Monday, January 19, 2009

So many dishes!!!

This picture is blurry...I know. I just wanted to show you one with me at my desk at work. (I even have my 'signature' roses) I'm exhausted! We got finished with inventory at the store last night and it all went very smoothly and pretty fast. I heard the beeping of the scanner guns in my sleep last night. LOL I'm glad that its over!

My little boy has a reading project due on this Friday. He has to do a story board on the book that he picked out at the library called..."The Diary Of A Worm". If anybody has any suggestions, they would really be appreciated because I think that my brain is frozen right now! I have to be at work in a few minutes. I know that I won't have too much time to think about it at work. I figured maybe my blogging friends might could help me out with some ideas and when I get home I will check my blog to see. He is excited about doing it. I want him to do really good on it. He just got his report card last week and he made all A's and only one B. The B was in reading and it was only one point away from being an A. I'm so very proud of him. to work I go! Thanks in advance if y'all can help! I know that is what friends are for! LOL

Love Y'all!!!!


Laurie said...

When I worked in retail I hated inventory. Now dishes doesn't sound too bad, but I would probably want to buy them all.
Hope you get some rest, I am sorry I don't have any ideas for your son's project, unless he could make the story board in the shape of a worm.

Love the roses at your desk ~ you look very pretty, tired but pretty!

Tammy said...

LOL I still have to do my inventory ... want to help? lol

Deanna said...

Look at you with all of those dishes! I'd be in heaven.

In answer to your question about the tag picture..just click on it, wait for the screen to change and it should appear much larger...when it does, right click and "Save As"...this will take you to your picture files and you can title it whatever you want to. Then when you are ready to post, over on the right side it will ask you...small, medium, large. I always make my pictures medium. If it comes out too big, I do it over and click small.

Also, you can remove that double picture buy scrolling your mouse over the picture and it should get a blue tint...when it does, just hit backspace or hit delete.

I hope this help ya!

Deanna :)

The Muse said...

hey !!! i see you in there !!!