Monday, May 18, 2009

Manic Monday

This is going to be a short post because I have to get ready for work. This is a picture of my daughter, Christy and my youngest son, Garrett. This was during my time off from Belk after I had Garrett. I had opened a business. I wanted to be self employed so that I could be with Garrett everyday while he was little. My business was a tanning salon. It was called 'Tropical Tan'. It was fun for a while but I got tired of it and when Garrett was old enough for pre-school, I went back to work at Belk. ( It was still McRae's back then) I missed selling all of the pretty things. This picture was taken in the little area where the kids could play while their moms were getting a tan. We made this little chalkboard for them and they all loved to draw on it. Sometimes I miss having my own business. I loved the flexible hours and being able to be my own boss. I picked this song 'Manic Monday' because that is what I am having this morning! I better get to work!


blushing rose said...

Have a happy beautiful day, Lee Laurie!

Having your own business is fun, but even for myself, in the antique business, I am getting tired of it. Of course, this economy isn't help one bit, either.

My Mother rescued a gigantic old chalk board from our school after this horrible earthquake in WA ST in 1949. She put it on the stair landing & we 5 kids had a ball using it, particularly in bad weather. Then as she moved, she carted that huge thing to the new house & put it on her sun porch. Oh, how her g-kids had such fun using it over the years.

Darling pic of dau & son ... TY for sharing.

TTFN ~ Marydon

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping your day is a good one for you. Writing on chalk boards seems ages ago. But fun.

Eclectic Chic Style said...

Aww hope your day was at least tolerable!! I have Manic Mondays every Monday! (and I adore the song) I wish I were self-employed too. Mondays just wear me out, I want to be home enjoying the kids. Great picture of your cuties. Only a great Mom like you would create a great room like that for the kiddos while Mom is busy tanning!!
Hopefully you can just kick back and relax this evening after your Monday is over!!
Hugs ♥ Teresa

Mo..."Mo's Cottage" said...

Love the chalk board...I bet the kids had a great time drawing on it waiting for there Moms....and what a great idea it was for you to put it there in the first place....

The Muse said...

Good Monday evening Laurie! I know all too well the desire to stay home with our boys are grown...but I recall the joy of those days!

Your photo faces look so happy! Great idea about the chalkboard, I have noticed a resurgence of chalkboards....
(actually I like them myself!)

Unknown said...

Hi Lee Laurie, What a sweet photo of Christy & Garrett.
I bet the chalk board is such great fun..
Hope you are having a better day today.
Hugs & blessings ~Mary~:-}

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

I love seeing pictures of the past and hearing the stories behind them. The chalk board was a great idea for your business!

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Ohhhh...that is so cute. I have considered painting a wall somewhere in the house for the kids to draw on, but I fear it would not stay on the "designated chalkboard area". I think it would probably not be good for my mental well being. Speaking of mental well being...Manic Monday? Try Manic Month!!! :)

Thanks for letting me know you posted this. I LOVE it!


passion4pink said...

Hi Lee
I am having trouble posting some stuff hope this works. I am trying to run a small hobby business and work full time. I think some decisions have to be made sooner or later as it is very difficult to manage both successfully. Both have their positives and negatives. At least I know their is a paypacket at the end of the week with my fulltime job.
Hope you enjoy having Cole home,Its good for the children to know the door is always open and they can share things with you.Take Care