Monday, May 4, 2009

Rainy days and Mondays...

Yesterday was a dreary day to me. It started off beautiful. I got up and went outside and drank my coffee and read my bible devotion for the day. It was so peaceful outside and the birds were singing and the breeze was wonderful. I even took the wedding gift that I had purchased for my friend's little sister and wrapped it outside. I wrapped it with some vintage wrapping paper from 1984. I told y'all that I am a pack rat! The girl that I'm giving it to, was only 1 years old at the time. She is the same age as my daughter. They went to school together. Anyway, after I wrapped her gift, ( I bought her and her future husband a Calphalon pancake griddle breakfast gift set.) I decided to weed one of my flower beds. It was a mess! I pulled out so many weeds! It was breezy outside and it felt so good to get 'something' done. All of a sudden it got really windy so I went inside. I was only inside for about 10 minutes and it started raining so hard and then it started hailing! My little boy was amazed! I had to take pictures! My body started hurting all over...I guess because of the change in the weather. I ended up not going to church or to the wedding shower. I spent the rest of the day in bed. I tried to read and even watch a movie but I couldn't. I took medicine and just went to sleep.

I didn't have any new pictures to post. I found this one in one of my files and it describes how I felt yesterday and today. I feel so sad whenever I hurt like this. I hope that my day gets better once I get to work.
I hope that y'all have a great day.


Tanza said...

Ooohhhh Lee,
I am sooo sorry that you feel so terrible.. I can't even imagine.. I will include you in prayer today.. That must be terrible.. I hope today is a better day for you !! I think you might just need some good ole' sunshine.. It's amazing what it does to our bodies and our Spirit !! Take care of yourself.. hugs as always ~tea~xo

blushing rose said...

Lee ~ you must take good care of yourself, please. Today is the same kind of weather here ... it can be a real downer when too many follow one another like this ...

A little prayer is going up to lift you ... have a wonderful week.
TTFN ~ Marydon

Rhondi said...

Dear Lee Laurie
I'm so sorry to hear that you suffer from Fibro. That must be very hard. Hope today brings a sunny pain free day for you.
Hugs, Rhondi

Stevie said...

Guess what!!?? Playlist is working here at work...woo-hoo!! You picked the right song to go along with your post...well, you always do...and the picture...It was nice working in the yard yesterday morning. You got your flower bed looking good. I know they will love the gift. Any Calphalon is really nice.

Garrett was amazed at the hail, so amazed, he had to eat a piece of it..yuck! I am glad that the vechicles didn't get any damage.

Over here in Bude/Meadville there are a good many trees down. Some people are still without power. Let me tell ya, about the people over here. There is a couple from here that is on vacation in North Carolina. A tree fell on their house yesterday and caused a lot of damage. Some neighbors and friends cut the tree off the house and put plastic and tarps on the house. I hated to hear about their house, especially since I know them, but it made me feel good about the people over here.

You don't know how much I hate you hurting the way you do. I can't explain it in words. It makes me hurt seeing you like that. It makes me mad that there isn't anything I can do to make it all better. I want you to know though, that I am here for you and will do anything to help.
Today is already a better day!

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Oh girl...I hope you started to feel better today. I'm sorry.

And that crazy wind and rain you were talking about? We had the same in Hattiesburg, and of course it started as soon as church was letting out. I looked like a drowned cat when I got home. Kinda wish I had stayed in bed all day!


Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Lee, I'm so sorry for you pain, and cannot even begin to imagine what you must go through, I too will lift you up in prayer and pray that you feel better soon.
Hugs to you,
♥ Teresa

Rebecca said...

Sweet Lee...

You are in my thoughts and on my mind! Know I'm thinking of you and praying for better days ahead. Isn't it just the pits when you get sick all of a sudden with no warning.

Love to you...Rebecca

The Muse said...

For we know not
Why our pains
And troubles
Are given as such
Our fragile forms
Created from dust.

We become blades of steel
Plunged in purified fire
Tempered and honed
By the Master's wheel.


All for salvation
This day
This morrow
This morn.

Love, The Muse
(i hope and pray you feel the peace of painfree living, my friend)

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

I am so sorry to hear that you are not feeling up to par. Hopefully you are feeling better now. Thanks again for my wonderful package!

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Good Evening Lee, I just wanted to answer your question about the cursors, there's a blinking link at the bottom of my page that will take you to "some" but probably the best way to find a rose cursor would be to do a search for one, type rose cursor for myspace in your search bar. I hope that helps you find one, I'll look too. How are you feeling today? Better I hope!!
♥ Teresa

Tammy said...

I saw your comment over at Lady Lauries and thought I would drop by. You have a lovely blog! I'm sorry that you suffer from fibromyalgia, I hear it is very painful!

My blog is private like LL's but if you ever would like to visit with me just send me an email.

I enjoyed my visit here!☺

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

OOOOOOOH!!! Lee, Thank you so much for that web site, I am now in love with those china swags!!! OMgosh, they are adorable!!! How these people come up with such creative ideas sometimes is beyond me, now I have to go buy more plates, or just repurpose mine, I hung them on the wall with plate hangers, but that is soooooo cute!!! (that's a great site btw) Thank you so much for sharing that with me, you are a sweetheart!!!


balloons n stuf said...

Hi Lee
I'm sorry to hear you weren't feeling well on Monday. Hope the rest of the week is better for you. I am so glad you have time to stop by my blog, i will try to keep it interesting for my number one follower. Thanking you heaps.Take care won't you

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh I am so sorry you had such a rough day! Especially since it started out so wonderful :( This image makes me cry! I hope you are feeling much better today.

Sending hugs and prayers,

Donna Lynn said...

Dear Lee,
So sorry you had a flare up!
My father is a counselor, and works with people who have fibromyalgia, he has found real success with a product called, Ultra Primal Defence. You can get it online at for a lot cheaper then in the health stores. He also gets them on a pretty organic diet, let me know how your doing, I know the pain can be really awful.
Donna Lynn