Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Going on a field trip with Garrett

I've been MIA the last few days. I've been so busy with 'everyday life' that I have only been able to look at a few 'blogging buddy' blogs and that wasn't until this morning. I tried to catch up on everyone...it is amazing how much you can miss when you don't check in with your favorites! Everyone has been so busy and creative lately! Tomorrow, I am going on a field trip with my little boy's second grade class. He is so excited. We are going to an Insect Museum! Fun, fun, fun! I really don't like bugs! We will take tons of pictures! He has his own little camera! I wanted to show a few of my favorite pictures of Garrett. This first one was taken of us when he was 3 years old. He is so handsome!

He was around 18 months old here in the back of the truck. I loved him wearing overalls. He doesn't like to wear them now that he is a big boy!

He was around 2 years old in this one. He was in the kitchen with me and he wanted to help me cook. He still likes to do that.

Garrett, this past Christmas. He has grown so much! He will be 8 years old next month. It's hard to believe! Time has flown by so fast! He is my sweet little man.

We are going to have so much fun tomorrow! He wants me to ride the bus with him and his classmates. I can't wait! lol I go back to the doctor for my test results on Thursday. I'm a little nervous. I'm ready to find out what is going on with me so that I can start getting better. I'm trying to get back to my 'old' self and enjoy life again. I stopped taking one of the strong pain pills that my other doctor has had me on for about a year now. I just decided to quit taking them on my own because I wasn't feeling like myself anymore. I will have to tell my cardiologist on Thursday. I just don't feel like I should take them if I continue to hurt anyway. I'm afraid of what they might be doing to me other than just masking the pain...a little. Besides all of that, they just kept me groggy all of the time and I don't like that. I have been feeling a bit better the last few days. Thanks everyone for your sweet comments.


Anonymous said...

Oh sweet Lee. Your son won't ever forget the "bug field trip" I promise you. I had to do the same with my son. Then the dinosaur one too. It was fun just to see his exciteability.

I will say my prayers and include you in them as usual. I hope your test give you answers your looking for. I know how hard it is to fight the ghost. When you don't know it's worse I swear. I hope whatever it is, it will be an easy fix for you. Do rest until you know.


Stevie said...

Have tons of fun with Garrett today!! Don't let a spider bite neither one of you....you could become Spiderwoman! I can see you in the Spiderwoamn outfit now...
I am glad that you are feeling better and I pray that we will have hear good news tomorrow.
Take care,

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Your son is a very handsome young man! Have fun at the bug museum!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh how wonderful to go on a special trip with your little sweetie! I hope you have a wonderful time!

Deanna said...

Hi sweetheart! I hope you and Garrett have tons of fun with all the little buggies! Be sure you post that trip so I can see what y'all did!

I hope you are getting to feeling better. I think about you all the time girl.

Love you,
Deanna :D

Tanza said...

Hi Lee,
Adorable.. YES !! they grow soo fast.. simply amazing..You are beautiful as well.. He looks like his sweet Momma.. Hope your field trip was wonderful, make sure you don't have bugs in your pockets.. hahaha.. You know those lil' boys, always up to something.. Have a blessed Easter with your family..hugs ~tea~xo

Rebecca said...

Have fun with your little guy sweet friend! Cherish these days. My boy came over today and he's 27 now...I don't know how that is possible since I am only 27...hummmmmm

The paint is BEHR PAINT and it is COTTAGE WHITE! You will LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

xo Rebecca

Celestina Marie said...

H Lee, Your little man is a heart throb for sure. What darling pics of him through the years. Have a great time on the field trip. I did the same with my son many many years ago.

I pray your test results will lead drs. in the right direction for you to have better health.
Happy Easter!
Hugs, Celestina Marie