Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Getting beautiful for the blog costume party!

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date! Oh no, I hope Sares won't be too upset with me. She doesn't know me very well yet...I'm always running a little behind! Better late than never! Oh...and isn't it fashionable to be late?
Is my dress beautiful or what?! I could not find anything in the stores 'special' enough to wear to Sare's costume party, so I had my very good friend Teresa from 'Eclectic Pink Rose' to design and make one for me. She has been sewing a lot lately, making pretty aprons and outfits for herself, so I thought she would do a wonderful job for me on my costume.

That girl can sew! I gave her one of my old prom dresses (from the 1980's) and she took it apart and reassembled it and look what she created! I feel like the belle of the ball! I had to borrow these pretty little satin shoes from my other friend, Nikki from 'The Scarlet Rose Garden'. She is the queen of costumes! She is always dressing up wearing costumes from different movies, etc. Go visit her after the party and see what she wore to a 'Wizard of Oz' museum and you have to see her in her 'Titantic' dress!

This wasn't the fun part at all...but to look beautiful, sometimes you have to take a little pain! I knew that I should have been dieting a little more. This little wonder should do the trick!

I'm a little bit 'shy' to show you my undies...but I thought these bloomers were so cute...and comfy too!

I decided to wear my Aunt Jenny's beautiful earrings and diamond necklace. I promised to be very careful with them. She has had it for a very long time. Uncle Jerry bought it for her for their wedding day.

I had a choice of 3 fans to use. Which one do you think that I picked? The light pink one of course. The one in the very back! A lady has to have her fan to give the young men signals about if she wants to dance or not. (or to fan herself if she feels faint)

I had my mom do my hair. I have begged her for this hairstyle ever since I was a little girl! Finally!!! I had to wait until she graduated from beauty school !!! I've always wanted to look like the 'Sunbeam' bread girl ever since I was little! Mom went to a lot of trouble getting my hair this perfect shade of blond! My natural hair is dark brown, almost black. At first it turned a bright shade of RED! Mom really took a lot of time with me, getting it right! She says 'Never again'!! Oh mom, never say never!

Don't I look just beautiful? I'm so excited that Sares invited me to her birthday party! We are going to have so much fun! Hope she doesn't mind me being just a wee bit late!

Happy birthday Sares! You are the best!


Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

It is beautiful! I am so sorry about your step-brother. Tragedies like this are so difficult to understand. My prayers are with you.

Eclectic Chic Style said...

Girlllllll! When you look that good, it is always fashionable to be late!!!! Wow you are the belle of the ball in that totally rockin' gown!! Who knew I was so good? (wink!) You got it all goin' on (workin' neck, and snappin fingers in a Z formation) :) right from the tip top of that gorgeous blonde hairdo to the tips of those to die for shoes!!!! Woot Wooo!!! You look mahvelous dahling!!!! See you at the party, have fun and remember we have to be home by midnight. (giggle)
Big Hugs!!
♥ Teresa

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

What a beautiful dress and wonderful post!!! See you at the party ♥ :) Marsha

Stevie said... looking that good...I am off to hunt me "A Gone With the Wind" costume. Looking forward to seeing you there and maybe you will give me the signal that you would like to dance....woo-hoo!! You will definitely be the prettiest Southern Rose Belle there...and when you come to the ball late and walk in....every head will turn to see who that beautiful lady is walking in......with me.
By the way, you do "Keep Mississippi Looking Beautiful!!"

Rebecca said...

What a gorgeous dress!
You look so beautiful!
I am dressed and finally ready for the party. Please come visit!

Hugs and Blessings,

Unknown said...

Hi Lee Laurie,

I think there's a part of me that would LOVE to wear those gorgeous gowns, but with modern conviences of today.

I was so glad to see drop by my HOW TO Make Clay Roses post! If you are still interested in purchasing some ballet pink roses just email me at Do you have paypal..if so I can invoice you that way, via needing your email addy. And then leave me your address for shipping. glad to have you! Hope you give them a try..then let me know how you do!


bj said...

Oh, my word...i am about to have a hissy fit over your beautiful dress, shoes, undies, fan, is all so lovely..and let's not forget your mom's fabulous hairdo she did for you.
What a talented mother you have, my dear...
oops...someone is in trouble so I must don my SUPER GIRL suit and fly away for now. i will come back to see you soon, tho, dear Southern Rose.....*smiling and blowing kisses....

xinex said...

Oh how beautiful you are in that costume, Lee Laurie! You look like a perfect Southern belle! So nice to meet another Mississipian in Blogland!...Christine

Tara said...

Marie Antoinette, look out! She's got you nipping at her heels in all your glorinessness! Teresa did a superb job reconstructing your old prom dress, she's turning into quite the seamstress. Did she charge you a pretty penny? That hair is dee-vine and I love all the little extras. The whole thing is marvelous. I'm so glad you could make it today and I hope it helped to lift your spirits a bit during this difficult time.
Enjoy yourself hopping from costume to costume, there are some terrific ones out there!

Marina Capano said...

Hi! I love it! just beautiful! I wanna it!

Lisa said...

I just love your DRESS!! You went all out! Now i feel underdressed!
Glad to see you at the party!
Hugs, Lisa

Printersdevil said...

That is truly a special dress. You look marvelous in it. I am so glad that you decided to take this break from your family tragedy. I lost a son and know the pain. Take care of yourself and your family.

HiHo said...

fun, fun, nice seeing you at the party. Your fashionably late grand entrance was devine. Heidi

Valerie said...

I'm late making my rounds!

Your costume was beautiful for yesterday's ball and with such lovely accessories!

I would love to see Nikki's post on the costume she wore to a "Wizard of Oz" museum. We are huge fans of the "Wizard of Oz" at our house and I have a couple of differnt posts on the movie, including pics of my little one (4) sporting her own pair of ruby red slippers.

Could you send me the link to "The Scarlet Rose Garden". Thanks so much!


Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

HI Lee Laurie,

I adore your costume, you look fabulous :) and what pretty choices too! I MUST have that necklace, how stunning! I bet you were the bell of the ball :)

Have a wonderful week sweetie!

Blessings, Cynthia

Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Your dress IS indeed beautiful! Glad to lend you the shoes, any time! ;)
I adore that vintage edwardian corset!!
Gorgeous jewels, perhaps I can borrow those some time and we'll be even, lol!

Thanks so much for thinking of me Lee Laurie~ I wish I had known about the costume party. Shoot, I could've rented out all of my inventory, haha!

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

What a beautiful dress! You will look devine in it :-)

Draffin Bears said...

What a wonderful Party!
Your dress was beautiful and you looked fabulous.
That hairdo was amazing and the shoes, well everything looked great.

Have a lovely weekend


passion4pink said...

Oh WOW!! that's a really cool post!!love a giggle.I just love costumes, hope i can go to the next costume party!While you were getting yourself ready for your party I was dressing others for their party next weekend. I dressed Wonderwoman, Betty Rubble, Pirate lady and a Hippie.That's my little side job at Balloons n Stuf.It's a lot of fun.