Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some favorite photos...

I just wanted to post a few of my favorite pictures.
This is me and Christy at her wedding. I love this picture.

Me and Garrett in his nursery. Wasn't he a doll?

Cole, me and Stevie. I like this picture.

Mom, me and Garrett. He was asleep in my arms.

Me and Melinda. I love this picture.
They will be with me today at the hospital except for Garrett and Cole. My daddy and Aunt Jenny and Christy's husband will be there too. My brother called me last night and he is even coming. That is so sweet. He told me he loved me three times on the phone. We hardly ever see or talk to each other. We plan on changing that soon.
I'm a little bit nervous but not as much as I was. I know that God will be watching over me. I love the song that I have playing with this post. The words are perfect.


Anonymous said...

Lee, You will be in my prayers throughout the day. Have Steve or someone get on and let us know how you are doing. God's healing blessings on your friend.

Tanza said...

Hi Lee,
Just want you to know you're lifted in prayer this very day.. Hoping you're feeling like your old self again real soon.. God is good, and you are HIS !! How awesome to be assured of HIS love and grace on your life.. Feel better soon.. Love and hugs for you, ~tea~xo

Miss Rhea said...

Cant wait till you are home in your own little bed !! I am sure you are laying there in the recovery room right now, waiting for the incision to fully clot. Boy, wouldn't it be nice if they put TV's on the ceilings ? lol !!! Praying for you and I know you got through this with flying colors :) Hugs to you !!!!! :) Let us know when you are able to, how you are feeling :) You are Brand new again !!! :)

bec4 said...

Lee Laurie, my prayers are with you. May you feel good as new soon sweet lady!

Tanza said...

Sweet Lee,
Thanks for the update.. So happy to hear your home and in bed sweet friend.. No better place to be.. I'll wait for your post.. It's Beau Bridges..Are you familiar with him ?! hugs to you ~tea~xo

Deanna said...

You've Been Tagged! Visit my blog to get a copy of the questions.

I love this post Lee.
You are one beautiful Birthday Girl! I love you to pieces!!

Deanna :D

Piney Rose said...

Stopping by your blog - enjoyed my visit. Lovely site. My prayers are with you - I pray that you are feeling at the top of your game after the docs fix you.- melissa in tn

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

You are in my prayers Lee Laurie!! I am so glad you have such a beautiful, supportive family! I just loved seeing all these pictures. What a wonderful family you have!

Stevie said...

I am so happy that we got good news from your test yesterday. I know it had us worried. It is in God's hands and what wonderful strong hands he has. We are very blessed to have many careing people in our lives.....I know your name was lifted in prayer. This morning, when I told Tim, he said, "That's awesome....thank God". I believe that sometimes we forget to "Thank God". I heard one time that God has 3 answers for our prayers....first one is "Yes"...second is "Not now"....or third is "I have something better in mind for you".
Love you,

blushing rose said...

May the good Lord bless & keep you. I pray you will be successful with your procedure. He will hold you up & bless you with healing. Been there so I know just what you are going thru. TTFN (Thank Thy Father Now) ~ Marydon

MEME'S PLACE said...

Im so glad everthing went good yesterday. I didnt come to your house because I knew you were going to be tired, and I had so much to do. I havent even packed yet and we are leaving in the morning. I will call you tonite r in the morning. I talked to Stevie this morning and he said you were doing good. I will talk to you soon. oh yeah, I went to see mawmaw . Im glad I did. It made her day, and made me feel better too. melinda


Oh Lee Laurie, I am glad that they found out what was wrong before anything bad happened, I am so sorry it must be scarey. I will keep you in my prayers, my husband had a stent put in when he was 38, he is doing fine now, that was 6 yrs ago. My thoughts are with you and my prayers!