Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Snow,driftwood and holly

I'm trying to get some holiday decorating done today. I am so far behind and I am trying not to stress about it. I want the holidays to be peaceful and stress free this they should be. These pictures were taken at mom's house a few years ago after the snow had melted. I went through my old photos on my computer and tried to find some that I haven't posted about before and these are the ones that I chose.

I love her holly bushes. They look so 'vintagy' to me.

I love the melted snow on this old piece of driftwood. I love the old barbed wire on the top of it too. Mom lives in Kentwood, La. A small town full of dairy farmers and real cowboys. That's what we call them.

Mom usually decorates a big old cedar tree outside too for Christmas and the kids love it. I will have to get pictures of that to post.
I have so much to do today. Today is my day off and I have to do as much as I can. My little boy wants to help me set up our Christmas village when he gets home from school. He loves doing that!
We watched the sweetest Christmas movie the other night. It was called 'A Dog Named Christmas'. It was on the Hallmark Channel. Now he wants me to buy it for him. He loves Christmas movies as much as I do.
I also posted on my Christmas blog today too. 'Christmas with a southern rose'. You can click on it on my side bar if you would like to go there for a visit.
Have a great day!


Abatevintage said...

Oh have fun sitting up the village it is truly a wonderful feeling looking into all the amazing little villages as a child wishing you were small enough to visit the people who live inside.

Have a great afternoon.

.•:*¨¨*:•.Blessings*¨2 U 4¨**¨¨*the holidays .•:*¨¨*:•.


Tara said...

I've been aching for some snow for the last few weeks! WE had a tremendous amount last year, which was unusual. So I'm guessing this year there won't be much, drat!

Tanza said...

Soo pretty and sweet Christmas pictures from you .. The memories are the wonderful part .. Hope you are doing well, and enjoying the season so far !! You have everything done up so pretty !! Enjoy each day ~
hugs ~tea~xo

Donna said...

Lee Laurie,
Thanks for the sweet comment on my little angel. I really appreciated it.
I have heard several people say they want to take Christmas slow and easy this year. Us, too. I think that's what we ALL need to do.

Blue Creek Home said...

Those photos look like vintage postcards. They are gorgeous.


The imPerfect Housewife said...

Hi there! Today is my day off so I'm trying to get a lot finished too. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I have that Hallmark movie on my DVR so I can't wait to watch it - I heard it was really cute!! OK, off to check out your other blog ~ ♥

Stevie said...

It would be so nice to have a peaceful, non-stressful Christmas....and it can be. We need to remember how blessed we are. Enjoy the time we have to spend with our families.
After the parade Saturday morning, we will come over and help with the outside lights and decorating inside. We can listen to Christmas music and drink hot is suppose to be cold outside....