Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Days...Again

Don't y'all just love fresh flowers? They make me happy whenever I have them in my little cottage. I try to always have them in different rooms of my house. Whenever I see them when I go into a room they make me smile. These Hydrangeas really don't match my bedroom but I liked them so much that is where they ended up. They are sitting on my dresser. This picture was taken a few days after they were picked. They were starting to wilt so I remembered to get out my camera!

These are the flowers that I had there before the Hydrangeas came in. They are beautiful roses that Hailey (Stevie's) little girl bought for me with her 'own' money...just because. They were so pretty and that was so sweet of her!

She made my day when she bought these for me. She knows how much I love to have fresh flowers...especially in my bedroom. I love to wake up and see flowers sitting on my dresser there for me.

These are some of my day lilies. I love the color of them.

These are my white 'Glads'. Its kind of hard to see them because the fence behind them is also white. I will probably cut them and put them in a vase soon to go in my bedroom. They look so elegant in white.

Another one of my lilies. She is so beautiful with the yellow center. I just love all kinds of flowers.
I just received a phone call from the lady who owns the Vendor's Market where I have a booth. They started a competition to see who could have the best looking booth. She is trying to encourage everyone to re-do their booths and keep them fresh looking. Guess what? I won!!! I'm so excited! I won a $25.00 gift certificate to spend in the store! Also they will put a picture of my booth in the newspaper. I will show pictures soon. I haven't taken any yet. I use to have it decorated in 'French Country'. I recently changed it and it is all done in 'Tropical' decor now. It was fun doing it but a little hard since I work full-time. All that work paid off! I've already picked out something to buy with my gift certificate! (I know that's hard to believe! LOL) A pretty little tea-cart made out of rattan. It is stained wood right now...until I get it home and give it a cottage white paint job! I will show y'all before and after pictures!

Have a great day!


Stevie said...

The flowers are lovely. Hailey is a sweetheart. She loves her Ms Lee.
You..."we" did good!!! I was so excited when you called and told me, you had won. I could tell you were excited too! Let me know when it is time to change it up again. I am proud of you.
Can't believe you have already found something to spend it on...ha

Deanna said...

Hi Angel!!
Bravo on winning the award! I love all of your flowers and especially the ones Hailey so thoughtfully got for you.

Hope you are doing well and that my buddy is taking care of "our" girl.

Love you to pieces,
Deanna :D

Tanza said...

Congratulations Lee Laurie..
How exciting to WIN something.. You are soo desserving, and God blesses you !! Can't wait to see what you buy !! All your flowers are soo pretty !! I LoVe to pick fresh flowers and display (smell) them.. I always add some lavender to the bunch..yummy..You're a doll !! Have a relaxing evening.. hugs ~tea~xo

blushing rose said...

Lee Laurie, congrats! on your win. May you buy what will make you happy to enjoy.

Your flowers are gorgeous ... I, too, prefer fresh flowers ... they just give that special sparkle to a room.

Glad you are feeling better now.
TTFN ~Marydon

Anonymous said...

{{{{HAILEY}}}} you beautiful child you!! I agree LL, having fresh flowers just does something for my feminine soul. They smell good, look good and just remind us every so gently how the small things in life, well, they are still the most beautiful.

I'm glad your feeling better. I'm not there yet but doc says if the meds don't start working better soon, I go up to the next level. Ewww.. bigger side effects. But, i'm holding out hope. :) and more so.. faith.

mamas*little*treasures said...

Congratulations on your booth entry win! I just discovered your sweet blog as I've been out of the loop for several months . . . and just now getting around to visiting some new blogging friends. Beautiful! I'll be back for a visit . . . nina @ mamas*little*treasures

Eclectic Chic Style said...

Your flowers are absolutely beautiful!!! I too love having fresh flowers about the house.
What a sweetie that Hailey must be, such a thoughtful loving gesture!!
and WooHoo!!! Congratulations on winning the best decorated booth!!! That is totally awesome, yay you!!
Love the music with the post, made me smile this evening. Hope yours is lovely!
♥ Teresa

Lisa @ On Cloud Pink said...

Congratulations Lee on your booth! Adding flowers to the home decor always give it that elegant, beautiful touch. Hailey is such a sweetie to add to it too.

Do take care and know your blog friends are thinking of you.


Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

What a lovely blog you have. And your family is beautiful too. Thanks for visiting Blackberry Creek. Please do come again.

Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

I do love fresh flowers! I have two beautiful bouquets right now given to me by my preschoolers. I smile every time I see them!