Monday, October 6, 2008

Mentor Day

Saturday was Cole's mentor day at Camp Shelby. My friend, Stevie is his mentor. They had a good visit. Only his mentor was allowed to go. Cole gave him a tour of the base and they went to a class together. They ate in the mess hall and went to the military museum. Cole was glad to have his mentor for a visit. He is thinking about joining the military after he graduates. He really likes it more than I thought he would. He earned the patch on his sleeve for excelling in the PT requirements. Stevie has really been a good friend to Cole and a good role model for him. I'm glad that Cole has someone to mentor and guide him in making good choices.


Stevie said...

It was nice to see and visit with Cole Saturday. I guess I have known Cole for several years now. I coached him in flag football and over the last year and half or so, we have shared several fun outings together. We have gone fishing, hunting, target practicing and working together....sometimes my son, Tyler(15), will go with us. They get along will good. One night Lee Laurie, Cole and myself were eating fish. He said it felt so good, knowing that he helped catch, clean and cook the fish and now we were eating them. Cole has grown in maturity since going to Camp Shelby. He is thinking more about his plans for the future, making goals.....he also realized that he took some things for granted and appreciates them so much more now....especially his mom. Cole will be home for Thanksgiving and he is already planning a few things that he wants us to do. I am proud of Cole and greatful that he knows I will always be here for him.

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