Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Meaningful things...

Do you ever think about the time before emails, texts, and instant messages? I was dusting my secretary the other day, it was so dusty...and I started thinking about when was the last time that I actually sat down and wrote a letter to anyone. Well, I realized it has been a while. Now I do everything on the computer. It's hard to believe sometimes. I use to have a 'button phobia' as I call it. I felt intimidated by any kind of button technology. LOL I finally bought me an I-phone a few weeks ago when the price dropped. I never would have thought that I would want one of those. I love it. I was at my dad's house the other day and I showed him my blog using my I-phone. He was shocked that I was over my 'button-phobia'. Well...getting back to the subject, I want to start writing letters again. I miss doing that. It just seems so much more personal. And I love pretty stationary! Especially with roses!

This is my little writing area. I have so many things in my secretary that my kids have given me throughout the years. Garrett was in there while I was cleaning and dusting and he would ask me who gave me what. He was so cute. I told him that Christy had given me the little Fenton green candle holder this past Mother's Day and the ceramic book with the rose on it for Mother's Day years ago.

He wanted to know what Cole had given me. I told him that Cole had given me the little fat pig on top with the roses on it. It still has the pennies in it that he had put in it when he was a little boy. Then Garrett wanted to know if he had given me the rose lamp or the rose heart box. I told him 'no', that they were bought way before he was even born. I kept looking and I realized that there wasn't anything on there that he had gotten for me. Of course he realized it too. He said "Mommy, I haven't been able to do much shopping yet...I'm too young. I'm only 8 years old". He almost made me cry. He touched my heart when he said that because I know that he was speaking from his heart.(He calls me Mommy when its just me and him) Now he wants to go shopping today and 'buy' me something special to put on my secretary. That is what we are going to do today. Spend it together. We have to get groceries, pay bills, and throw a little thrifting in too. I'm sure he will find me something! LOL He is so sweet and tender-hearted.

I think first, I will sit down and write my friend a letter. She is the first blogging friend that I ever met. She is also from Mississippi and her name is Laurie just like me. She did a post one day about writing letters too, and I meant to write to her then but I didn't get a chance to. Garrett even made kool-aid for us to drink so I poured a little in my rose glass. I took a sip and WOW....he forgot to add sugar! I asked him how much he put and he said a whole pack. He meant a whole pack of kool-aid. LOL Aren't kids precious!
Well...let me get to writing so that we can get it to the post office in time. We have a big day in front of us and we are going to have fun!


blushing rose said...

What a beautiful feminine writing area, Lee Laurie ... so delicate & pretty. How darling the wee ones are asking a ba-zillion 'why, how come, what's' ... I bet you spoil rotten the wee one ...

Enjoy your time together ... have a lovely day. TTFN ~Marydon

Stevie said...

You are definitely over your "button phobia". We have gotten away from the writing of small notes and letters to one another...text or email.
At least, Garrett was trying. He said that Hailey taught him how to make Kool-aid, then you and me. I guess we forgot to show him one step in the directions...ha. Actually, Hailey showed him how from the Kool-aid that already has the sugar mixed in it.
Ya'll have a good afternoon....are you fixin sumpin good for dinner...maybe some more of dem tators like your Granny use to fix...yummy! For those of you that don't know, "fixin" is a Southern word, used with almost anything, fixin to go to town, fixin to go to bed, fixin to kiss ya, fixin to eat...it goes on and on.
Fixin to hug ya,

Lisa @ On Cloud Pink said...


You have a beautiful writing nook/desk. It's so lovely. I miss writing too. In fact, just last night I looked inside my journal and noticed I haven't written in it since last year. I should try to spend some time writing in it before I forget to write.

I do love it when you have those special moments with your children. It puts tears in my eyes. Enjoy every moment.

In the meantime, take care & God bless.


Tanza said...

Hi Lee,
Hoping your day was a wonderful one, and your lil' Mister found something for his Momma.. How sweet is he ?! Your writing desk is soo pretty, and yes, you have a load of stationery.. You best get busy.. Nothing better than a sweet hand written note to someone special.. Have a restful evening..
hugs ~tea~xo

Eclectic Chic Style said...

I love love love pretty stationary too, and never never never write anymore. A looooong time ago, my high school sweetheart and I had a long distance relationship for awhile and I would write probably five or six letters a day to him everyday on the prettiest paper I could find and then I would spray my usual perfume on them. Do you know he kept those until way after we divorced? funny.
I love your secretary filled with all the pretties, and you got me all misty eyed too over your story about you baby not having anything in there from you. ;)
and I just have to say to Stevie that I have caught more grief over saying I was fixin to do something than any other thing that I say!! LOL!!! It's just a staple in my vocabulary, fixin to eat, fixin to go to the store!!! LOL!!! I love visiting you Lee, I feel like we're neighbors or friends that go "way back". ;)
Hope you have a sweet evening....I'm fixin to go check on dinner.
♥ Teresa

Tara said...

I used to love getting letters. I still love getting the mail everyday, hoping for something fun! Even if it's just a catalog. How sweet that your little one wants to add to the collection in your secretary, I'm sure he wants to feel included and do something special for his Mommy. About the Kool-Aid, I remember well how that tastes w/o sugar-YUCK! Poor kid, at least he'll learn early how to prepare it for next time!