Monday, December 7, 2009

A new cottage home...

Today is 'Show off your cottage Monday' at 'The house in the roses' with Cielo. It is where you show off different areas in your home or someone elses and what you love about it. Since I can't load any pictures right now because of my computer problems, I will be showing some pictures of a home that we looked at a couple of weeks ago that is for sale.

This is the master bathroom. I love the serene. I love the 'bowl' sinks. There is one on each side of the bathtub. The faucet is so neat too.

Beautiful leaded glass window above the tub. This picture didn't show it up too good. There is the other sink on the other side. 'His and hers'.

Master bedroom. Very pretty. Doorway going into the bathroom.

This is going inside the home, standing in the foyer looking into the den. They had Christmas decorations out to make it all look so homey. I love the color green that they chose for the walls. The space above the mantle is for a flat screen t.v.

I love the bookshelves around the fireplace. (Gas logs) I kept thinking...where would the Christmas tree go? I do that every time I look at an empty house. Wonder why?

This one turned out dark. The sun was shining in through the windows.

Looking through the den into the foyer. That's where the Christmas tree could go! In the foyer...

Looking from the den into the kitchen and dining area. It is an 'open' floor plan. The color of the kitchen is called 'Paprika'. I love all of the large molding on the ceiling that separates the different areas.

Font sizeThe long island has open cabinets on each end for dishes. I would love that.

The kitchen has tons of cabinets and a pantry that is huge. Look at that refrigerator. Wow!

One thing that I love about the kitchen is that I could be in there cooking and still be with my family while they are in the den watching t.v. or playing games, etc. I love an open floor plan. I would change up the 'paprika' paint though. It wouldn't go with my things. I would choose a soft yellow for the kitchen with white cabinets. That would be a lot of cabinets to paint! I would leave the green in the den and foyer. It is a beautiful color. I could just see my kids playing board games at this little bar while I'm baking cookies or making popcorn.

Plenty of space for everything.

It has a flat surface stove top and a microwave above it and the oven is in the wall.

I love the 'bin' handles on the drawers. It has huge drawers to store all of your pots and pans.

Plenty of windows in the eating area.

Wasn't this home pretty? I wish that I would have taken pictures of the outside. It looks like a cottage...sage green with white shutters. Can you believe that this is a mobile home? They sure don't make them like they use to.
Hope y'all enjoyed the 'cottage' tour.
Have a great Monday and don't forget to go to 'The House in The Roses' to see all of the other participants.


Bunny Rose Cottage said...

What a beautiful house Lee! You would never know it is manufactured! Are you going to buy it??? :):) It would make a nice Christmas gift, lol!!

Sares said...

It's gorgeous. The new manufactured homes are beautiful, sometimes it's fun to just wander through them, although I'm sure the salespeople are less then thrilled! I hope you get your computer sorted out soon, it must be frustrating for you. Have a marvelous Monday!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

That home is lovely! I also look to see where a Christmas tree could go when house hunting!

Mary said...

Oh, my, I'm green envy over that kitchen! It would be so nice to have a place for would take a kitchen that large to store all my pots, pans, dishes, etc. The floor plan looks very similar to an area in a neighborhooring city...we looked at it and thought alot about moving, but the new payments put a stop to that!

Thanks for sharing these great photos...good luck with your computer gliche!


Piney Rose said...

Such a lovely home - thank's for sharing these pics!

Melissa Miller said...

~WOW! That is one gorgeous home Lee Laurie. Thank you for sharing the photos.

Enjoy this joyous season! ~Melissa :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful house!! Now that's what I call a refrigerator!!! It's huge!

June said...

This is a gorgeous Manufactured Home. I love the floor plan and I really love that den/familyroom. The kitchen has wonderful space too.
Thank you for your lovely visit. Always a gift!

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

That's a beautiful house! I think that bathroom is bigger than my bedroom!


Charlene said...

Love the bathroom & kitchen in this post. Have a great week.