Sunday, October 26, 2008

Spending the day with Cole

These photos are from 'family day' with Cole. I wanted to add these to the previous post but ran out of room. We had such a good visit and it was a beautiful day outside. Cole wanted me to go down by the lake with him so that we could have some alone time. He wrote a new song and he played it for me. He loves to write his own music. He is very good.

It wasn't very long until several people came over to listen to him. After that the 'alone time' was over. We enjoyed seeing him sing and play for everyone. Time just flew by and then it was time to leave.

Me and Cole at the end of our day. We were all sad to see it end. Cole has matured so much since he has been at Camp Shelby and he makes me very proud.


Anonymous said...

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blessings said...

About 2 weeks ago my son (almost 18) said that he was going to be playing the guitar and singing at a youth fundraiser here locally. I was stunned because he doesn't play the guitar... or sing.

He'd been practicing with a neighbor and let me say he was looking very grown-up & bohemian with is baggy jeans and acoustic guitar. And he was pretty good too! How did I mother him for 18 years and not know this?? Blessings.. Polly