Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My French Country Booth

Hey, ya'll. This is my booth. Can somebody please tell me how to turn this picture around?

I wanted to show ya'll my booth at Vendor's. (I know it is so country.) I guess it looks more french country. Roosters are really a big thing here in the south. I just restocked it for our fall fest coming up on October 11th. I went in today and checked on it and I've already sold the four fruit plates on the top shelf and the 'Home' sign. I try to keep extra stock in my car so that I can replace items as they sell. I hope that I sell a lot during the fall fest. That would be wonderful. If any of you see anything that you might be interested in, just leave me a comment and I will get back to you with the price. I keep my prices very reasonable.

My step-dad made the old hutch a long time ago. I'm not selling it. Maybe one day I will have a little cabin in the woods and I can use it in there. I have red and white gingham curtains that go across the bottom which I didn't use because they would hide a lot of my things. All of those colored dishes in the side rack are fiesta. I sell the dinner plates for $6.00 each and the salad plates,bowls,and mugs for $5.00 each. They usually sell pretty fast. I'm excited about the fall-fest. We need some festivities around here to lighten up the mood everyone seems to be in because of our economy situation.

Ya'll come back now, ya hear?


mishebe said...

Hi, do u still have the Rooster plates that are in the plate holder to the right? There is cups to match it. and small plates, if u do let me know the prices, i like them . thanks mishelle