

Awwww...when we lived in Ky a chow "adopted" us...she was colored up just like yours and we called her Bear too. We were in the country but lived on a busy highway so my son and Hubby built a good pen for her. She went to the Rainbow Bridge several years ago.

I'm so sorry that you are having neighbor troubles, Bear probably picks up her vibes of not being an animal lover.

Anonymous said...

First either declare ownership for bear or surrender his well being to the rescue or pound in your are.

If you adopt/rescue him, can you fence in your yard firstly or bring him in??

My dogs are strictly housedogs. I would not personally have a dog that is only outdoors. They are social animals and need to be socialized. I work with our local humane shelter to foster and this big boy just needs some cleaning and loving.

The neighbor has made a threat. Call the cops and register the complaint. Also let the cops know that you've had two other dogs that perished under suspicious circumstances. They will take the report and tell you if you see signs of trouble to call them.

I would not deal with the neighbor. Clearly she is irrational in making such a threat. I would just keep an eye on your property.

BUT again LL... you either have to claim him or release him. Call your pound if you don't want him so he doesn't die a harsh death.

We rescued a dog once that had been shot by his owner, curly sue. She was the sweetest. She lived 21 days with her injuries and then went down hill. The vet tried to save her but there was nothing left to do. You don't want that for bear.

A nice hair cut, some loving, he'd make a great watchdog for your home. Just work with him. Let me know what your going to do.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you got my post or I lost it before I sent it.

1. Do not talk to the neighbor yet. You must decide if your going to make him yours or surrender him to the shelter.

2. If you surrender him, call immediately and make it clear a neighbor has threated to shoot him.

3. If you keep him, bring him in, give him a haircut and a bath afterwards, not before. If you bath him prior to haircut you could hurt him from the mats pulling. Get him his shots asap.

4. If you keep him, call the police and tell them you want to file a complaint against your neighbors threats. You dont' talk to an already irrational neighbor. It won't end well. Irrational people will not see your way.

5. Chows make great housedogs/gaurddogs. Just be patient with teaching him and let him warm up to steveie slowly. let stevie be the one to give the dogs treats, feed, water... the dog has to associate steve as ALPHA. Anything short of that and you could have problems if the dog is scittish.

6. If you can fence in your yard that would be ideal. Money being what it is, and I get it, you may want to get a tie out for him. Either get one that screws into the framing of your house or down loe tie out that gets put deep in the ground. Keep the dog contained so he won't be at risk from this woman.

7. I do fostering for our local shelter and I can tell you right now, big dogs are having a hard time getting adopted due to cost of feeding. The economy being what it is... it's rough for these guys. So IF you can keep him... just work with him and let me know how it goes. I'd love to see him all cleaned up.

OH MUZZLE HIM until you know his temperment if you think he is really scittish.

Deanna said...

What a miserable old biddy!! Well, dearest, do you want to keep Bear? Maybe you and Stevie could put up a chain link fence enclosure on a small section of your yard with a large dog house. She can't shoot the dog or I would have HER arrested. Just make sure that he's not roaming around when you are not there. If nothing else sweetheart, call the Humane Society, that way they can find him a good home. Bless you and Stevie for removing that collar off of him. Poor baby.


Anonymous said...

Lee Laurie,

I am a Big Dog at heart and I would stay away from the rifle toting annie next door. I would be mortified for my animal. Maybe we could send the neighbor to the pound and slap the paw of the dog, give him a meal and big dog pen. They are cheaper than fences. The lady needs to contain her garbage and trash too. We have huge containers that the city started giving to all the homes a couple of years ago.
The state parks have signs "don't feed the bears" That lady is feeding your bear with her trash. He could get a jagged bone or something. That could do harm to him.
We have had our experience with talking to people, they just don't want to listen..( see my no respect post ) No use talking to them unless they come to you in peace.

Eclectic Chic Style said...

Glad you have a couple of days off girlie, enjoy!!!
Now, on to the neighbor.....UGH!!!! First of all, I would wonder if she wasn't the one who harmed your other furbabies, and I myself might just have to mention that one to her!!!(and let her know that if any harm comes to Bear, you'll inform the police of her threats) I have nooooo ideas on how to handle this miserable neighbor of yours. I'm with you on having to chain the sweetie up, because it just isn't fair, maybe a small dog run or pen is in order, I'm sure Stevie could do a wonderful job building one for you and it can be done rather inexpensively too. It doesn't have to be huge, we did it when we lived in the sticks just mainly to keep the coyotes at bay. We would let them out when we were outside to run and play and then let them back in at night or when we left, because it would have been way too expensive to fence in thirteen acres. lol!! I sincerely hope you don't have to give up your sweet Bear because of your grouchy gun-totin' neighbor. Keep us posted. ♥ Teresa

Tara said...

It sounds like you got a lot of good advice from your other comments. You could do some online research to see if it is even legal to shoot an animal that comes onto your property. I know in some states it is not. She sounds like a miserable person. She could have just asked you to keep an eye on the dog, but she had to go and bring a gun into the situation. That would have scared me too. I hope you solve this peacefully. Poor bear, he only wants a home.

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Lee Laurie: This is terrible!! I would hate to thing that this hateful woman had anything to do with the loss of your other two dogs! I would point out to her that if she were to harm one of your dogs that I was going to call and report her to the authorities, and further, if she has proof of Bear getting into her garbage to let you know what that proof is! I have a neighbor who is cranky and ordered me around for 2 years and one day I just BLEW! She hasn't bothered me anymore. I am also an animal lover and this just makes me so upset that she would behave this way.

If you want, I'll come and have a "little chat" with her. My chats are usually very effective apparently! You just say the word girlfriend...

Lou Cinda

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I've enjoyed browsing your pretty blog!

I'm sorry to hear your disturbing news about your neighbor, I think I would call the police, and the humane society. You've received a lot of good advice already, all I can offer is to get an electronic fence (don't know what they are called.) Our neighbors used one once, the dogs wear a collar that has a computer chip (?) or something that works with the fence to keep the dog from going outside the boundaries. I don't know how much it costs, maybe a monthly fee (?) It's supposed to be real safe.

Good luck, I hope Bear isn't harmed. The police should be informed for sure, you have been threatened.


Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

I don't think there would be a problem if it was kept in a fenced in area. I love my animals too, but my problem is people letting there cats out to roam. They destroy so many other little critters its not even funny. I hope you get this issue resolved because that woman sounds like she means business. What a ugly spirit in her! I'm hoping everything goes well for you and especially the sweet dog!

Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

I agree with everything A Stitch in Thyme said. And I've heard good things about electric fences.

I too think it's very suspicious that you have lost other pets and now the neighbor is threatening.

I hope you've contacted the police!