Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bargains and dreams

I love going to garage sales and finding bargains! I think that I'm addicted to it. My daughter says that I am anyway. She keeps threatening to call Dr. Phil on me. LOL She said that she might even call that show 'Clean Sweep' on me. I told her that she had better not! I've seen that show before and I don't like it. It makes me get aggravated! lol

My friend bought this table for me for $3.oo at a garage sale. That was a bargain! I can't wait to cottage it up! I painted that hutch behind it black years ago before I got into the cottage style. I guess I will repaint it one day. That will be a job! Covering all of that black!

I bought this beautiful candelabra for $2.00 at another sale. It is so heavy. I know that I will be painting it too. I bought 2 of these rooster pictures for $1.00 each. They are made of glass! I love them! They are just alike.

This has to be just about my favorite garage sale find! I love lamps! I love the color of this one! Can you believe that it was only $5.00? It is going in my guest bathroom. Please excuse the clothes on the couch in the background! They need folding and put away....but I would rather have fun finding bargains! Lol I never said that I was perfect! lol

On the way home from Garrett's play the other night, we passed a dealership with this old car parked out front and I almost flipped! Isn't it beautiful? I just got out to look at it and the door was unlocked so I thought...I want to show my blogging friends! The dealership was closed! I guess that I could have gotten in trouble! Oh well...I could have explained! lol That is my friend's little girl with me...Hailey.

I need this car! Why can't I ever find something like this at a garage sale? I wonder if it drinks a lot of gas? HMMMM...that would take away from my thrifting money! Oh no!

Of course, I would have to paint pink roses on it! Wouldn't that be sweet?
Maybe one day. Maybe it's not a dream.

Hope y'all liked my garage sale finds.

Have a fun day!


blushing rose said...

What great bargains AND finds, Lee L. That table was a STEAL & I am dying to see it when done. Love that car, was it a good buy?! Darling pics, as always.

TTFN ~ Marydon

Lisa @ On Cloud Pink said...

HI Lee,

What great finds! I have a table like that which I'm planning on applying mosaics on it. We should show & tell once we're done.

I'm a thrift addict myself. I would hate to be on Clean Sweep. I don't think I could bear tossing my beautiful finds.

And the car! You forgot to put on your Pink Ladies jacket! Nevertheless, the cart fits you!! I love old cars especially from the 1910-1920s. One day, I'll own one. One day.

Keep thrifting!

From one thrifting buddy to another!


Anonymous said...

Hi LL. LOVE that car. My hubs.. oh he'd be over the moon for it. Your table, are you going to a cottage look all through your home?? What colors are you doing? I've been a painting fool for two weeks. I'm about to reveal my armoire on my blog later. I love your table. How will you paint it. I like painting in the sense that it doesn't really overuse any part of my body. I know you understand. You can do it at your own pace.

Stevie said...

You must have a "friend" that cares and thinks about you a lot. You have taught this "friend" how to thrift and find those deals....he has learned lots. I know a little boy that says...watch and learn....so that is what I did. I watched a professional thrifter and learned how to find them deals. I even call my sister and tell her about some of deals I get...she can find a deal when no one else can....seems like we, you and your "friend", are always finding deals. As a matter of fact, so many deals that they fill up 2 storage sheds, one the size of a small barn, a half dozen storage rental units...enough projects to last us until we retire and then some......what?....ok, ok, maybe I am over exaggerating. We do always have fun and I can actually spend a day....thrifting...sounds better than shopping....I know...going "Green". Ha
The car is awesome....wonder how much an air conditioner would cost installed? I know you would look cool in it, however, might want some a/c living in the South.
We even have more deals to blog next time...
My friend, Stevie
Happy Thrifting Y'all!

Tanza said...

Hi Lee,
Love all your finds.. Don't you LoVe a great treasure hunt !! I sooo enjoy bringing it all home, and setting it out to look at.. You have to take it all in, and get a feel for it !!Beautiful !! And that car.. Ooohhh.. Wonderful !! You look so pretty in it too !! mmm.. maybe it is for you !!!! Have a wonderful evening.. ~tea~

Mo..."Mo's Cottage" said...

What a cute post....I love garage sales..thrift stores ....good will...you find the best stuff....and you sure did find some great treasures....love that car...
Mo :-)

Eclectic Chic Style said...

Okay, #1, you need that great car, the two of you go so well together, & #2, great finds!!!! I'm jealous of that table, I have been searching forever no one wants to give them up. lol Don't worry about your addiction, I think we all have it. It's so fun!!! Looks like you had a great time!!! Hugs, ♥ Teresa

The Muse said...

I so DO love those finds! And i am looking forward to seeing what you are going to do with those beauties, as far as painting! (the pieces have great bones!)

Vroooooom baby! LOL Love those wheels~oh, that car is SOOOOO YOU!

Laurie said...

Dear Lee Laurie,
I love all your garage sale treasures ! The lamp is a gorgeous color ~ just like that car ! I look forward to seeing your completed projects ~ that little table is so cute !

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

You are adorable in that car! And what a steal you got on that candleabra and lamp...so beautiful!


joyh82 said...

I remember my Dad having a car like that. Well that color anyway..lol You found some great bargains. Love the silver piece.

passion4pink said...

Oh Lee
Great finds!! I love going to garage sales too but its getting a bit chilly here now and I can't get up so early. On the way to visit family recently, i bought a little silver dish which my mumsays is a jam dish. You have inspired me to egt it out of the bag and polish it.I also bought a dressing table and cupboard from a garage sale which I haven't given a second thought to.I want to paint them white but I am finding lack of time a real issue for me.
Ill post them soon as I can.

passion4pink said...

You naughty girl !! get outta that car!! You have guts, go girl!! Definately, pink roses, love it!!
I'd show hubby but he's still in bed this sunday morning and then he might want to take off later and look at the 'Effy's"(Old 50's Fords) at Tenterfield. he is going to HAVE ONE one day for sure , he says. Ok whatever!!