Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Fall Ya'll

Have I told ya'll that I love Fall? It's my favorite season! I took a few pictures today of some of my fall decorations. My front door was bright pink...I had to repaint it because it didn't go with the fall colors. I like this green. It's called "olive grove". To me it is such a cheerful color. I don't leave my little pretty victorian lady outside...I just took her out for the pictures. I thought she looked pretty in her fall colors.

These are my pretty fall dishes. They are so pretty. Today was such a pretty day. I wanted to stay at home and not go to work because it was such a pretty day and I was having fun playing with my dishes. I love all kinds of dishes. They are one of my weaknesses. I like to change dishes with the seasons or sometimes just with whatever meal I'm serving. I haven't had time to finish painting my fence yet. Maybe next week.

Today was very busy at work! I have so many brides registered. There will be a lot of Christmas weddings this year. I sold so much china today for bridal showers. I love china! I get excited when I'm helping a bride pick out her china pattern...I think because I love dishes so much.

I'm gonna go leave a post on my Christmas blog now...come visit me there and Happy Fall Ya'll.


Janet said...

You've done a great job setting that up. It's very pleasing to the eye. you take care, Iris


It all looks so pretty, love your dishes. The story about your little boy not wanting to get off the stage is so cute! I am off to check out your Christmas blog!

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

so so pretty! I love that little nook!! thanks so much for your comments too! I will visit often! and I adore your stories too! ~ cynthia ~