Friday, January 23, 2009

'Sweet' little cookbook

Look at this sweet cookbook that I got at the thrift shop for 75 cents! It is called 'Fairies Cookbook'. It has the sweetest little recipes in it. I had to show y'all a few of them. I plan on letting my little boy, Garrett help me cook one or two of them this week-end. He loves to help me cook! I even bought him his own apron and pot holders! I will have to take some pictures of him wearing it. We finished his story board last night for his school project and can you believe that I forgot to take a picture of it? He did it about the book "Diary of A Worm". We had a fun time working on it together. We glued rubber insects and worms on it and he colored pictures and pasted them on it too. He drew his own little tunnels for the worms to live underground in. We even attached a stuffed spider at the top and when you pull the string the spider wiggles up the string! His friends are gonna love that! In the book, the worm's best friend is a spider! For a mom that is afraid of bugs, I think I did good job helping him with his project. I'm just glad they were fake! I hope that he gets an 'A' on it. The first recipe is for 'Friendship Fairy Bread' It looks yummy!

This one is adorable and I bet we will have a whole lot of fun making it. It's called 'Fairy Garden Cottages'. I just love that!!

This one is called 'Butterfly Fairy Masks'. This would be so cute for a Mardi Gra party.

These are "Frosty Fairy Mints'. Perfect for Valentine's Day!

"Snow Queen Punch" Now that sounds delicious!

'Fancy Pink Fairy Cocoa'. Now that sounds like something I would like to have right now. Isn't this the cutest little cookbook?

I actually did do a different post for today but I accidentally posted it on my Christmas blog. Go over and see it at Christmas with a southern rose. Thank y'all for visiting me!


Stevie said...

Garrett's project did look good and I don't think ya'll could have gotten anything else on it....ha! I am looking forward to being invited over to try of yall's cooking. When I saw the "Butterfly Fairy Masks" I instantly thought about Mardi Gras...the kids would love the parades. It would be too hard to take Hailey though...with her broke leg.

Deanna said...

Oh sweetie, I love the cookbook. I swear, it's Kismet...I bought the most precious cookbook the other day at Goodwill. I will post the pictures tonight or tomorrow morning. I know you will love the cookbook.

Deanna :)

Laurie said...

What a neat cookbook! Love the little faerie cottages!
I love thrift shops and antique stores ~ most of my clothes come from the thrift shop!