Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jason's first birthday party

My grandson Jason celebrated his 1st birthday this past Sunday. Doesn't he look precious! It is hard to believe that it has been a year already!

"Please get rid of this hat! I don't like hats! Not even birthday hats!"

"Fun! , Toys!" Jason loved all of his new toys.

Christy and Jason opening up his presents.

It was such a pretty day outside for the party. My friend Stevie borrowed a huge tent from the bank that he works at and they put it up the day before. Christy and Phillip set up tables and chairs and I brought a lot of white flat sheets to use for tablecloths. It turned out nice.

Jason with his "Grandmother" and his "Nanny". He has other grandparents too but this is the only picture that I took. I wasn't feeling too well so I forgot about the camera. I didn't even get one of me and him. I was still getting over the allergic reaction that I had from my medicine.

Hailey and Garrett in the pool. They had a blast! Hailey took off her boot (for her broken leg) and got right in. She has been wearing it for months now. She gets to take it off sometimes. She goes to physical therapy a couple of times a week.

Jason and his little water mat that he got for his big day. At first he didn't know what to think! He was so funny! He loves it!

He liked 'picking' the grass too. Watch out Christy for your flowers!
Christy was a little nervous about his first birthday party. Her step daughter, Lauren had gotten sick the night before with a stomach virus. Christy called everyone the morning of the party and told them about it. She decided to go ahead with his party minus Lauren...she stayed in her room away from everyone. Christy told everyone that she would understand if they decided not to come. We decided to go anyway...I couldn't miss his first birthday! Anyway, the next day, Stevie got so sick! I feel so bad for him. Poor thing...hopefully he will feel better tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by to see my grandson's first birthday pictures!


Anonymous said...

Happy B-day Jason!! Thanks for sharing it with us LL!! I hope your are feeling well today friend!

Eclectic Chic Style said...

What adorable pictures, he is a cutie pie!!! (I bet you don't spoil him rotten at all!) wink! It looks like he had an amazing fun first birthday party!! Happy B-day to Jason....and get well wishes for Stevie (what a trooper), Lauren and hopefully you won't come down with it, hope you're feeling better too from your allergic reaction!!
♥ Teresa

Melissa/Piney Rose said...

Children do grow up so fast. It seems like such a short while that my 21-year-old daughter had her first birthday.

Chiki Cottage said...

Ahhh. He is just adorable! What a doll! Happy Birthday little boy! Wish me son could have gone, he loves those water mats....
Thanks for sharing.

Laurie said...

Happy Birthday to little Jason !
It looks like everyone had a great time !
I do hope you are feeling better today.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Sweetie,
Oh the party for little Jason looks like all had a wonderful time. Happy Birthday to him. I so hope you are feeling better.

Hugs, Celestina Marie