Sunday, March 14, 2010

My dinner date with Daddy

One day last week while I was at work, I decided to send my daddy a text and ask him out on a dinner date. We had not been out together for a long time. We are both so busy all of the time with our jobs, that there is hardly anytime extra time for anything else. Daddy has his own business and he works all of the time. He is a jeweler and this is a very busy time of year for him. My text went something like this..."If you want to go out with your daughter on a dinner date tonight, text me back. I'm at work and I work until 6:00." I wasn't even sure that he would see the text. My girlfriend at work ask me if my daddy even knew how to text. I thought that was funny...but after 2 hours when I didn't get an answer, I was beginning to wonder. LOL

Anyway, he text me back and said yes and we went out that night and really had a good time.

We went to Dixie Springs Steakhouse. I rarely ever eat beef but that night I ordered a steak and it was delicious. I only ate half of it though. It was very big.

I think Daddy thought I was strange taking this picture of him for my blog. He has never seen my blog before and I don't think he even knows what it is. I will have to show him one day. I like this picture of him. They even had their Christmas trees still up. At least they were white. They look kind of shabby chic.

I think about Daddy all of the time and how we should try to spend more time together. What really got me to thinking about it a lot that day was after I had read Rebecca's post from 'A Gathering of Thoughts' about her and her dad. It really touched my heart. I started to really think about both of my parents and how little time we really spend together. I plan on changing that from now on.

I love you daddy.


My Cottage Charm said...

How very sweet! I am very close to my daddy so I enjoyed your post very much. I don't get to spend as much time with my parens as I'd like is so crazy busy. You've reminded me, however, that I need to slow down and take more time with my parents while I am blessed enough to still have them. :)

Adrienne said...

That's a mighty cute Daddy you have. And I still can't believe you have kids over 25!!

Tanza said...

Hi Lee,
Looks and sounds like you all had a wonderful dinner together .. Your Daddy is soo young and handsome !! It's important we take time to enjoy them, I miss my Daddy soo much .. He lived in Louisiana, not far from you I'm sure !! Wishing you many,wonderful, times with your daddy ~
hugs ~tea~xo