Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dreaming of my 'Shabby Shed'

I want to show y'all what my son and I worked on yesterday before I had to go to work. This is my little shed behind my cottage. Right now it is full of 'stuff ' !
My Christmas decorations, unfinished projects, unstarted projects, tubs of seasonal clothes, etc. plan is to get it all cleaned out so that I can make my craft studio/scrapbook room/peaceful little get a way room! I plan on calling it "My Shabby Shed". Anyway...we have to move all of the things inside of it to my much bigger storage shed! Lets go look inside the big shed and she what we can do...

Now Cole, you are going to have to go inside and change into something cooler because we have a lot of work to do and it is hot inside those buildings! I mean hot!

Cole said,"You've got to be kidding me! I thought I was going to be able to take it easy today!" But I said,"I love you Cole and need some help....Please?!" lol

Inside the big shed! How did I collect so much stuff!? Trash to treasure that's what I see!

So many little time. (See my old doors, Deanna? I'm gonna get to those one day soon!) See my old headboard? I'm gonna paint it and put it in the guest room.

I can't believe that I put that little end table out in the shed...I need to bring that back into the cottage.

Oh...there is my sweet little rose mirror hanging on the wall. I wondered where that had gotten off to.

This is the outside of the 'big' shed! Its not too cute but it is huge...I could even put a car in it...hmmm? I'm glad that I live out in the country because the neighbor's might not be to happy with this next door to them!

"O.k. Mom...let's get started...

"Can we stop with the pictures, now?" Well...we worked and worked until it was almost time for me to 'go to my real job'. It was so hot! I think that we might have made a small 'dent' in it. We have a long way to go! Thank you Cole, I love you.
Gotta go to my real job now.


Stevie said...

Stuff...stuff...and even more stuff. Some people would call it junk, however, it is our treasures. I am glad that you and Cole got to spend some time together. If you look close, there is a picture of a very handsome young boy in the huge storage shed. I also saw something else that is blog worthy. We will have to put it on another post...ummmm? Do you know what it is?
Yes, the little pink table is stored....but what it is sitting on is even more of a tragedy...a brand new pot that hasn't even been open....hope KaKai doesn't see it. Ha. We need to get to cooking outside.
I will get around to building some day....I promise.
Take care,

Tanza said...

Hello Lee,
Hahaha.. okay, he might run back to his home now !! No, just kidding.. Don't you just LoVe our boys.. What a big help, and a blessing to you I know.. You may uncover some wonderful treasures.. Keep digging guys.. And then, oh ya, don't forget to share again.. You're going to be so thrilled to find items you forgot about.. How fun !! Truly !! Hope all is going well with you..hugs ~tea~xo

Lisa @ On Cloud Pink said...

You made me smile. It looks familiar. I'm still in the process of reorganizng and I have a lot of trash to treasures to work on too. I have a very small hallway for my craft/work area, but I would love to have your shabby shed. Tell Cole we appreciate his help as well. What a wonderful son!


Eclectic Chic Style said...

aww, what a sweetie your Cole was for helping and letting you take pics along the way. ;)

Wow Lee, you DO have a lot of treasures in there, what fun that will be to get them where you want them. I can't wait to see your Shabby Shed in progress. What fun!!
♥ Teresa


Cole was giving you that same look my boys give me when I come up with a new project! I would have loved to put the pretty screen doors on my pantry but they wouldnt fit right, my pantry is in my laundry rm tucked into a small space along a wall, hard to explain, I used to have a screen door into my laundry rm but with my three dogs they would destroy it so I just put a regular door here for now. Cant wait to see your cute screen door put up on yours(;


Have you seen Sugar Pie Farm House aka Warm Pie Happy Home(I have a link on my blog) I love her pantry! If you go to her blog go to the older posts and click on the one that says Hurry inside....theres a storm a comin! She has some pic's on that post.Its so darn cute and good inspiration!

Mo..."Mo's Cottage" said...

First I have to tell you your son is very Handsome...I think all kids have to find there way in life at some point growing up...I know mine did and they are all wonderful adults.....
I see A LOT of beautiful "STUFF" in that shed of yours.....I know how you is like going to a wonderful store and finding a ton of treasures all at the same time....I sill have a few more things I to pull out of my shed....
If you click on the J C Penney on my blog it will take you to the Shabby Window...They do still have them...I just got it last week...
Have a great weekend finding all those treasures and cleaning out that shed...lots of work but it will be worth it to have a space of your own.....
Mo :-)

Laurie said...

Oh isn't it nice to have Cole home?
I love "stuff" too, I am trying hard to limit myself when I go to the thrift store or garage sales. I really *try* to stick with my rule of if I acquire something "new" something old has to go ~ it works most of the time !

I love that little end table !

blushing rose said...

Dear Heaven! That is what my basement used to look like UNTIL we got smart & cleaned it out. Wonder what you have in there we didn't get to see ... got some great looking items ...

What a handsome young man he is, Lee Laurie. I do hope that things are settling down for Cole. I, too, got a kick out of that look on Cole's face ... seen that one time too many on hubby & kids. Bet you all had a good time working on this project 'clean up' together.

Have a beautiful weekend. AND, TYSM for the warm caring note, Lee Laurie ... this was truly appreciated.
TTFN ~ Marydon

The Muse said...

everywhere i looked :)

nice you had some loving help...that would have been a lot for one lone Southern Rose! LOL

The Muse said... could do a vase with small shells!
I think I would get a FISH bowl and use that! :)

Deanna said...

I see them doors girl!! I wish I was there to help you because I'm a little whirlwind when it comes to cleaning up. I'm fast, furious and dang bossy too!

I can see it now...a new blog called SHABBY SHED by Lee Laurie. I think it sounds darling don't you? Oh girl, I'm lovin' that little pink must take a good picture of that for sure. I can't wait to see what other treasures you have hidden in!

Be sure you give that cutie patootie Cole, a silver dollar for all that hard work! What a sweetie to help is beautiful mama.

Bunches of huggins,
Deanna :D

passion4pink said...

yes you really do have to put that little end table back in the house! that's the first thing i spotted.It's good to move things around though when you feel like a change , that's why i find it hard to part with some things too.Cole is certainly a good looking young guy, and real 'good value' too. What I could do with that shed, great project mmmm.

Stacey said...

Oh to have a shed like that!! Is the whole thing going to be your craft shed? It's big enough to be a craft shed/guest house in my book. :) I can't wait to see what you do.

Your son and my sons look like they have plenty in common. Sometimes they just have to act like we are lame.