Monday, June 1, 2009

Baby Chases's 8th birthday party...

My sweet little nephew Chase at his 8th birthday party this past Saturday. This is Chase and his friend Trae. Chase is the one looking straight at me. They celebrated their birthday party together. It is hard to believe that my sister and I both have 8 years olds. (They are 3 weeks apart.)

I guess that it is the age thing...Chase was a little shy when his friends sang to him too.

This was the Big Kahunna slide that they had at the party! The kids had a blast on it! After most of the little kids left, the bigger kids...the teenagers had to have a little fun. Whitney, her boyfriend, Jason, and her friend had a ball!

They really didn't want their picture taken! I guess you can tell.

Garrett going down the slide. It looked like so much fun that even I was tempted to do it! LOL Maybe next time! Garrett was so sweet that he even brought me a plate full of chips! I said "no thank you" and told him to eat them! I'm still doing the diet thing!

Isn't he a sweet little man?

Me and Cole. He sang a couple of songs to everyone there. He loves doing that!

Close up of us. My face and lips were still swollen from the allergic reaction that I had from my medicine.

My sister opening her 'Mother's Day' gift from me. We are always late with each others gifts. Whenever we have a get together, we try to do it all at once! LOL

I gave her salt and pepper shakers and a utensil holder to match the dishes that I gave her a few months ago. She loved them. They look so good in her house.

Mom opening up her 'Mother's Day' from me. Doesn't she look so cute ? I bought her the Biography dvd of Betty Boop and some Betty Boop p.j.s. She loves Betty Boop!

"Oh no! Lee Laurie is going to put me on her blog...I just know it...and me with no make -up on!" LOL

"Please, Lee, that's enough pictures!"

"Okay Mom....I'll stop for now." lol We had a lot of fun getting together. It went by way too fast. I will show pictures of my grand baby's party next time. It was the very next day!

Have a great day!

Happy birthday Chase and I love you, mama.


blushing rose said...

What a fun day you all had. You & sister sure look alike. Is the allergic reaction getting better? Cole & you look so warm & wonderful together. TTFN ~ Marydon

Eclectic Chic Style said...

Lee, it looks like you had a wonderful day!! I love the pics of your Mom, how cute is that??? Great looking kids, every single one of them!!! What a blessing that you could all get together. And you really should have went down the slide. lol!! I did it at the daycare once when my girlies were little, (in a skirt) after work!!! LOL!!!
Hugs & hearts; Teresa

Tanza said...

Hello Lee,
Ooohhh what fun you all had.. I think, I just think.. I would have gone down that BIG slide.. We also always give all our gifts on each get together.. It's fun that way, cuz everyone gets a surprise !! Have a good evening Lee Laurie..
xxoo hugs ~tea~

Donna Lynn said...

OK Girl! You do not look old enough to have kids that old, and your a grandma too??? When did you have your kids when you were 9? Seriously, you look amazing, can you tell me your secrets????HELP...
Donna Lynn

Unknown said...

What a sweet post Lee! I just loved seeing these sweet pictures! That looks like such a fun place! My boys would FREAK!!!! :)
Have a beautiful week!

The Muse said...

A resounding Congrats to the birthday boys! Gosh, what a party...I LOVE that slide! LOL

And your mom loves BB...? LOL...that is too cute!

Melissa/Piney Rose said...

You are so funny! Reading your post, I feel as if I'm seem like a wonderful mom.

Cindy said...

Those must be the dishes you were talking about! Yes, I think matching placemats would be great! Very nice!