Wednesday, October 15, 2008

All about music

When Cole was a little boy, my mom and I took him to the annual Christmas stage band show at our local college. We go every year. They really put on a good program with the college kids singing and dancing and the stage band playing Christmas music. If you're not in the Christmas mood before you go, you WILL be when you leave! Anyway, at the end of the show, the band director asks all of the little children to come up on stage . Then Santa comes out and gives each child a wrapped present. Before Santa comes out the band director passes the microphone around for each child to say what they want for Christmas. Well...when it got to Cole, he got the microphone and didn't want to give it back! He loved all of the attention from the audience. He started to sing! I couldn't believe it! He was only 3 years old. They let him sing a couple of songs and then it was time for Santa to come. Cole didn't want to give the mike back and he didn't want to stop singing! The whole audience was laughing! Not at Cole, just the fact that he didn't want to get off the stage! I asked my mom to go get him down, but she said "He's your baby, you go get him"! She couldn't stop laughing! Needless to say, I had to go up there with him and take the microphone away, and let Santa come do his job!

Speaking of Christmas, I just started a new Christmas blog. I got the idea from Becky at 'of bluebirds and roses' She started a Christmas blog and it is so pretty. I asked her if she minded if I started one too. She said that she was glad to have inspired me! Please come visit it. It's called 'Christmas with a southern rose'. I plan on posting on it daily along with this one.


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