Thursday, May 28, 2009

We all can dream...

Good morning! I wanted to share some pictures of a house that I looked at the other day. A friend of mine has it on the market because she bought another house on the other side of town. I think that it has so much character! It looks like it should be in a fairytale.

Ready for the tour? Lets go inside the turret.

ooops! I got my pictures out of order! Sorry! I haven't quiet figured this all out yet. Anyway, this is a little patio area outside of the breakfast area. I love the big window.

This is the pretty 'colorful' kitchen. Check those Corian cobalt blue counter tops! WOW! She just installed them. They use to be baby blue Formica. I like these better. She loves color. I'm more of a pastel girl....I could change though....I would paint the cabinets Cottage White. Maybe put a couple of glass doors on the cabinets and change the knobs to cobalt blue glass knobs. She has glass knobs on all different colors! I would put my "Biltmore" dishes in there. The pattern is called 'Butterfly Orchard'. It has very colorful fruit on it and butterflies.

This is the breakfast area. I could just see bar stools with pretty seat cushions at the counter. The walls are a soft yellow. It is hard to tell in these pictures. I would put pretty little lampshades to match the seat cushions on the wrought iron lamp. I'm just dreaming here...

Pretty warm looking den that comes off of the kitchen. I would change it up a bit. I would paint the brick fireplace for sure and pull up the chocolate colored carpet. I'm a hardwood floor kind of girl. I don't really like carpet. The open door goes out to a sun room that she recently had glassed in. It use to be just open. I like it a lot better now. That would be a great exercise area! (or a shabby-chic tea-room, lol)

Look at this beautiful wallpapered bathroom! Perfect just for me! She must have been thinking of me when she had it papered all in roses! (LOL) I'm in love.

She did change out the jacuzzi, sink, and toilet. It use to be pink. I loved the pink. I'm sure that she thought it would sell better being white. I could just see myself relaxing in this tub with some relaxing music playing in the background. I'm just dreaming again...

This is the glassed in sun room off of the den. It needs some lace...badly!

This is one of the bedrooms upstairs. I forgot to take pictures of the staircase.

This is actually a bedroom downstairs. She used it for her formal dining room. That is what I would do too. I like pink...but I would go a little bit lighter. I would put my crystal chandelier there in place of the ceiling fan. I would have batten -burg lace curtains on the windows. Look at that huge Hydrangea outside of the window! Beautiful!

Another bedroom upstairs. She used it for her office. It has a big closet. I love the built in shelves.

This is the master bedroom. I love it. The lavender walls would have to go! It matched her comforter set. I could just see a little table and chairs in front of the window to sit at in the mornings while drinking my coffee and visiting my blogging friends.

This is the master bathroom. It is inside the turret. Isn't it neat!? I love it.

This is the back of the house. It has a huge yard. Almost 3 acres. Couldn't you just see a pool in the back yard? Believe it or not, there was a lot that I didn't take pictures of. I forgot to take pictures of the downstairs half bath. It is inside of the foyer. I also forgot about the utility room off of the kitchen. The master bedroom has a huge walk in closet and you can also walk out onto the balcony through a french door. It has hook ups for a hot tub out there...upstairs! OMGoodness!

Look at the courtyard behind the brick entryway. I would put a table and chairs there and tons of flowers and eat out there all of the time. I would feel like a princess in my castle. LOL Just dreaming again...
Thanks for going on this house tour with me. I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did. Isn't it fun to dream?
Have a great 'dreamy' day!


Angela said...

You're right the house does look like it belongs in a fairytale. But the inside isn't what I expected, it doesn't seem to match up to the outside.

Tanza said...

Hi Lee Laurie,
Oohh yes, Soo fun to dream and pretend.. I often go on OLD home tours in Old Towne Orange, right near where I Live, I always say someday,God willing, I will own one of these.. So much character and LoVe goes into these old homes.. LoVed the tour you took us on.. Someday..mmm..just maybe.. Happy dreamin' sweet friend.. hugs ~tea~xo

Anonymous said...

This place is a mansion compared to my cottage home. I could definately see a huge remodel in this to update or backdate it to the era it could be from.

I hope you are feeling better these days LL. Hugs.

Eclectic Chic Style said...

Loved the house tour, the kitchen countertops are an eye-popping color aren't they? I'm in love with the rose papered bathroom too, oh oh and the pink room, the bathroom could be dangerous for me though, I may not ever come out of a bathroom like that!!! Love your visits and your posts girlie girl! Wish I could stay home and paint and play too, but unfortunately I have to work Monday thru Friday and only play on the weekends. hee hee!! Loved the house tour, it's a gorgeous home. Have a super Friday tomorrow and hang in there, the weekend is almost here.
♥ Teresa

Donna Lynn said...

WOW, that is a fairy tale house! Thanks for taking us on your tour, I love looking inside peoples houses, I would love to be a realtor just for that reason!

Take care and hope your having a lovely Spring so far,
Donna Lynn

Cindy said...

The best part of looking at other homes is dreaming about how you would fix it up!!! This place has a lot of potential! I love the turret!

pinkkandy said...

I stopped by seeing that beautiful home...I would take it any day...looks like it is ready to be moved into...thanks for stopping by my blog...stop back by tommorrow for pink sat.
God Bless You....

passion4pink said...

Wow it does look like a fairytale house, love the turret, I would love to see it lightened up alot.mmm dream, dream, dream.

Holly said...

I love taking house tours! That house really has some great potential.
Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Rebecca Nelson said...

Wow...what a wonderful Journey! I loved seeing the house...inside and out. What a JOY! What is the PRICE? I'm always curious how much houses sell for in other areas.

I ope before summer to show a picture my house. It's always work in progress. Before I give you a peek I have to find the picture of it when we bought it 17 years ago and it was on the market.

Love this post...thank you for sharing! the new profile picture, too!


CIELO said...

so gorgeous, and thank you for bringing me here.... a fairytale indeed!


The Muse said...

ok I have my paint, and my fabric and sketch pad, let's get to work on that diamond in the rough!

oh poetry awaits !