Friday, June 26, 2009

Sharing special times together...

The other morning, Garrett wanted to go out in the backyard to pick blueberries before I had to go into work. It was so hot outside even though it was early in the morning. When we came back inside Garrett decided that he wanted us to bake some blueberry muffins. I kind-of cheated a little bit, I had this blueberry cheesecake mix in the pantry that we used. LOL Garrett helped to rinse the berries and I let him do the stirring of the mix and then he added some berries. We used the colander that my granny gave me when I was 16 years old. I remember when she gave it to me for my 'hope chest'.

My sister gave me this Pampered Chef muffin pan for Christmas. I didn't spray it with cooking spray because I thought that she told me not to. I was a little concerned about them sticking to the pan and I said that to Garrett. His words were, "That's okay if they get stuck MaMa. I can just get a fork and dig 'em out." I laughed...he was serious.

The turned out so delicious and they didn't even stick! He was so proud of himself. You can see it in his little face. I'm so glad that school is out and we are able to have these special times together.


Stella said...

We love fresh blueberries at our house too. We make blueberry pancakes for the grandchildren and then they pick some to take home. Aren't grandchildren wonderful.

Tara said...

Yum! I haven't had blueberry muffins for a while. I think it's great when young boys start off with a love of being in the kitchen. Hopefully it will carry them through to adulthood. I could never understand why, if cooking was considered woman's work for so many years, why it was only MEN that were allowed to be top chefs in restaurants and women were considered inferior THERE.
Talk about a superiority complex!

Eclectic Chic Style said...

Well number one, I am so jealous that you have blueberries right there for the pickin'! :) What an amazing fun morning for you two. He's such a cutie, I just love his smile. He is really proud of those muffins and he should be, they look YUMMY! Your post just made me smile this morning, your hope that is surely something from the past isn't it? I had a hope chest, all my friends had hope chests,every girl growing up in the south and their Mama's had hope chests, WHY WHY WHY in the world haven't I started hope chests for my girlies??? I should really do that. (They'd think I was out of my mind, but I'm going to do it anyway) Thank you Lee!!! Big Hugs! ♥ Teresa

Marie said...

So glad the muffins turned out good. Love your son's smile. I remember the summers with my children--now they are grown and gone. You will have these wonderful memories to enjoy in later years.
marie's home and hobbies

Simply Debbie said...

Your blog photo in your hat is so very pretty.
I have been reading some of your past posts and I am just sending you many hugs.
I do not have words to say about the fire except I have a listening ear.
I love that you have blueberries in your back yard....I am anxious to see more pictures of your cottage.
I joined your blog as a follower.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Lauri, Your little guy is adorable and what a beautiful smile he has. What a special moment in time you both enjoyed. It doesn't get better then this. The muffins look so yummy and you can see how proud he is and how successful he feels after helping to make the muffins.

I too have my grandma's old colander and it is the very same one you have. I also have one waiting to be painting pink with roses for a shabby accent. Hope you are feeling well and enjoying the weekend.

Thank you for stopping by sweetie. Always great to see you.
Blessings and hugs,
Celestina Marie

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

What a cutie patootie he is! And those muffins looks sooooo yummy. I think I'll have to try that mix.


Mo..."Mo's Cottage" said...

Your post sure brought back some wonderful son loved to bake when he was at home....I would be doing something around the house and then I would smell this wonderful smell...and I knew he was baking something wonderful...he has a home of his own now and he now loves to B-B-Q...and he is a great chef.....tell you son he gave me a wonderful memory!!!!!
Hugs :-)