Thursday, October 23, 2008

So many little time.

Look what I just got! I know that its not that pretty...yet. However I have plans!! I just bought this old trailer and they delivered it this morning. They put it right next door to my little cottage. I have a couple of ideas playing around in my head about what to do with it.

First, I have to clean it really good and then I will have to pull out the paint and get busy! The outside is cedar siding. I'm glad that its not metal! It will be easier for me to paint. I'm so excited! These pictures were taken before they moved it.

I will keep everyone updated! This is gonna be fun! A bunch of hard work too! Just one more thing added to my many projects!


Stevie said...

YET...another project. I know it will not look the same once you have put your touch on it. You are super when it comes to matching colors and all. You can visualize how things will look and then make it happen. A little paint...a little cleaning...a little something/something...a bunch of hours of hard work will make it look like a brand new one. It will be worth it. The possibilites are unlimited!! I am guessing you are already making a list....LOL