Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thrifting Thursday...

Hey Y'all! Hope you are all having a great day today! I am feeling so much better today. I woke up this morning early and realized that I wasn't hurting anywhere! That is very unusual for me. My new medicine for my Fibromyalgia is really helping me. My doctor figured it out and it was the new heart medicine that must have caused the reaction. I am going to attempt to join in on a fellow blogger's "Thrift Store Thursdays" post. She is a very sweet lady and her blog is called 'The Southern Housewife'. I found her blog, by blog -surfing one day and I saved her to my favorites. I'm going to try and use 'Mr. Linky' for the first time to link back to her post. I hope that I can figure it out. I'm still learning all of these 'bloggy things'.

Yesterday was my day off from work this week and my son Cole and I spent the day together. We went thrifting! He actually had a good time. He helped me a lot by carrying my 'goodies' to the car for me. He also had to go back to one of the thrift stores for me to pick up an old vintage baby bed that I purchased. It is so pretty to me. I will post about it at a later date. Just look at these slip covers that I bought! The lady gave me a great deal on them. They are brand new, still in the packages. "Simply Shabby Chic". I love them. But you know what? I don't even use blue in my house! My tastes have started to change a little bit lately. I'm starting to like 'blue'. I honestly think that it is all Cindy's fault at "My Romantic Home". lol I love her beautiful home. These blue roses are just gorgeous to me.

Just look at this beauty! It is a pink queen size duvet cover with white battenburg lace. I figured that it would be too expensive for me...I looked at the tag and had to look at it twice! I couldn't believe that it was only $21.95. I grabbed it quick!

I just love it!

Can you believe this? I've never priced one before but I felt like I was getting a great bargain! Anyway, I'm happy with it...and it is PINK!

These are a few other little goodies that I found! I have been really needing this teacup holder and I really love the little tin planter. The metal votive holders are cute...I have a couple of them already, but one can never have too many candle holders.

I don't know what the large acrylic rose is for. I just thought that it was so pretty and I love roses! I am a Southern Rose, ya know. The little pot of roses is sweet and was just $1.00 and the bell was too. It has a rose on it and says "Love is always in bloom". You might have to click on these pictures to be able to really see them well.

I thought this was a great bargain too for $4.00! Of course I don't care for the silver. I will be painting it cottage white or ivory soon. I just love spray paint!

These were some of my favorite finds! The pink vase with the flowers was only $2.00 and if says 'Lefton' on the bottom. The little bunnies were $1.00 each and the teacup wall pocket was $3.00. I think it is a vintage piece just like the vase. The little planter was $1.00. I love the little girl holding her dolly. She is made out of clay. She was $3.00.

I bought the white cake plate and the fruit bowl where I work . They were in the clearance section for only $6.00 for the set.

This is my green and pink dining room. I know, I still have my pink Christmas tree up! I decorated it for Valentine's Day. I guess that I should probably put it up for now. At least, I should put up my pink Santa. LOL

The pink roses on my table are made of wood. I love them. My friend Stevie got them for me for Valentines day. Wasn't that sweet?

He also bought me the black hutch for Christmas year before last. I decided to use the bottom of my old dresser out of my bedroom to put under it. It was 'cherry' colored until I primed it with white primer. I am going to paint it 'Heirloom Lace' which is a pretty creamy ivory. I keep my table linens in the drawers. Stevie painted the ceiling for me after he put up bead board. It originally had ugly square commercial looking ceiling tiles. He painted it with a golden pearl color. I wanted it to look like a tin ceiling. He also put up the rose molding for me. I still have to paint the trim and the base boards.

The walls were dark wood paneling and I covered them with wallpaper that you can paint. It has an orange peel texture to it. I like it a lot better. I like to do a little bit everyday to my little cottage.
Thank y'all for looking at all of my pictures of all of the goodies that I found. I love to go thrifting!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear LL, I do hope you will be feeling better soon. I had so hoped you would find some calming days. At least you and your son had fund thrifting. I love finding good bargains. I once had the ashwell blue in my home too. I am not a blue person at all and it didn't last. Just like yours too. The british rose. You'll have to take pics as you decorate.

Hugs and feel better.

Stevie said...

You are a Professional Thrifter. You have done wonders with the your cottage. The way you can vision different colors and can are good.
May I tell the rest of the story about your hutch? We were in Columbia one day...thrifting of course....and she saw this "hutch". She fell in love with it. It was a good buy, just had to have it and then she talked herself out of it. Well, on the way home, she kept thinking about it and thinking she should have gotten she decided she had to have it. She wouldn't have another day until next week. So, Saturday morning, my son Tyler, my daughter Hailey and myself loaded up to go to Columbia, secretively, Lee not knowing. She was at work so it was pretty easy. Just didn't know how to account for roughly 3 hours...we did get back in time to take her to lunch. We purchased the hutch and was getting gas and Lee calls....her first question, "where are you?" I said, "Getting gas....". "Oh ok". I thought whew got past that one. We took the huthc to my moms and stored in one of the 4 buildings they have in their backyard. So, the next week, Lee has a day off and she wants to go to Columbia....ok we drove all the way to Columbia to purchase "her' hutch. Well, duh, I knew it was gone. I beat Lee to the ladies booth and told the lady very quickly that I had bought it for Lee and it was a surprise for her Christmas present. The lady played along wonderfully. Lee was really down, so we had to do some serious thrifting and eat at the Round Table. Yum, Yum....good down home Southern cooking, it will make you hurt yourself. We had fun...well, I had more fun then she did, that day...her spirits were a little low...and I was doing cartwheels inside....knowing that I had done good. At Christmas at my mom's house, I had made Lee a little game to play. I gave her a present with a question in itand when she figured out the answer there was question in that place. Example, I get hot when you use me? The clothes dryer. Taped to the dryer would be another question. Lee was really getting into by the 3rd question, along with the rest of the family. I will always remember the look on her pretty face when she unlocked the storage shed door and pulled back the cover and saw her beautiful hutch!! Now that was Priceless!! I will never forget it.
I always try to listen and pay close attention when we are shopping to things she likes. Like the wooden roses she commented about.
I want you to know, Lee, and feel how special you are.

nikkicrumpet said...

I love the wall color in your dining room. And you got some GREAT bargains...the pink duvet is gorgeous!

blushing rose said...

My sil gave me wooden roses ... they are so cool! Lee Laurie some of those items you got 'for a song' are pretty pricey ... what bargains you found. Great shopping ...

TY for the lovely note, I am so glad that you are doing better & have adjusted your medical needs.

Blue is making a big comeback again. I do not use anything but pink & green in our main living quarters & master chamber BUT I do use blues in the other bedrooms .. that is where I can accept that color.

Please take care & do stay in touch. I've enjoyed our visits.
TTFN ~ Marydon

Tanza said...

Hi Lee,
Gosh, first of all, Stevie is precious.. Now that's a keeper.. What a good,loving hearted man !! That made me keep saying aahh.. Very sweet !! okay, now to your finds WOW !! you hit the jackpot..LoVe days like this.. finding soo much, that you can't live without..And then to have a handsome sweet son there to help carry the treasures.. Even better !! Gotta LoVe the boys !! hahaha.. I have to tell you, I've been going to Targets and buying up all the pink bedsheets and curtains, soo I can make valances and table cloths with them.. They were all so cheap, and being discontinued.. Can't wait to see what you do with yours !! Thanks for sharing, and to Stevie, thanks for the sweet surprise story !! hugs and love ~tea~xo

Deanna said...

Hi my Precious Rose!
Oh girl, you made out like a bandit! You found some wonderful goodies and I'm happy to read that your Cole was with you.

I'm glad that you are feeling good today Lee. May the Lord bless you with more "good" days and give your little body a rest.

Giant hugs,
Deanna :D

Laurie said...

Dear Lee Laurie,
I am so happy you are feeling better.
It's funny that you talk of how your taste are changing and that you are starting to love blue. Come visit my blog, I have been feeling "blue" lately too !!
You found some wonderful treasures !
Hope you have a lovely weekend !

Tanza said...

Lee Laurie,
Ooohh that pink toilet..adorable.. I say put it in the garden, over flowing with fowers and vines.. You would LoVe this !! I see it here all the time..I saw one, that had a painted sign, that read, "a sittin'spot"..Isn't that soo funny.. What a pink find.. Thanks for sharing with mee.. It put a smile on my face, as I'm out the door to work a bit .. Hugs and wishing you a wonderful week-end.. ~tea~xo

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Lee Laurie,
I am thrilled to hear you are feeling better. What fun you had with your son thrifting. I want to go where you shop. What great finds for so little money. The duvet is gorgeous. I do love the blue, had it for so long, took it away and then added it back in our family room library. I just added it to my tuscan kitchen too. It is a nice accent color and does look so pretty with pink too.

The 3 tier stand is an awesome piece too. I see it white like you plan. I love the work memories above your hutch. Nice touch. Keep the santa out. I have always heard it said, that a santa left out year round can be good luck. I am not superstitious, but what can it hurt!!
I pray you stay feeling good sweetie.
Have a great weekend.
hugs, Celestina Marie

Eclectic Chic Style said...

Okay Lee, I was going to post a comment and tell you how wonderful all of your finds were, I love the silver dessert tray and ALL of your goodies, and THEN I was going to tell you how lovely your dining room is, and I think you should just leave the adorable pink tree up, AND then I read Stevie's comment on my way down to the little box to leave MY comment, and now I'm just speechless and have goosebumps!!! What a sweetie, and a sneaky one. ;) Have a wonderful weekend, and I hope you continue to feel really good!!!
♥ Teresa

Jil~Say It With Roses said...

I hope you will keep having good days, more and more. I know how hard it is to live with pain.
You and your son found so many amazing finds. It is so rewarding to find treasures and we are in a place where there are few to find. lol! Most of what I see should be put in the dumpster and laid to rest!!
We are planning a little trip to another part of the state to go "junking."

Anonymous said...

What wonderful finds you have!! I love the blue roses although pink is more for me.... Blue will do!!
I too have Fibromyalgia, didn't realize you have it too. Isn't pleasant at all.... :((
In answer to your question about the Ginger Bread Trim on our Cottage... I drew it & Hubby cut it out with a jigsaw the I painted it & he installed it. It goes all arount the top of our house & the windows have headers to match!!
Great Post!!

Melissa/Piney Rose said...

Oh my heavens, I love all your finds! You and I have the same taste. And I have been eyeing Cindy's blue decor as well and wondering where I could use it - I'm thinking of redoing my daughter's old bedroom now that she's gone (sniff, sniff) and perhaps use ivory and blue with a little bit of tan accent pieces. What wonderful prices, too. The silver tiered tray I would have snatched up as well, and sprayed it white/cream! Don't you love Cindy's that she has filled with shells, and other bits of nature?
I loved my visit with you today. BTW, your package should be arriving, perhaps today or Mon.

The Muse said...

Hi beautiful! sure have reaped in the goodness of thrift ! And I am so happy...but more so for those lines that tell us...
You are feeling FINE :)
Hurrah ! xo
Be most blessed!

A Joyful Chaos said...

I found your blog while bloghopping. I am so glad I did! It is lovely. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful finds with us.

Rebecca Nelson said...

Lee...when Romantic HOmes Magazine came out and did their photoshoot of my home they photographed my girl's bedroom. It was done in the SAME BLUE ROSES you found. It was gorgeous...the same shot was used in their Bed and Bath Magazine from last year. Did you see it? I'll look for the pics and send you a copy....send me your email address...I can't find it! :(

I agree with Stevie. YOu are a PROFESSIONAL THRIFTER! :) I love that! What a guy! Quite honestly...he reminds me of my guy. A true jewel...lovely when we first me, lovely when we were dating and lovely now. Some things never change.

You go send that email address, K?

Love to you...FABULOUS HTF Finds! WOWZERS!